Saturday, December 30, 2006

Oh, Beck Baby

*sigh* I'm in love. I got Beck's latest under the tree this year. The Information is getting mixed reviews on Amazon, but I personally think it's his most cohesive album. There's danceable parts and deep-thinking, mellow parts, but the flow really works for me. The DVD portion was disappointing--I felt like a bunch of people got high and goofed around, then handed the recording over to a first-year art student so they could add in some not-so special effects. But, hey, I didn't buy it for the images. I bought it for the sound.

And the sound doesn't miss a beat :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Cover Snark, SEXing, and Samhain

---> Woo-hoo!! Topping Tora made "Hot Cover of the Week" at Dionne Galace's blog. Dionne said great things about cover artist extraordinaire April Martinez -- check it out if you get a chance.

---> I'll be blogging at the Liquid Silver Books Blog tomorrow, December 23rd. Stop by to say hello and get entered to win a story. Your story. Just tell me what naughty toy you want for Christmas and your name goes into the hat. Or stocking. Or some young stud's underwear. It may take me a loooooooong time to pick a winner if I use the latter ;) If you win, you'll get a personalized short story up to 2500 words featuring the toy of your choosing and as many warm bodies as you'd like. ;)

---> I'm so excited... Three of my kinky tales will be in a super-hot Samhain anthology next month. Talk about starting the new year right!
Secret Thoughts: Erotique
Genre: Erotica
Publisher: Samhain
ISBN: 1-59998-492-X
Length: Novella
Price: $3.50
Publication Date: January 30, 2007
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Domination or submission? Ménage a trios or man on man? What about voyeurism? A tease? A taste? Sink your teeth into this collection of erotica short stories from six top erotic storytellers.

Everyone has them. Those secret thoughts that bring forth your hottest dreams and desires. The ones you don’t share, the ones that make your heart pound and your blood heat.

What do you fantasize about? In the Secret Thoughts: Erotique Collection, you’ll find all sorts of deliciously erotic scenes from the naughty minds of Beth Williamson, J.J. Massa, Laura Bacchi, Nix Winter, Sasha White , and S. Desires.

Squee!!! I'm in an anthology with Sasha White!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is that your final answer?

Well, I guess it is because today brings the final question(s) in my "Pick Laura's Brain" contest. This was funnest contest I've held so far this year -- thanks to everyone who participated! I had a great time :)

Today Rachelle asked: 1) How do you come up with a unique title to every story you write? And 2) Do you write even when your muse is on vacation? lol

Titles are hard to think up sometimes. Usually something either comes to me right away -- before I start writing -- or eludes me till the very end. Often I try to find a line in the story that kind of resonates with me (The Heart of a Hunter and Taming the Tiger) or I may find an object (Relic of the Heart) to wrap it all up. I seem to use a character's name a lot too (Topping Tora, The Andumi Effect, Chosen: The Chronicles of Winter, Lucky in Lust, and Chella's Quest).

And I've found it helps to pick titles starting with letters early in the alphabet -- those stories are at the top when certain reviews are announced ;)

For your second question, yes, I write whether the muse is sitting beside me filing her nails or whether she's out shopping. When she's gone, I find that chocolate and a hearty glass of red wine can work as good substitutes. She doesn't like to hear this, but, hey, a gal's gotta write. I tend to write lousier stuff when she's gone though, and it feels more like a job than fun.

Thanks for your questions, Rachelle! Now it's time to put all the names in a hat and pick the two winners... hold on... got one... and now the other.... Debby and Glenna!!! I'll be contacting you both tomorrow night (US EST) to see which title you prefer. Congratulations!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Romance Book Cover Fun

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Next up... What's next?

Today's questions come from D who asks, "Is there something you want to write but just have not had a chance? What is next?"

Deep inside, there's a historical wanting to come out. The title will hopefully be Relentless, and the setting is Regency-era London. I started plotting but little else. Here's what I have for the blurb thus far: When Emma Chatsworth discovers her betrothed desires the kind of marital relations she cannot possibly perform, let alone enjoy, she turns to her future brother-in-law James Duncan for advice—and instruction. Together, they journey through the seedy London streets in search of dark pleasures to prepare her for the inevitable wedding night... but how can James let the woman who can fulfill his own fantasies marry another man?

