Thursday, November 30, 2006

Interviews, Reviews, and a Holiday Contest

Thanksgiving is over, but I wanted to share some recent things I'm very grateful for.

> A new interview. I had a great time answering thoughtful questions from Miranda Heart at the Alternative Writers Association. The Alternative Writers Association also named me Author of the Month for November. :D

> Two new reviews for Topping Tora. Natasha from Romance Junkies wrote "...In-your-face erotic, this story has a D/s aspect that is very intense and satisfying. Laura Bacchi threw in some suspense and bad guys and my afternoon reading a great book was complete!" (4 Blue Ribbons). LT Blue from JERR said "...Topping Tora was an excellent story... I plan to add Ms. Bacchi as one of the authors to look for in BDSM stories. (4 Stars; Heat Level "O" for Orgasmic). Thanks, Natasha and LT!

> Two great reader comments. Reader feedback always makes my day. Here's what two people had to say about my futuristic, The Andumi Effect: "Thank you for the lovely read... Hope you will write more M/M romance." Another wrote, "I just finished this and let me tell you I loved it! ...Thanks again for such a great story." Getting comments like these are better than reviews IMO :)

> And finally, a new contest. Want to win a copy of Topping Tora or The Andumi Effect in December? My brain is yours for the picking. Goofy, tough, strange... just email me at or comment here with your questions and I'll answer them on my blog as I receive them. Then on December 20th, I'll draw the names of two lucky winners who participated!

Good luck and happy reading!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Great new releases from Liquid Silver!

LSB has a ton of great talent. Here are two recent releases by very talented (and funny) "Liquid" ladies that you should check out :)

By Rose Middleton
ISBN 1-59578-292-3
From Liquid Silver Books

Macy Jackson moved to Melbourne to follow her dream of being an actress, but one stupid mistake turned that dream into a nightmare. Now Macy is wondering whether she made the right choice; her reality of tending bar and pulling beers until the wee hours of the morning stinks to high heaven. But Hell will have to freeze over before she admits that to anyone. Especially the hound dog her brother has sent after her.

When his best friend asks him to bring Macy home, Lucius Devon senses that success will earn him some serious brownie points. Maybe he’ll be able to ditch the “town rebel” tag once and for all and win over the town’s mayor, Macy’s father. But the minute he sees the dangerous curves Macy has developed, his plans go out the window. Miss Smart Mouth has no intention of going back, so perhaps he can uncover her secrets and find something to lure her home with.

I love this part:

The corner of Macy’s ruby-red mouth quirked upwards. In a flash, she slammed a small shot glass down in front of him and poured it full of amber fluid. “Cheers to your cause.” As she bent to return the bottle to its home under the counter, Lucius heard her mutter, “I hope you choke on it.”

Want more? Click here.

By Lisa Andel
ISBN 1-59578-303-2

Allie is a total failure as an elf.

She doesn’t look right, she can barely do magic, and the final straw? A group of vampires accosts her, only to turn away in disgust because of her foul taste.

Desperate to find out what she can do with her life, she sets out on a quest with a dangerous, sexy werecat named Rainth and his pack of Rangers.

Rainth and his men think the curvy little elf is nuts. Flawed or not, they can’t believe she doesn’t know she’s an incredibly sexy and endearing woman.

But Allie won’t be dissuaded. She knows exactly what she is. She did, after all, grow up hearing daily from the other elves of House Ta’Daanior that she was an unattractive, useless individual.

Little does she know the truth about her life.

Or why someone would be willing to kill to keep it a secret.

This has got some funny, funny stuff in it. Here's the prologue:

My heart pounded in my chest as he lowered his fangs toward my neck. His arms, like steel bands around my body, held me trapped. I felt the long, slow glide of his tongue along my skin, then the slight pinch of pain when he pierced my flesh.

I jerked as he started drawing my blood into his mouth with sensuous pulls. My vagina fluttered, the beginnings of an orgasm starting to ripple across my groin.

