Thursday, August 16, 2007

Friday Five: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Unfortunately not at mine. But there is a naughty nurse. Just kidding. Kinda...

I was mucking through the archives at Savage Love and came across a post about medical fetishes. Medical kink is cool, so break out the latex gloves... Today's Friday Five is all about the twisted intertwining of lust and the healthcare profession.

1. I had my first gyno exam at 16. Nice doc, young, handsome, very professional. I get into the room and I'm nervous, as expected. Clothes off. Knock on the door. It's the sweet nurse and the doc. I'm ready. My feet find the stirrups. "Just relax." The good doc sits down and Tom Selleck comes into view. Yes, my doc had posted a pic of this sex symbol, apparently torn from a magazine in his sitting room. I couldn't help but see it. Tom was grinning. Grinning at my pried open legs. I never went back. This experience probably should've scarred me for life - instead the idea of medical play pops up in my fantasies every once in a while...

2. Which led me one night many moons ago to This ain't your mama's BDSM online shopping. Not that your mom would ever be into that kind of thing, of course :) They offer the real deal here, so play safe with these toys. This site also offers a medical fetish library that features detailed explanations, safe play, and techniques.

3. Did you know that nurses are the number one male sexual fantasy according to a UK-based Budget Insurance poll? 53.9% of men surveyed had the hots for a naughty nurse. But I think the big question here is why the hell did an insurance company need to research this topic? Shouldn't they be asking people how many miles they drive to work each day or something???

4. So in the above poll, it appeared that uniforms were a big deal in men's fantasies: Men appear to be suckers for a uniform, their fantasy favourites are nurses (53.9%), maids (44.2%) and air hostesses (39.6%). And it's easy to see why. Every site I browsed had a variety of kinky nurse costumes, like these. Here's one costume guys might not like:

Hard to get any oral contact with that silly mask on.

5. And if you're still with me, I invite you to listen to my 1000-word short story "Bedridden" read by yours truly. I've often fantasized about a man in traction, poor, helpless fella... This is an MF FemDomme tale, and I hope you enjoy :)


Emma said...

Woot! Excellent post. I'm not into medical kink, I'm relatively tame with my kink. You know floggers, nipple clamps, crops, handcuffs, ball gags--you know all the "normal" stuff. Hehe.

Morgan St. John said...

Okay! THanks for the visit on my blog! Interesting Kink...darn, my books are so tame.

And I like to think they're hot!


Anonymous said...

As a physician I can tell you for certain that medical kink is boring and the 'traditional' nurse outfits have not been seen for 40 years in the healthcare business.


Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks for stopping by, Morgan! Hey, nothing wrong with tame :)

Oh I know they don't wear them anymore, Rhet. But scrubs, golf shirts, etc. don't have the same appeal I guess. And of course kink is in the eye of the beholder--maybe healthcare professionals don't get off on this but others do.