This will definitely have a BDSM theme, and I may try to query print pubs for it.

Up next is another futuristic MM. I'm at the half-way point and it's due to Amber Quill by January. Better get movin' on that! It's titled The Heart of a Man, and there's a murder and sex and action and sex... Hot, sweaty man-sex. I also have the last two tales of a futuristic trilogy I keep dragging my butt on. It's not MM, but there's the potential for a menage in the second book. I'm really excited about that ;)

Thanks for playing, D, and good luck in the drawing!

Monday, December 11, 2006

New Question, New Review

Today's question comes from P:

Many men are surprised to find out that women enjoy male/male romances, so I’m curious to know what the men in your life (hubby, brothers, etc) thought or said when they first found out that you write male/male romances.

Well, there aren't many men in my life (just in my head!) -- no brothers or other close male relatives except my father. Dad knows I write erotica, but will hopefully never find out about my new interest in writing man-love. He's a pretty conservative guy, and homosexuality is not something he tolerates well.

My husband, however, is fine with it -- he even shared my guy-on-guy pirate story with his gay co-worker, who shared it with another... No one's gotten into trouble. Yet ;) In the art department where hubby and I attended college, many of our friends were GBL, so he's very accepting of this subject matter.

By the way, the pirate tale is up as a free read on my website. Click here to read it and get ready to see some booty get plundered. Okay, stop groaning :)

Thanks for the great question, P! If any other M/M writers want to chime in on the subject, feel free.

Got a cool new review for The Heart of a Hunter. And I really like the reviewer's upbeat style while conveying the gist of the plot. Thanks, Sinclair Reid!

"Multiple O's!...Author Laura Bacchi does a wonderful job of enthralling the reader and giving her characters depth and life. Plus, the sex isn’t so bad either. *wink* Go buy your copy of THE HEART OF A HUNTER today."—Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today Erotic

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The final issue of Secret Thoughts

They say all good things must come to an end, and Sasha White's Secret Thoughts eZine was a darn good thing. Catch the final issue here and enjoy a free kinky short story from Sasha herself.

Sasha is an author who gives back to aspiring erotic romance writers. She's given workshops at Romance Divas and offered exposure to other writers via various venues. Secret Thoughts was classy and professional. Now that she's hit the big-time with Avon, Black Lace, and Kensington, edits and writing need to take priority in her life at present.

Thanks, Sasha, for letting me play a small part in this endeavor. You're a gem. (She's also a hotter than sin writer. See why at

For those of you who missed the past year of hot reads, here's some great news: Samhain will be publishing a collection of short stories that first appeared in Secret Thoughts. And thanks to Sasha, three of mine will be in the anthology.

Thanks again, Sasha, for making this possible... You rock!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Finders, Keepers!

The answers to today's question might surprise you. D would like to know what's on my keeper shelf.

On the naughty side of the shelf is... (okay, no surprises here)

5. Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series. Not too keen on the plot, but the OMG kinkiness of it, the holy shit, did she really write this?! factor. I believe it damaged me for life :-O

4. Warrior's Woman by Johanna Lindsay. I've always had sci-fi fantasies: Big alpha guy from outer space says I'm his and he takes me. Yep. My kinda book.

3. The Oath Series by Marly Chance. The first one in this series was my very first ebook purchase (and my first taste of erotic romance). You should've seen techo-idiot me trying for hours to use Microsoft Reader.

2. The Switch by Diane Whiteside. I had no idea people wrote romance tales about Dommes. Well, switches. Not a clue.

1. Menage by Emma Holly. Jaw-wide-open, drooling-all-over-myself hot hot HOT stuff. Lucky for me hubby picked it up for possible reading material before going to the bathroom. He didn't come out for a long, looooong time. That night we, um, had a very nice evening. And the next night, and the next... ;)

My TBR pile is huge but near the top of the heap is Natural Law by Joey Hill. I've read excerpts, and I'm sorry to say it might bump Emma out of the number one position.