“Ptthtp!” The vampire flinched away from me, and spat onto the ground. “That’s just nasty!” He wiped his mouth on his shirt sleeve. Anger flashed red in the depths of his black eyes. “What kind of elf are you anyway?” He shoved me into the brick wall at the side of the alley where he’d trapped me.

I blinked stupidly at him, unable to form any words. I was as surprised as he was that I tasted bad. Okay, so part of me was pleased that he found me distasteful. I hadn’t asked him to suck on me anyway. But another part of me, the part that I was becoming all too familiar with these days, was only downright disgusted that I was proving to be a failure in just one more way.

“What you got here, Darius?” Two more vamps approached.

“Hey, is she an elf?” The taller of the new arrivals eyed me appraisingly.

“Taste her.” The first vamp pointed at me. “I think she’s spoiled or something.”

The tall one raised an eyebrow at this statement. Shrugging, he advanced, looked me in the eyes, then lowered his head to my neck. The now familiar swipe-sting of the bite did little to reassure me that I would make it home tonight, after all. Hell, if they got enough curious vamps to “taste” me, I’d still be bled out, one mouthful at a time.

“Blick!” The tall vamp spat my blood on the pavement. “Arno, you’ve got to try her.”

The third vampire was short and stocky, with a surprisingly beautiful baby face. He moved in close to me, tipped my head the other direction, and sank his fangs into my neck.

“Shit!” He muttered as he spat and spluttered. “What the fuck is that? I’ve never tasted anything like it.”

“What’s your name?” Darius asked me in a commanding tone.

I looked at him for several heartbeats, trying to determine if it would be better for me to tell him or not. Finally deciding that it didn’t matter, I relented. “Allie.”

“Well, Miss Allie, from now on, you will warn a man before he bites you that you taste like shit.” His tone was imperious, his features drawn into a grimace.

My face creased in a frown. “Get out of here. I’m not going to do any such thing. In fact, many men have found me quite tasty, thank you.” So it was a big fat lie. Who cared? This guy had been planning to drink my blood, and who knew what else, without my permission.

The three of them laughed. Great belly laughs. They took several minutes to wind down from their mirth. “You’ll forgive us if we have a hard time believing that,” the tall vamp said to me, a grin still on his face.

“Like I care,” I muttered to myself, as I pushed off the wall, and started walking away from them.

I had more important problems to think about than the way I tasted to a bunch of vampires. In fact, I had nothing but problems.

I was, after all, above and beyond the worst elf that had ever been born.

Want another taste? Catch the first chapter here... and enjoy!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Freaky stuff

Okay, so this pic is two years old and heavily Photoshopped. And I'm wearing more make-up than a drag queen, but this thingee is kinda cool:

Try it yourself here

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Like your romance dark?

Fellow Romance Diva H. A. Fowler has a new release from Cobblestone Press. If you like futuristics, you'll want to check this out...

The barrier between Earth and Hell is about to fall...


by H.A. Fowler
ISBN 978-1-60088-060-5
Futuristic/Dark Fantasy Romance
Cobblestone Press/October 27, 2006

Five hundred years ago, a terrorist group launched a fearsome anti-matter weapon and tore open the fabric of reality, revealing a world of nightmares on the other side. After decades of war, death and destruction, a union of wizards and witches came forth with the magick to build a barrier and keep the monsters in their rightful home.
They called it THE VEIL.

Detective Devon Harrigan is a hard-nosed skeptic, no fan of magick or its users -- an ironic stance for a vampire who was human when the Veil first fell. But he is a cop first, so when a serial killer stalks his home city of New Denver, Colorado, he'll do what he has to do to stop the carnage. Including play babysitter to the killer's sole living witness, a pampered high priestess of the most powerful witches' organization in the world, the creators of the Veil itself.

High Priestess Lady Helene Du Solaire has lived a sheltered life, and she has never met anyone as anachronistic -- or as fascinating -- as her new bodyguard. There is no denying the immediate attraction between them, or that giving into it could lead to devastating consequences. Not to mention it's a distraction from the matter at hand they can scarcely afford -- that Helene is the killer's target because she is the key to a ritual that, in only a few days time, will destroy the Veil and unleash Hell on Earth once again.

