Saturday, June 18, 2005

Awwgggg! The boxes!!!!

I've moved a lot in my lifetime. But the older I get, the more I hate the entire process. In days past, I started early and shuffled through those old love letters from Bobby Joe and smiled while pouring over photos from various stages in my life. This time it's all crap, and I'm pitching into boxes as fast as I can.

Sure, I love the thrill of the new pad, the decorating, the fresh vow that this time I will keep a clean house. But with the new comes the worrying. Will my child make friends quickly? Will she like daycare? And how will she manage without her grammas? These days, not many folks live a shout away from most of their family. I do, and in some ways I can't wait to be out from under the microscope. But deep in my gut, I'm sure I'll be balling my eyes out when I pull out for parts Northern.

And I've just been informed that restaurants from Northern Virginia on up don't serve sweet tea. I'm not talking a fountain Lipton lemony drink. I'm talking syrupy sugar-rush tea, all the free refills you can drink. *sigh* And I'm shaking in my boots about my upcoming interview, praying a "y'all" or "ain't" won't slide out.

Later y'all ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Just three more days...

Here's another excerpt from Chella's Quest:

She watched herself in the mirror while she walked towards the elevator platform. Liquid fire warmed the flesh between her legs. A quiver rushed through her sex as the platform descended. When her gleaming stilettos touched down on the plush carpet of the main floor, the sweet chemist known as Chella Ter-Berron ceased to exist.

A meaty male leered and opened the door to the bar. She flashed him a smile and savored the smell of liquor and heat and man. Her nipples beaded when she brushed past him. He would be a good fuck. She tore her eyes from his the bulge in his pants and entered the room. The shaking of dice stopped. Drinks clinked down on tabletops. All humanoid speech faded to an excited hush.

Then the chaos began. Men scrambled for their chit bags and called to her, shouting garbled words of lust. They pulled out fistfuls of paper or flashed large gilded chits. Some simply shook their bags. The deep space orbital they were on sported very few humanoid Pleasure Workers; most men simply fed their greased cocks to the Mechanicals bolted to the wall of their berth. A real live human would fetch a high price.

The Cruthian watched from the back of the room. She knew he'd be hot -- Sarto had shown her his photo. But the photo didn't even come close. Wavy hair as dark as hers fell to his shoulders. Broad shoulders. The type made for holding onto when he pounded into a woman's sex. His intense green eyes bored into hers. She waited for him to entice her with currency. He merely raised his glass.

Chella nodded and strolled towards him with newfound grace. A chorus of horny males sounded their disappointment. "Maybe tomorrow night, boys," she called out over the din.

She walked to the table he shared with the Rundian and three other men. They rose and headed toward the bar. When Seth brushed past her, she hooked her arm around his. The small barrel-chested man barely reached her chin.

"You can stay too." She bent to kiss his shaved head. He turned back to Kain, but the Cruthian shook his head.

"I can cut a deal. Two for one." Her eyes scanned the short man's hairy body. "I've never had a Rundian before."

The man's gaze dipped down into her cleavage. He exhaled and sent a shiver of pleasure through her bones. She'd never needed a fuck this bad in her life. If she didn't get one soon, she'd die....

"You won't get a Rundian tonight." The Cruthian's husky voice curled her aching toes. "I don't share."

The furry man snorted and left.

Chella slid into the seat next to this man named Kain and relaxed her head against his arm.

The Cruthian planted a kiss on her shoulder then gave the moist skin a steamy lick. "Don't get too comfortable." He finished his drink and threaded his fingers through her hair. She prayed the fusion would hold. "I haven't seen a real woman in months."

His mouth met hers, branding her lips with pure carnal heat. She could taste his need. A finger slid beneath the thin strap of her gown and grazed the swell of her breast. She whimpered into his mouth and slid a hand up his thigh.

A hush blanketed the room. She opened her eyes to the gaze of a hundred sex-crazed men. Having an audience only heightened her desire. A jolt shot through her sex, and her cunt pulsed in response, making her painfully aware of the dampness in her panties.

"Let's go some place private." He clasped her hand and helped her to her feet. A collective sigh washed over the room, and Chella blew them a kiss.