On the sweet to sensual side however...

5. My Dearest Enemy by Connie Brockway. Such angst and tension.

4. Kissing Casanova by Crystal Bright. Crystal's a friend of mine, and I served as her beta for this one. A hot wrestler and a socialite find true love. It's special to me because I like how Crystal tells a story.

3. I love Amanda Quick. Perky heroines. brooding heros. Fun plots. I've read all of them and think Mistress, Desire, and Ravished are my faves.

2. The Proposition by Judith Ivory. A linguist and a rat catcher. Weird, eh? My God, what a well-written story.

1. Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase. I lent this one out (along with the above) and need to send in my posse to get it back. Such a great story. Sexual tension up the ying-yang, a hero who had my heart.

Thanks for the great question, D! Now it's your turn. What's on your keeper shelf?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Weather and Witches

Got a great question in today from GD: Do you find that the seasons and weather affect the way you write a story?

Yes, now that I think of it, I believe these things do influence me.

I like snow. A lot. Not necessarily the getting out in it and freezing my butt off parts, but the looking at it through the window part. My novella Taming the Tiger has a blizzard in it, and early in the writing of it I enjoyed a snow day. I took breaks from writing to gaze out the window and enjoy the scenery, and I think this helped me get more descriptive and stay in the mood.

I worked on Topping Tora during the summer in our hotter than Hades loft/office, and this novel takes place in summer. I could really get into describing the heat and humidity because I was sitting in a pool of sweat and experiencing it first-hand. Come to think of it, the same thing happened with Relic of the Heart. I think I probably used a lot more sensory detail in these stories because I felt hot or saw the flakes wafting down from the sky. I guess this is something to remember for future tales :)

Interesting question, G. Thanks for asking it! Maybe if I try writing hot when I'm cold or the other way around, I'll be more comfortable, though :)

Do you want a shot at winning Topping Tora or The Andumi Effect? Ask me your questions, I'll tell you no lies. Hopefully...

"Weather" you're cold where you're at or burning up, here's a new release from a fellow Romance Diva author sure to warm your heart:

The Goblin, The Witch, and the Single GirlThe Goblin the Witch and the Single Girl, Canice Brown-Porter, erotica ebook, sweet, contemporary, paranormal erotica, paranormal romance

Five years after losing her parents in the 9/11 terrorist act that toppled the Twin Towers in New York City, Caitlin realizes she needs to take control of her life again and start fresh. Even if it means giving up the most eligible bachelor in the City.

Trips to Montreal as a young girl with her parents had taken her through the quaint, quiet little village of Rouses Point. Perched on the northernmost shores of Lake Champlain in New York state, the old Clabo Victorian home had been vacant even back then.

And now, here she stands in the middle of the foyer of her new home, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Will her life be as sweet as she foresees? Or will the other occupants in her house throw a wrench in her plans?

Rating: Sweet
Book Length: Novella
Price: $4.75
Genre: Paranormal/Contemporary
Click here to read an excerpt... and enjoy!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Today's question

(I just realized it's 2 AM, so I guess that makes it yesterday's question -- sorry!)

It takes two to tango, as the saying goes, and those of us who enjoy getting tied up need someone to do the tying. A, now single, liked to indulge in mild to moderate bondage play, and she'd like to know what -- as a "singleton" -- can she do to simulate the feeling of being bound and helpless, while still leaving at least one hand free to pleasure herself, beyond a vivid imagination and reading in the genre beforehand.

[Please don't open these links with minors around :)]

This is a toughie but I have some thoughts, thanks to my favorite BDSM retail site, Extreme Restraints.

The Doggy-Style Spreader is kinky as hell. Yeah, $188 isn't cheap, but just imagine the thoughts one could think while... *sigh* Just leave one hand free and have a blast.

I'm not too sure if I'd like this one: The Self-Bondage Time Lock - my bladder's the size of a pea (no pun intended). I'm thinking you could cuff an ankle to a wrist and hope to God the ice melts.

