Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What I need...

There's a fun new meme going around. Google your first name and "needs" and see what pops up. Here are mine:

1. 25 cents and 2 fingers are all Laura needs.
Damn, I'm cheap. I do need a cock occasionally, and that will cost you a buck.

2. Laura needs some post-toddler love.
Yes, I do. Especially now that I'm a full-grown woman.

3. Laura needs to get out more.
So very true. What a pathetic lonely life I lead...

4. Laura needs a new cell phone.
Actually mine works quite well now that I finally figured out how to use most of the settings.

5. “You know full well that Laura needs—” “Oh, yes, I know. Laura needs more attention. Laura needs more love. Laura needs more praise. Laura needs everything ...
Wow. I like this one. It's got passion and angst. Yes, I am a very needy girl.

6. Laura needs 2 more votes.
And if you give me those votes, I promise you we will withdraw our troops from Iraq.

7. Laura needs to play a show associated with shoes. and then whamo!
Not sure what the writer of this statement was smoking, but I would like some.

8. Laura needs a Good Book to Fight Coal Plants from Dallas.
Again, there were some drugs involved...

9. Laura needs to stay on topics where she has "working knowledge" of the material.
Which is why I try to stick to writing sex ;)

10. Laura needs two things that are extremely important.
And those two things would be...?

11. Laura needs a spanking one hundred times a day.
Um, can we stop at about 50?

12. Laura needs her own theme music.
I've been saying this for years. Finally someone is listening!

13. Laura needs constant attention from everyone as she has trouble controlling her impulses.
How very true. They say I'll go blind soon if I don't stop.

But what exactly does Laura want?

1. Laura wants to drape her leg over the shoulder of the boy in front of her, to show off her bruises.
Yep, I do. Especially if said boy created those bruises.

2. Laura wants to have sex in the dining room.
Actually any room is fine. I'm easy.

3. Laura wants a piece of Emily's necklace.
Just one pearl, dammit!

4. Laura wants some go-go boots.
Shiny day-glo pink ones, please.

5. Laura wants to concentrate on her work, but Alisha just wants to take off her clothes.
Darn it, Alisha! I'm tired of your little games. You want this shirt off?! Here, take it. How about my skirt? Panties, too? Oh, you little slut! [Then there's a cat-fight, lots of hair-pulling, etc. etc.]

6. Laura wants revenge against Hellsing.
Damn straight I do. Watch out, you, you... What kind of name is Hellsing?

7. Laura wants to have at least six children.
Um, wrong Laura there, folks.

8. Laura wants to help you get started on your organizing, staging, and home decorating by offering some free tips for you!
I couldn't organize my way out of a paper bag.

9. ...all Laura wants is a bit of rest.
Ah, that's no lie. I think I'll end here and get some shut-eye. Nite!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Dark Garden Contest

The lovely Eden Bradley is a dear friend with a huge new release on its way to a bookstore near you and she's got an awesome contest lined up. Check it out...


Watch the countdown as I wait for the release of my debut print novel, THE DARK GARDEN on June 1st, and be eligible to win a signed Advance Reader Copy of my second novel, THE DARKER SIDE OF PLEASURE, plus a few other goodies! The ARCs of my second novel were just shipped and it hasn’t even been reviewed yet, so you may be the very first to see it!
This is all you have to do:
1) First, check with your local bookstores and make sure they have copies of my book available-do it now! It takes 2-4 weeks for them to order books! If they haven’t already ordered it, simply tell them you and a few people you know are interested in the book, and they’ll put in an order.
2) Then, after the book is released June 1st, go to the bookstore and photograph yourself and/or your friends or family with the book, and send the pictures to me here:
Two prizes will be awarded, and there are two ways to win:
~Take the funniest or most unique photo. I'm not going to tell you what to do here-feel free to use your imagination! Just don’t break any laws.
~Take the photo with the most people in it. You’re welcome to drag-uh, ask- other bookstore customers to join in your photo-they don’t have to be people you know.
3) If you have a blog , you can paste this code into your sidebar or in a post to join in the countdown to the release of my book-and invite others to do the same!

Countdown until release:

Don’t forget-all photos must include someone holding THE DARK GARDEN, or it must be on the bookshelf, or otherwise prominently displayed. (THE DARK GARDEN will most often be shelved in the literature section, but some stores may carry it in romance).All photos must be taken between June 1st and June 15th, and submitted by midnight PST on June 15th. Winners will be announced on June 20th.

*Disclaimer: Photos may be posted on my blog. By submitting photos to me, you agree to have these photos posted or used at my discretion.


Wishing you many, many sales, Eden. You're a talented lady who deserves the best!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Loose-ID accepted my MM dragon shifter novella Any Ordinary Day! I'm tickled pink. Or maybe red. With scales and wings and a long spiky tail... At any rate, writing about dragons was very different for me and lots of fun. Many thanks, Mat and Jas, for the read-through and thoughtful feedback :)

On any ordinary day, a guy like Paul Murray expects more shit from his boss, a new car repair bill and another lonely night at home. But when his car dies during rush hour, he's rescued by a man who might just make him experience something more ways than one.

Darrien Avanti has an agenda, and it doesn't include the sexy loser he picks up by a smoking Yugo on his way to Manhattan. Renegade dragons from his homeland have breached the Earth's surface in search of their own territory—and human flesh. It's Darrien's job to take them out before more people die. This isn't the time to think about sex, let alone take a mate, but everything about the Top Lander tells Darrien that Paul's the one.

Paul's day—and life—is about to become anything but ordinary.

According to Mrs. Giggle's Paranormal Drinking Game, this story could get you a little tipsy. Martini anyone?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Get the dirt on... me!

Okay, getting the dirt on me isn't as exciting as getting the dirt on say, the president or Paris Hilton, but I do promise to talk about sex in an interview conducted by the lovely Eden Bradley. Oh wait, I always talk about sex... Anyways, check it out at Eden's beautiful blog. She's a kick-ass writer of kink, so be sure to check out her available and upcoming releases.

Meanwhile I've been tagged three times in the latest fun round of blog tag. Thanks to M.L. Rhodes, Lisa Andel, and Roxy Harte, you can find out eight (hopefully) interesting facts about moi. I tagged my victims on my MySpace. Mwahahahahahaha!

1. I have amazing luck finding four leaf clovers. I've found 64 in my lifetime, and I'm not an outdoorsy person. So far my eight-year-old has found 43.

2. I still have a baby tooth. My father still has one too.

3. I don't have any tats.

4. I was an awful nail-biter as a child. I still bite my nails when I'm nervous.

5. I rarely watch television.

6. But I use our new big-screen TV to play Katamari obsessively.

7. My writer's knot is on my ring finger, not my middle one. Luckily I didn't have nasty teachers who smacked my hands for writing funny.

8. Hardware and power tools turn me on.

Got any interesting facts you want to share?