Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The first two reviews for Relic are in!

4 Angels from Jessica at FAR:

"...Whether readers are drawn to the passionate and charismatic Tara or the strong and intoxicating Kadir, they will instantly been drawn to the intense physical chemistry between them. The gemstone they seek is more than both of them imagine and offers a wonderful twist to the story... The Relic of the Heart is truly a tale for the heart: a forbidden love story that offers each character the one thing they long to have. Laura Bacchi has created a superb short story worth 4 Angels!"

And 4 Stars from Kirra at JERR:

"...Tara knows what she wants and Kadir is unable to hide his body’s response from her. His response includes the raising of six very alien neck horns... When they eventually yield to their mutual desire, their passion is expressed with honesty and caring that will warm you. There is a very tender scene that I absolutely loved. I also enjoyed the character of Alistair, the wealthy backer for the dig and Tara’s interactions with her father. This is a charming love story with humorous moments scattered throughout and an enjoyable read for anyone who can appreciate the effects of a little 'horniness.'"

Thank you, Jessica and Kirra, for your kind words :)

Some more good news - Ruthie's Club just accepted my two sordid tales of raunchy sex in the workplace. "Slaughterhouse-Six" will run in late January during their Corporate Sex issue. A related story entitled "Employee Relations" be featured the week after that. And the second installment of Educating Ian will be published at Ruthies on January 16th.

As I get ready for 2006, I've been thinking a lot about goals and how I intend to meet them. Quite frankly, I feel the pull of harder-hitting stories with stronger language - and stronger heroines. My work just seems to run truer to my real self when I write erotica that's not so romantic. So I think my work will evolve over the next twelve months and take me somewhere new.

Does anyone else feel a shift? In their voice or the content of their work? I'm also going to write more first-person stories. But no matter where our work takes us this year, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!

Take care,


Kristen Painter said...

I do feel a pull, I'm just not sure where it's taking me yet. Guess I'll just hang on and find out!

Oddly enough, my word verification letters are "pulya" - is that odd or what?

Laura Bacchi said...

Oh, my! That's pretty eerie!!! As long as you don't get 'pulled' over or 'pulled' under, I guess that's cool :)

Happy New Year, chickie!

(My letters are 'bzyled' - Busy Lady? LOL)