Friday, May 11, 2007

Get the dirt on... me!

Okay, getting the dirt on me isn't as exciting as getting the dirt on say, the president or Paris Hilton, but I do promise to talk about sex in an interview conducted by the lovely Eden Bradley. Oh wait, I always talk about sex... Anyways, check it out at Eden's beautiful blog. She's a kick-ass writer of kink, so be sure to check out her available and upcoming releases.

Meanwhile I've been tagged three times in the latest fun round of blog tag. Thanks to M.L. Rhodes, Lisa Andel, and Roxy Harte, you can find out eight (hopefully) interesting facts about moi. I tagged my victims on my MySpace. Mwahahahahahaha!

1. I have amazing luck finding four leaf clovers. I've found 64 in my lifetime, and I'm not an outdoorsy person. So far my eight-year-old has found 43.

2. I still have a baby tooth. My father still has one too.

3. I don't have any tats.

4. I was an awful nail-biter as a child. I still bite my nails when I'm nervous.

5. I rarely watch television.

6. But I use our new big-screen TV to play Katamari obsessively.

7. My writer's knot is on my ring finger, not my middle one. Luckily I didn't have nasty teachers who smacked my hands for writing funny.

8. Hardware and power tools turn me on.

Got any interesting facts you want to share?


Lisa Andel said...

OMG. I love the "hardware and power tools" one!

And that's exciting about you and your son and the four leaf clovers.
Freaky, but really cool.

Karen Erickson said...

You still have a baby tooth? Wow - that's wild!

And the four leaf clover thing is cool, too. You and your son must be awfully lucky. ;)

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

Laura - don't get all orgasmic but i just picked up a new client this week to rebrand that's a manufacturer of nuts and bolts. Of course as i work on their campaign, i'm now gonna be thinking of you.

Laura Bacchi said...

I wonder if the tooth fairy is still waiting on me. "Damn, when is she gonna loose that tooth?" kind of thing. LOL And you'd think I've better luck considering all the clovers.

Nuts and bolts? Oh, boy! Makes me wanna run to the hardware store and shove my hands in all the bins. :D I bet you can have lots of fun with that one!