This cuff and tether kit allows for a lot of movement and is cheap, but you would have to use safety-release cuffs. Heck, you could use scarves as tethers and watch some porn -- and force yourself to keep your hands behind the chair until the last 15 minutes of the movie. That way you've got a psychological component thrown in there.

Thigh cuff sets
could work. You'd have to keep the cuff part toward the center insides of your thighs, not the outside. I think you could use velcro cuffs and still be able to unfasten them if your opposite hand was close by.

This hog-tie kit when used in this position (I'd cuff my hands under the knees), might work. Cheap too.

You'd have to leave one hand out obviously, but this locking fiddle might let you "fiddle" around solo.

At over $600, this ain't cheap, but it's incredibly cool: The Trap Bondage Device. I'm pretty sure you could manage locking yourself up in this. You'd have to be flexible and lay out the wrist cuff though, and you'd want to lock in your neck after pulling the leg stocks up.

I'm wondering if a some sturdy neoprene-style cuffs that can come apart would be your best bet. Cuff a wrist to an ankle, or ankle to ankle then up to the bedpost where you hook in the wrist cuff with your free hand. Or maybe lie on the floor and tie your ankles to either side of your bed's footboard. You'd have the sensation of being forcibly spread wide.

Another thing to possibly rig up is a hammock. String it up over your bed and crawl underneath. Feet find holes -- maybe twist up in them good and tight -- then your spare hand finds a hole. Depending on how low you set it up, you'd have the sensation of being trapped plus the ropes rubbing against you. [I'd go for soft ropes ;)]

Whatever you do, you probably know to check the Velcro, etc. in a test run to make sure you can get out before doing anything that could put you in any kind of danger. I'd also suggest you check out a local BDSM group with a excellent reputation for upholding the Safe, Sane, Consensual creed... Then maybe you can find a partner who enjoys bondage just as much as you do!

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Let the interrogation begin!

Here are the first questions for my holiday contest--and they're good ones!

From V: I took a look at your artwork on your site. Very nice. How long have you been *dabbling*? Have you had any commercial success with your art?

Thanks! I've been drawing since I was a child but actually have a BFA in Studio Art (Printing and Painting), so I guess I've been at it semi-seriously for twenty-plus years--don't do the math ;) Although I've won a few awards in local shows and made a few bucks in outdoor art festivals, I haven't made much more than some extra spending money. My husband, also a painter, is getting back in the groove of making big ugly paintings again (well, his aren't so ugly), and I'm getting the itch to paint. Maybe now that we're living in a more cultural area, I can get something shown in a gallery and earn some cha-ching. We'll see...

J has two questions: 1) What qualities do you feel all your hero and heroines should have? 2) If you have the power to bring to life one of your characters, who would it be and why?

Hmmmm. Good questions. 1) I hope all my heros and heroines have the capacity to grow. I want them to be real and sometimes indecisive and maddening and quirky... kinda like me :) I also like to make them more aware of what their partner needs emotionally as the story progresses. Last but not least, I like them to make mistakes. Perfect heros and heroines make for boring stories IMO.

2) This one's easy -- I'd bring Brogan from Chosen: The Chronicles of Winter. He's the first "fantasy" guy I really brought to life by writing a story for him. Alien, nice cock, the strong, silent type... Yeah, definitely Brogan!

From fellow Amber Quill writer Jennifer Colgan: Of all the sexy hunks you're written about, who do you think is the ultimate lover? ;)

Hi, Jennifer! Without a doubt, Jovan from Topping Tora. A hot guy with a dominant streak who really wants to please a woman. He knows what he wants and he'll work hard to get it.

Speaking of lover boys, check out Jennifer's hunks on the book page of her gorgeous websites here and here (writing as Bernadette Gardner). I have a feeling Molten Man would have a lot of stamina :D

This one's from C: If you could have a dinner at your house with five of authors that inspired you from the present to the distant past, who would you invite and what did they do to inspire you in life/writing?

I saved the hardest question for last.

1) Randall Kenan, author of Let the Dead Bury the Dead. I love short stories, and he knows how to do things right. Awesome characterization. Tight, surprising, and full of twists. For those of you looking to write short, he's a great example to study.