Helene and Devon must race against time and resist their growing feelings, put aside prejudices and painful pasts, and discover the identity of the being that threatens both Helene's life and the fate of the world.

Read an Excerpt

Click here to purchase.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


First off, I'm thrilled to share that fellow Liquid Silver author Kate Willoughby picked my brain with some very interesting questions. Check out her blog to find out what my name would be if I were a Bond Girl :)

Thanks, Kate, for the interview!

Secondly, I just got word that a short erotic tale of mine made the editor's cut for a print anthology! The story's called "Martini Girl" and I just hope the publisher goes for it as well. Wish me luck!

Finally, I got around to posting some erotic drawings on my website. Please enjoy, but not when the kiddies are afoot. :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lovely Stuff

I'm making good progress with my current guy-on-guy novella, but a little inspiration never hurts. Fellow Liquid Silver writer Lisa Andel directed our attention to photographer Jan Kruml. Anyone know where I can get me one of those man trees?

Yum. :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kink at Kinko's & A New BDSM Site Chat

Okay, so I went to Kinko's last night to get my PDF of Topping Tora bound for possible review at RT. Couldn't get my memory stick to work in the public workstation so I could print the damn cover in color. So I trot back up to the guy at the main desk--the place was pretty dead, fortunately--and he offers to do it his station.

A burning blush creeps up my neck and settles into my cheeks. "All I need is the first page."

What I want to scream (or maybe whisper) is, "Don't scroll down!!! Stay right on Page 1. There's a riding crop and a nekkid chick on stage being auctioned off... Oh, God, please don't scroll down!"

"Just Page 1, please," I meekly say.

He's looking right at the cover page. "So is this a cover for a CD or something?" he asks.

"No, it's a, uh, book cover."

"Your book?"

"Um, yeah. But I only need the first page."

"What kind of book is it?"

How do you answer that one? "Oh... well... It's probably not your thing..."

"You never know."

"It's erotic romance."

"Really? How do I get a copy?"

Oh, shit. A possible sale. He prints the page. "Okay, kill the document," I want to yell.

"It's an e-book. And it's, uh, pretty rough stuff, so you probably wouldn't like it..." Talk about how to promote yourself. What a chicken-shit I am.

He walks up to where I'm standing. Points at the screen. "So you wrote that?"

Nope. Not really. My evil twin did and she's a real horny... "Yes," I mumble. Is he gonna turn me into the PTA or something? I can just see the headlines now: LOCAL MOM WRITES SMUT. Eek!

"How do I get a copy?"

"Well, I don't have a business card on me..."

"You should. You should always carry 'em." He hands me a pen and scrap of paper. "Write down where I can get this. You should be proud of what you did. My fiance really likes this kind of stuff."

Holy shit! I made a sale at Kinko's. And his co-worker--who I swear to God was built like Jovan with a very similar skin tone--kept walking back and forth looking at the cover. Hell, maybe I made two!

And he didn't charge me for the copy ;)

~ ~ ~

Miranda Heart, the reviewer who gave me that awesome review for Topping Tora invites you to an informational chat tomorrow, Wednesday, 11/08/2006 at 10pm EST/9pm CT/8pm MT/7pm PT at

This is a chance for authors, publishers, editors, lifestylers, and readers to ask questions and find out more about AWA and what services are available to you. She's says everyone is welcome, and I hope to stop by and check it out myself. Maybe I'll see ya there!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

An Amazing Review for Tora and a Re-release!

Sending a book out for review is just plain scary. Yeah, the ePub shoots your stuff out to their auto-send list, but you as an author don't have to feel the agonizing dilemma of whether a certain site will "get" your baby. You don't feel the pain of hitting "send" with the eBook attached. So I was shaking in my boots when I sent Topping Tora to Alternative One of the missions of this new site is to "...give the discerning reader a place to find BDSM novels published by those knowledgeable in the lifestyle."

Could I measure up?

Well, I'm completely overwhelmed by the review Miranda Heart gave me. Moved to tears in fact. Here are just a few of the wonderful things that she said:

"...I finished this book some hours ago and I'm still baffled as what to write. To say this book was the best book I've read in five years would be putting it mildly. Laura has a talent that is far above any writer I have probably ever read. The best part about her writing is how it relates to us as individuals...

