Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The first two reviews for Relic are in!

4 Angels from Jessica at FAR:

"...Whether readers are drawn to the passionate and charismatic Tara or the strong and intoxicating Kadir, they will instantly been drawn to the intense physical chemistry between them. The gemstone they seek is more than both of them imagine and offers a wonderful twist to the story... The Relic of the Heart is truly a tale for the heart: a forbidden love story that offers each character the one thing they long to have. Laura Bacchi has created a superb short story worth 4 Angels!"

And 4 Stars from Kirra at JERR:

"...Tara knows what she wants and Kadir is unable to hide his body’s response from her. His response includes the raising of six very alien neck horns... When they eventually yield to their mutual desire, their passion is expressed with honesty and caring that will warm you. There is a very tender scene that I absolutely loved. I also enjoyed the character of Alistair, the wealthy backer for the dig and Tara’s interactions with her father. This is a charming love story with humorous moments scattered throughout and an enjoyable read for anyone who can appreciate the effects of a little 'horniness.'"

Thank you, Jessica and Kirra, for your kind words :)

Some more good news - Ruthie's Club just accepted my two sordid tales of raunchy sex in the workplace. "Slaughterhouse-Six" will run in late January during their Corporate Sex issue. A related story entitled "Employee Relations" be featured the week after that. And the second installment of Educating Ian will be published at Ruthies on January 16th.

As I get ready for 2006, I've been thinking a lot about goals and how I intend to meet them. Quite frankly, I feel the pull of harder-hitting stories with stronger language - and stronger heroines. My work just seems to run truer to my real self when I write erotica that's not so romantic. So I think my work will evolve over the next twelve months and take me somewhere new.

Does anyone else feel a shift? In their voice or the content of their work? I'm also going to write more first-person stories. But no matter where our work takes us this year, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!

Take care,

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I've been a writing fool

...or a fool writing. I think I'm in over my head. Too many projects, too little time.

I've been staying up till 1 or 2 AM every night this week working on stories for Ruthie's Club, which makes getting up at 6 AM mighty hard. Plus, I have a ton of ebooks to read. I did finish one...and will write about it later this week. Which one, you ask? Guess you'll just have to wait and see ;)

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm feeling Lucky...

Lucky in Lust comes out next week! Yippee!!! I hope readers can't wait to get their hands on him. LOL

Here's another excerpt:

“You’re still soaking wet.” He spread her knees further apart and went low for a full lick. “And delicious.”

She grinned at the scruffy goatee now glistening with her dampness. “And I think you like that.” He grinned back, a devilish look dancing in his eyes. She squirmed. He tightened his grip. “But our pizza will get cold.”

“I’d rather have hot pussy than hot pizza any day.” His mouth latched onto her and all thoughts of food left her mind. The only thing that existed was his tongue on her, slipping against the ridge of her clit slow and languid as if he had all night.

The orgasm uncoiled from her womb, and when the first quiver came, he knew and began sucking her without mercy. The strength of her pleasure forced a moan from her chest. It echoed through the warehouse until she pushed him away.

“Too much. Too intense.”

He didn’t say a word while he rolled the condom over his prick. It pressed into her wetness, stretching her, tormenting her until she rocked forward to speed his entrance.

“Damn, you’re tight.” He sank the full length of himself into her, then pulled her legs back into position so he could watch. The idea of him staring straight at something so primal, so intimate, sent a shiver through her torso. He rotated his hips and leaned back to see their joining from all different angles until he hit the sensitive spot that made her slip into oblivion. Nothing else mattered—no tenure, no work. He lifted her legs back, and she thought he’d split her in two. But the feeling deep in her sex grew until she grabbed the table edges for dear life, gasping for air and hoping he’d never stop.

When she opened her eyes, he was smiling down at her. He rocked her slower now, and then lost himself in her. She could see it in his face while he buried his thickness up to his balls and retreated. The final stroke came, each spasm strong and sure inside her cunt as he filled the room with the sounds of his release.

Her back ached. Her pussy throbbed. But when he carried her over to the pizza and pulled her into his lap, she let him feed her. Cold pizza never tasted so good.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Laura's Live at Ruthie's Club

I've got my leather pasties on...and not much else this week at the finest online site for literary smut: Ruthie's Club! This is a paying site, but you can take a tour and read some free stories.

Two of my pieces are featured right now during Ruthie's BDSM Week, which is a double issue packed with stories about the darker side of kinky sex. My flash piece Blind Heat offers a quick outdoor menage in less than 300 words. And my first installment of Educating Ian is up. This tale of a Domme and her sub will be presented in serial form there over the next few months. Don't worry if you miss a week - Ruthie's archives all its author's work.

All the full-length stories at this site are illustrated. This is a great forum for quality erotica, and I'm proud to be contributor!

Ruthie's Club: Classy. Kinky. Literary. Smut.