Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Two New Releases!!

Two, count 'em, two releases this week! I'm so excited!!!

Domination or submission? Ménage a trois or man on man? What about voyeurism? A tease? A taste? Sink your teeth into this collection of erotica short stories from six top erotic storytellers.

Everyone has them. Those secret thoughts that bring forth your hottest dreams and desires. The ones you don’t share, the ones that make your heart pound and your blood heat.

What do you fantasize about? In the Secret Thoughts: Erotique collection, you’ll find all sorts of deliciously erotic scenes from the naughty minds of Beth Williamson , J.J. Massa, Nix Winter, Sasha White, S. Desires, and yours truly. A huge thank-you to Sasha for putting this anthology together!

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, D/s, light bondage, ménage a trois, hot nekkid man-love.

The only thing better than a romp through the stars is a romp in the sack, and Afterburn delivers both.

Previously available only in electronic format, these four tales of futuristic erotic romance have now been combined for a paperback anthology. Included are the tales…

Relic of the Heart
A strange volunteer on a new dig makes an archaeologist want to get out in the field…and into his pants.

Chella’s Quest
A chemist will do anything to find the stolen formula of a powerful new narcotic—even sleep with the prime suspect.

The Heart of a Hunter
A man sent across the universe to find his brother’s bride wants to keep her for himself.

The Andumi Effect
Two male spies struggle with their government’s betrayal—and their desire for each other—while hiding among the stars.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I just got gang-banged (and I loved it!)

Okay, get your minds out of the gutter! Hubby just brought home Return the Gift by Gang of Four. Remember them from the good ol' '80s? I love a man in a uniform... is now permanently stuck in my head. If you aren't familiar with them and saw Marie Antoinette, then you heard my current favorite song, Natural's Not In it.

For my current paranormal WIP, I'd like to mention this song by title, but wonder if readers know the tune. If they don't, will that annoy them?

Here's the blurb and a snippet of that WIP, an MM entitled Any Ordinary Day.

On any ordinary day, a guy like Paul Murray expects more shit from his boss, a new car repair bill and another lonely night at home. But when his car dies during rush hour, he’s rescued by a man who might just make him experience something more ways than one.

Darrien Avanti has an agenda, and it doesn’t include the sexy loser he picks up beside a smoking Yugo on the Brooklyn Bridge. Renegade dragons from his home planet have arrived in New York City and it’s his job to take them out before more people die. This isn’t the time to think about sex—-let alone take a mate—-but everything about the Earthling tells Darrien he’s the one.

And Paul’s life? It's about to become anything but ordinary.

“Please fuck me,” I whispered.

He’d been holding back because when I stood up he grabbed me. Turned me around and pushed me into the fridge door. Not hard enough to hurt but enough to start to scare me. My heart slammed faster in my chest. Hell, every pulse point in me throbbed in time with my heartbeat. The awareness of it heightened my fear, but my blood was singing as he yanked my hips back toward him. Tomorrow, I’d have five bruises on each one—-ten almond-shaped reminders of tonight splayed out on my flesh.

His thumbs went deeper. I opened my mouth to speak, to say no, but I didn’t really want to stop. I wanted the fucking to be fierce. Sweaty and rough. I wanted the kind of guy-on-guy sex that would leave me aching for days and my ass sore for a whole goddamn month.

And I had a feeling Darrien wouldn’t disappoint.

~ ~ ~

A little rough (in more ways than one), but writing this scene had me on the edge of my seat as I typed. *sigh* Now where's my husband...?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Secret Thoughts Blog-a-thon at Sasha White's

Sasha White has put together one hawt anthology, and I'm proud to have been included. The authors who are part of Secret Thoughts: Erotique coming January 30th to Samhain were invited to blog, and today's my turn!

Come find out how working in a prison helped my writing at Sasha's blog. And while you're there, check out her revamped website! It's amazing :D

Friday, January 12, 2007

Come See Me Tomorrow!!! (I'll have chocolate)

I'll be taking part in another fun booksigning at the Pink Banana in Virginia Beach, Virginia, along with Bridget Midway, Shara Lanel, and Leigh Ellwood. I'm sooooo excited!!!

If you're local, I hope you can stop by. The Pink Banana is at 352 N. Newtown Road and the signing is tomorrow (Saturday, January 13th) from noon to 6:00 pm. We have a basket of goodies to give away, and the Pink Banana has a fine selection of adult toys.

I hope to see you there!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Up in Flames

One of my favorite Divas from RD has a release tomorrow! Check out Emma Sinclair's Up in Flames from Cobblestone Press:

Kat Ashbrook has two things on her mind -- catching a murderer
and sexy new boss, Connor Mercer. She never expected his
come-hither looks, but she’s betting she can resist if she keeps
her mind on the job. Too bad a prank leads to her surrender and
possibly their deaths.

Emma is a big cheerleader for other writers at Romance Divas -- when they make a sale or great review, she's right there waving her virtual pom-poms and sharing the joy! So stop by tomorrow and check out her "hot" new story. You'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Two Awesome Reviews for TOPPING TORA

Topping Tora is a Recommended Read at Fallen Angel Reviews! Here's a snippet of what reviewer Rachelle had to say:

"...Ms. Bacchi exemplifies the word gifted! I'm not sure where she got her creative insight for this story but I hope the juices continue to flow with additional works of art that not only thrill but astonish readers. This is a book that not only exposes some of the spiciest parts of the BDSM world but also shows how if you don’t respect the world and basic rules you can soon find yourself in a painful situation where all hope seems lost."

For the entire review, click here.

I also received my first ever review from Two Lips Reviews. I love their rating system for heat levels...

1 hot pepper = "just a little slap and tickle"
2 hot peppers = "wild as a game of naked twister"
3 hot peppers = "requires a diagram" (and that's meant in a good way LOL)

Tora got 3 peppers and 4.5 kisses. And reviewer Tara said these nice things:

"...The journey that Tora travels is graphic and not for the faint of heart. On the other hand it is well written and pulls you into the story without letting you go. Topping Tora exposes how important safety and trust are in this lifestyle that most are curious and fantasize about. I recommend reading Topping Tora and taking to heart how easy it is to trust the wrong person, how important safety is and more importantly one needs to make sure someone knows where you are at all times. Laura Bacchi brings not only her characters to life, but will make your heart beat faster and make you feel that you are right there in the scenes she creates."

If you haven't had a chance to buy a copy of Topping Tora (or any of my other titles) and you live in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area, swing by The Pink Banana on Saturday, January 13th from 12 noon to 6 PM. I'll be hanging with great group of authors, namely Shara Lanel, Leigh Ellwood, Bridget Midway, Adrienne Kama, Cara North, Monique Lamont, Diane Merlin, Crystal B. Bright and Denise Jeffries.

There will be a raffle for a basket full of goodies. There will be chocolate. There will be naked men. Okay, I'm lying about that last bit, but the rest is true. If you're local, I hope to see you there!