Thursday, February 01, 2007

Desdmona’s 2007 Titillating Tattoo Story Contest

We are eager to see sexy stories from talented authors that include any kind of permanent body adornment: a tattoo, a piercing, or whatever else your perverted mind can come up with.
Desdmona’s 2007 Titillating Tattoo Story Contest is an erotic short story contest. Stories must be 3500 words or less. There is no entry fee. Only one story is allowed per author. Stories must be received by Sunday, April 1, 2007. Prizes will be awarded to the judges’ three favorite stories:

First prize: $500
Second prize: $250
Third prize: $125

Honorable mention prizes of $40 will be awarded at the discretion of and the judges.

Winners will be picked by our judges and will be based on quality of writing, erotic appeal, originality, and adherence to contest theme. Please, be imaginative! The winning stories and honorable mentions will be displayed on on Sunday, April 15, 2007.

Contest Rules:

1. PURPOSE. To promote the art of erotic literature on the Internet.

2. AWARDS. $500 First prize — $250 Second prize — $125 Third prize. Honorable Mention prizes of $40 may be awarded at the discretion of and the contest judges. Prize money will be awarded in US funds, in the form of a postal money order or a bank draft drawn on a US bank. Alternative payment methods will be permitted if agreed to by both and the winning author.

Winning authors agree to have their winning stories published at indefinitely. Stories that do not win a prize will not be displayed at

3. ENTRY FEE. None.

4. ELIGIBILITY. Entrants must be at least 18 years old. Employees of and their families, and contest judges and their families, are not eligible to enter this contest.

5. SUBMITTAL. Stories must be submitted by email. We can accept Microsoft Word documents (.doc or .rtf files) as attachments, and we can accept plain text. Plain text entries should be single-spaced with a blank line between paragraphs. Other formats will not be accepted.
Only one story is permitted per author.

The subject line of the submission should include the words “2007 Titillating Tattoo Story Contest.” The submission email must include a valid reply address. Upon receipt of the story and acceptance by the contest pre-screener, will email the entrant that the story has been received and accepted.

IMPORTANT! All entries must include the ENTRY TEXT which appears at the end of these rules. Copy this ENTRY TEXT and paste it into the body of the entry email. Entries without this text will not be accepted.

The entrant must be the story’s author. The author must own the copyright of the story. The submission must include the author’s name or pseudonym to be used should the entry become a winner. The submission must include an email address at which can contact the author.

The story must have a title.

The story must be 3500 words long or less.

Our provider does not permit child pornography; please, no underage sex.

The story must not have been published, in whole or in part, prior to the contest deadline. The author agrees not to publish the story, or permit the story to be published, before the winners are announced on Sunday, April 15, 2007. After the announcement of winners, all entrants, including winners, are free to publish their stories in any venue they desire.

Stories must be received by 11:59 PM EST, Sunday, April 1, 2007. No late entries will be accepted.

6. JUDGING. A pre-screener will check all stories for adherence to contest requirements. The pre-screener will remove the author’s name and format the story as an HTML document before passing the stories to the judges.

The judges will decide the best stories based on each judges’ estimation of the story’s worth, use of the contest theme, and erotic appeal. The decision of the judges is final.

7. NOTIFICATION. The prize money will be awarded by in accordance to the decision of the judges. will notify contest winners by email prior to Sunday, April 15, 2007 in order to verify author information and to make payment arrangements. If a winning author can not be contacted prior to Sunday, April 15, 2007, the winning story will be published at and it will be the author’s responsibility to contact to make payment arrangements.

All contestants will receive an email on Sunday, April 15, 2007 (or as soon as is practical afterwards) announcing the winning stories. In addition, the winning announcement will appear at The winning stories will also be published at

8. ADDRESS. Email stories with your name, email address, and the following ENTRY TEXT by Sunday, April 1, 2007 to

ENTRY TEXT. (must be included in contest entry email):

I am the original author of this story. I own
this story's copyright. I am legally entitled to
enter this contest. I confirm that this story
has not been previously published, online or in
print. I agree to withhold the story from all
publication prior to the announcement of the
contest's winners on Sunday, April 15, 2007.
If this story wins a prize, I agree to allow the
story to appear indefinitely on the
contest pages.


These contest rules may be distributed and re-posted without the permission of

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