Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Reviews for Butterfly Unpinned

Bonnie and I were pleased to read these.

5 Cups from Regina at Coffee Time Romance:

This story does a great job of showing both the worst and the best of the BDSM world, and the line is very clearly drawn by the authors. They absolutely nailed life on the reservation, what it is like, as well as, how the Navaho are. I especially enjoyed reading about how Bryan's family accepted and even wanted to help Sylvia, even going so far as to include her in ceremonies which as a Native person myself, I thought was extremely appropriate and accurate given her background. I also really loved how Bryan treated Sylvia, how their relationship developed over time, and just how they loved each other. This is one you want to add to your keeper shelves, I know I am!

Smokin' - 4 Wine Glasses from Natalie at IReadRomance:

I recommend this book to anyone who would like to see inside the minds of those that live and play in the BDSM community. The psychology behind the decisions of each character is so intricate and overall the tale definitely opened my eyes. I learned many things reading this and was very pleased with the growth that the heroine and hero portrayed to create a believable contemporary relationship. A warning that the scenes are meltingly hot and an SM one even made me wince with its graphic detail. Kudos to both authors on this joint effort.

9 our 10 Stars from BookUtopiaMom at Uniquely Pleasureable:

The balance of Butterfly's fragility and Bryan’s savior complex is a careful one, as is the dark sensuality prevalent in the first half with the deeper, heart-stopping eroticism of the second.... When the end of the year rolls around, I wouldn't be surprised to see [Bryan] on my list of favorite heroes of the year. He is the real heart of this book for me, and pushes this darkly sensual, unrestrained romance into a keeper status regardless of my other misgivings.

And from Mrs. Giggles:

Do I believe that they are in love? I believe I do, yes. This story is very readable.... This one isn't just about the erotic jollies, it's also about the characters finding themselves in the process.

The reviews for BU have been very thoughtful and balanced, more so than most I've ever received for other titles of mine. Is that because it's longer? Not sure, but I was worried over how Butterfly's treatment by Gary would be received, but people seem to understand how this works in the story.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Amber Quill Press

If you'd like to learn more about this great epub, head over to Reviews by Jessewave for an in-depth interview with Trace Edward Zaber.

Trace is one of the owners, the Editorial Director and the Creative Director for AQP. I love all the publishers I'm associated with, but AQP holds a special place in my heart for how fast (and thoroughly) they respond to questions, how whole-heartedly they embraced the MM subgenre, and how well the websites (Amber Allure, Amber Heat, and Amber Quill) are put together. The three sites link to each other seamlessly, offer user-friendly navigation, and have probably the most info per book (and author) of any site out there. At AQP sites, you'll easily find the author bios, author pictures, all books by the author, info on series, excerpts, reviews, and purchase info. I wish all sites were this comprehensive.

While you're there at Reviews by Jessewave, check out the left side of her blog. Eye candy galore... Heading back over for a second look ;)