"I said I didn't like to share."

The gruffness in his voice startled her. Her curls danced as she spun to face him. "I don't belong to you."

"Tonight you do." Possessive green eyes raked over her body. "And I plan to savor every minute."

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Next week is my first release!

Chella's Quest

I feel like a virgin all over again! Well, without worrying about Mom and Dad finding out. (My sister accidentally "outed" me as a writer of naughty bits a few months ago. But that's a story for another day...)

Chella's Quest is a space romp about a chemist and a government agent. Sounds exciting, right? Doesn't everyone love an erotic romance about a nerdy chemist who searches the galaxy to find the stolen formula of a powerful new narcotic? No? Well, here's more...

After years of experimentation, Dr. Chella Ter-Berron developed a powerful new drug that will make pain a thing of the past. She'll do anything to find the thief who stole her research -- even sleep with the prime suspect. But when the man in question is a hot Cruthian male, her task quickly becomes more about pleasure and less about work.

Kain Suvan might be a thief, but Chella's research has since been stolen from him. Kain needs the brilliant scientist he's been lusting after to help him track down the missing file and return it to the High Council for safekeeping. Together, they journey to the edge of the galaxy in a search that yields more questions than answers. And some of those questions can only be answered by the heart.

Still not convinced? Here's an excerpt:

Chella gulped. The door closed behind them, and his hands and lips launched a sensual assault that left her heady with desire. The effects of the Ardorex began to fade. Her real reaction to him merged with the drug's waning simulation of lust; it left her breathless. Pure, unadulterated need pounded between her legs, and the intensity of her response brought a flicker of panic to her stomach. Chella ignored the feeling and untangled herself from his embrace.

She needed another pill. Something that would keep her confident, aggressive and horny for the next hour or so. Well, maybe not horny - that she could do on her own. "Be right back."

"Forget the pills." It wasn't a suggestion.

Her jaw dropped. "How did you know?"

"I created Ardorex. Your pupils are huge, and your mouth tastes like sugar." He grinned when her eyes went wide and added, "You must be human."

She felt like an idiot. She had expected a thief, not a chemist. Of course he knew about pharmaceuticals-he was the number one suspect for the theft of the T-56.

He pulled her back to him. "You'll do just fine without it." His teeth nipped her shoulder. Something wicked and hot unfurled in her womb. The purse slid from her hands, and her nipples burned into the silky bodice, chafing against the soft fabric with every move she made.

The dress was history. It spilled to the floor in a stream of red. His finger looped around the elastic of her panties and yanked them down. With as much restraint as she could muster, she unzipped his shirt and added it to the pile of clothes.

He walked backwards and lowered himself to the pillows of his bed. She watched, enthralled at the muscles that shimmered with sweat in the dimly lit berth. Kain untied the knot at the top of his pants and placed his hands behind his head.

"You can do the rest," he whispered. "That is what I'm paying you for."

Chella stepped out of her panties. "Shoes on or off?"

His eyes traveled down her unclad legs and stopped at the black stilettos. "On."

She leaned over him. His fingers caught a plump nipple, tugging and teasing it until her knees became water. She loosened the laces at his crotch with shaky hands. His cock pressed against the leather and warmed the heel of her palm while she worked.

He must have sensed her hesitation. "Nervous?"

"No," she lied. "Just impatient."

* * *

And if you're very, very good, I'll give you some more later this week ;)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Relic of the Heart

Relic of the Heart

Here's the cover for Relic of the Heart! This story of Earth gal meets alien is scheduled for release this winter from Amber Quill Press.

Trace at AQP does a super job on our covers. It's really cool to see an image of your character after he has been in your head for months. You want to jump up and down and go, "He's real! He's real!" And don't worry about those menacing spikes on his neck - Kadir is truly a nice guy ;)

Heart of a Hunter

Heart of a Hunter

Got my cover for The Heart of a Hunter, a sci-fi erotic romance to be released soon from I'm doubly excited because I created the figure (using cut paper collage) and was tickled that Stacey at Phaze gave me the chance to do this. She tweaked the colors and added some effects to my stuff and gave it the starry background and type.

Now for the edits... :)