" ...The other part that made these two [Tora and Jovan] so believable to me was the dialogue. Ms. Bacchi must have truly gone over their dialogue a thousand times out loud to have determined exactly what would have been said... And her visuals. At times they had me running for a cold shower and others they had me clutching my stomach. All I have to say is read the scene with the fly. Amazing. Utterly amazing. Last but never least was the way she drew me in emotionally, in several places through out the book I just wanted to cry...

"...Laura, I hope to see more from you, you are truly an exceptional author that stole my breath away with Topping Tora. I can only hope this review does justice to what you have written. Thank you."

The review was over a thousand words, which is why I posted so much of it. That and the fact that it made me feel like all the heartaches and headaches of being of writer are worth it.

I'm still reeling from this.

For the entire review, click here.

If you write anything related to BDSM and want a quality review, visit I was amazed at the depth of Miranda's review and highly recommend this site.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Heart Of A Hunter
by Laura Bacchi
ISBN-10: 1-59279-633-8 (Electronic)
ISBN-13: 978-1-59279-633-5 (Electronic)
For purchase or to read an excerpt, click here.

Winner—Over the Moon Award of Excellence from May Reviews!

He claimed he was an alien. Asher's mission is simple: locate the Earth woman named Raine Thompson and bring her back to his home planet. Raine's lush body and aptitude for passion make her the perfect mate for his older brother, Imari. But Asher can't resist the sensual woman he's sworn to escort across the galaxy.

She claimed his heart. Raine has a mission of her own: to sleep with as many men as possible before she turns thirty and forget her ex in the process. Things look pretty grim until a hot guy from outer space shows up at her favorite bar. Raine just wants a night of uninhibited sex, but when an Earth woman on the rebound and an honor-bound Turmian male travel through the cosmos, anything's possible. Maybe even love…

(Please note: this story was previously published under the ISBN: 1-59426-520-8. This reissued version has been expanded and reedited.)

Genres: Science Fiction / Futuristic
Heat Level: 2
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (11k words)

"5 Angels!...A wonderfully written short story about risking one’s heart for one moment for a chance at blissful romance. Ms. Bacchi has done a superb job at earning 5 Angels!”— Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews

"5 Stars!...SUPERIOR...Over too soon, this enjoyable read is written with smooth style.”—Deb,

"4.5 Stars!...A short hot read that will have you clamoring for more...If you want a story that will keep you engrossed, The Heart of a Hunter is the book for you.”—Trang Black, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A New Discovery

Here's a new (to me) writer with an amazing line-up of future releases:

The Personal Assistant
Erotic Romance/Suspense
Whiskey Creek Press

Morgan Thomas is MAC Music’s latest “it” girl. With the onset of her successful debut, Morgan is showered with money, parties, and fame. Although she can buy whatever and most often, whomever she wants, she finds herself isolated and alone, unable to trust anyone in the dog-eat-dog world of music. At this level of success, Morgan is a product to be packaged, marketed, and sold.

But to her personal assistant, Tyrone Miller, Morgan is more. A childhood friend, Tyrone’s sole goal is to keep Morgan safe, happy and successful. Yet, when she mysteriously disappears while in New York recording her follow up album, Tyrone discovers that his love for Morgan goes far beyond passionate.

When you get a chance, check out RaeLynn Blue's Blog She has something coming out in December called Speed Demon, which looks very intriguing.

Officer Quindalin Barnes is fed up working the night shift, patrolling New Mexico's Highway 9. She spends most nights racing her cruiser, feeling its rush and relishing the passion speeding gives her. One night, a mysterious black mustang rips down highway 9, leading Quinn on a high speed chase. But no sooner does she slap on the flashers, does the mustang pull over. Expecting to ticket the driver, Quinn is swept up into an otherworldly race by the demon Drannon, not only for her heart, for her soul--to bound to him for all time.

Can someone plug in a fan and get that yellow smoke to move out of the way? I wanna SEE!