Monday, April 25, 2005

Laura Bacchi's Newsletter Coming Soon!

I'm gearing up for my May and June releases, and will be launching my newsletter at the first of the month.

Laura Bacchi's Bits will feature a contest, excerpts, musings, and news about my works-in-progress as well as interviews of erotic romance authors. For the first issue, I have the pleasure of interviewing author, Bridget Midway. She promises to spill all her secrets and make us laugh!

If you're interested, enter your email into the link below, and I'll send you an invite. I hope to eventually do the group forum as well and encourage authors of erotic romance to promote their work by posting excerpts of their upcoming releases.

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Saturday, April 23, 2005

I'm bloggin', baby

I've been putting this off for a while, but I'm finally here. I've journaled off and on throughout my life but haven't gotten back into it. Until now. Hopefully I won't bore anyone who reads this to tears...

The last four months have zipped by, jam-packed with figuring out what I've gotten myself into and enjoying the camaraderie of other romance authors -- both erotic and mainstream. I've become very involved at, a great forum for romance writers of all sub-genres. It's a very supportive group, and I've learned tons since joining. Which is a good thing, considering I'll be published (shorts, but published nonetheless) in May at, and in June at Amber Quill Press. Last December, I decided to enter contests offered by these ePublishers and somehow pulled it off at the last minute. Since then, I've been busy getting to know other authors and learning how to promote myself.

Feel free to holler back with any comments or questions. And a big thank-you to for the opportunity to be a part of their new site.