Sunday, July 29, 2007

Prayer Flags

Things are changing at our home.
Tiny bras now fill the line on wash days
And, when it rains, I find them sturdy plastic hangers,
Then leave them in the bathroom to dry.
My husband sees them as a sign to keep out,
Pretending not to notice the ways she grows.
Taller. Rounder. Moodier.
As I hang the bras of white and pink
And the one with cute frogs,
I tell him of my fears.
Will her heart be broken,
Or, these days, her body?
Don’t worry, he tells me,
She can’t date until she’s married.

I laugh at his joke, but we both know better.
A girl like her - like her momma - will chase
The boys as soon as they look her way.
So I keep saying my maternal mantras,
My worried prayers to the deities in charge of
Good guys, safe sex and curfews obeyed.
Some wait a lifetime for a response to their prayers.
Me, I’ll know the outcome soon.
Much sooner than I’d like.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Cleis Press, Robin Hood, and Jane

I just got back from my first-ever trip to Philadelphia (I'll blog about that and share picutres later this week) and while there got an email that my MM tale "Glory Days" got editor acceptance for the Cleis Hard Hats construction worker homoerotic antho. Phillie is a very gay-friendly city so I thought that was a cool coincidence.

If you like naughty Sherwood Forest tales, Mat Twassel came up with the idea for a Robin Hood Ruthie's Club festival, and I have a short and a few flashers up. Mat's got a bunch of great ones, and tales by Cassie Exline, J.M. Snyder, Jeremy Edwards, and Sommer Marsden are up too. It's a fun issue with lots of merriment to be had so check it out!

Last but not least... I don't check my web stats as neurotically as I used to, but when I did the other day, they were through the roof--up, like, 800%! So I poked around... turns out Jane's Guide to adult websites had reviewed my site and reviewer Vamp says I'm "original" and "quality" I'd forgotten all about submitting my site there for review many months ago. She even compared my little doodles on the site to Aubrey Beardsley's work! Okay, mine are much simpler than his but I'm working on some bigger drawings... stay tuned!