2) William Faulkner. Want to get deep inside your characters' heads? Four words: As I Lay Dying. I think this is the book that made me want to write.

3) Eleanor Herman. I recently finished Sex with the Queen, and although I found it tragic, I loved it just as much as Sex with Kings. She proves that non-fiction can be as funny and sad and enthralling as fiction. If you need to do a lot of "telling" in your story, her writing can show you how to make it interesting.

4) Jeffery Deaver. Suspense tight as a drum with more twists than a Chinese acrobat. I'd give anything to be able to write a thriller the way he does. The problem is I get so into the story that I can't step back and study him.

5) I saved the best for last... my buddy Bridget Midway. She's a machine and can crank out stories -- good stories -- amazingly fast. She's always been a cheerleader for me when I need one; whenever I'm down about my writing, she slaps some sense into me and forces me to keep going. Plus she's serious about her craft and funny. I just hope she won't poke me with her fork under the table if I indulge in too many martinis :)

This was fun, and I hope to answer more deep, dark, probing questions soon! Bring 'em on!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Interviews, Reviews, and a Holiday Contest

Thanksgiving is over, but I wanted to share some recent things I'm very grateful for.

> A new interview. I had a great time answering thoughtful questions from Miranda Heart at the Alternative Writers Association. The Alternative Writers Association also named me Author of the Month for November. :D

> Two new reviews for Topping Tora. Natasha from Romance Junkies wrote "...In-your-face erotic, this story has a D/s aspect that is very intense and satisfying. Laura Bacchi threw in some suspense and bad guys and my afternoon reading a great book was complete!" (4 Blue Ribbons). LT Blue from JERR said "...Topping Tora was an excellent story... I plan to add Ms. Bacchi as one of the authors to look for in BDSM stories. (4 Stars; Heat Level "O" for Orgasmic). Thanks, Natasha and LT!

> Two great reader comments. Reader feedback always makes my day. Here's what two people had to say about my futuristic, The Andumi Effect: "Thank you for the lovely read... Hope you will write more M/M romance." Another wrote, "I just finished this and let me tell you I loved it! ...Thanks again for such a great story." Getting comments like these are better than reviews IMO :)

> And finally, a new contest. Want to win a copy of Topping Tora or The Andumi Effect in December? My brain is yours for the picking. Goofy, tough, strange... just email me at or comment here with your questions and I'll answer them on my blog as I receive them. Then on December 20th, I'll draw the names of two lucky winners who participated!

Good luck and happy reading!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Great new releases from Liquid Silver!

LSB has a ton of great talent. Here are two recent releases by very talented (and funny) "Liquid" ladies that you should check out :)

By Rose Middleton
ISBN 1-59578-292-3
From Liquid Silver Books

Macy Jackson moved to Melbourne to follow her dream of being an actress, but one stupid mistake turned that dream into a nightmare. Now Macy is wondering whether she made the right choice; her reality of tending bar and pulling beers until the wee hours of the morning stinks to high heaven. But Hell will have to freeze over before she admits that to anyone. Especially the hound dog her brother has sent after her.

When his best friend asks him to bring Macy home, Lucius Devon senses that success will earn him some serious brownie points. Maybe he’ll be able to ditch the “town rebel” tag once and for all and win over the town’s mayor, Macy’s father. But the minute he sees the dangerous curves Macy has developed, his plans go out the window. Miss Smart Mouth has no intention of going back, so perhaps he can uncover her secrets and find something to lure her home with.

I love this part:

The corner of Macy’s ruby-red mouth quirked upwards. In a flash, she slammed a small shot glass down in front of him and poured it full of amber fluid. “Cheers to your cause.” As she bent to return the bottle to its home under the counter, Lucius heard her mutter, “I hope you choke on it.”

Want more? Click here.

By Lisa Andel
ISBN 1-59578-303-2

Allie is a total failure as an elf.

She doesn’t look right, she can barely do magic, and the final straw? A group of vampires accosts her, only to turn away in disgust because of her foul taste.

Desperate to find out what she can do with her life, she sets out on a quest with a dangerous, sexy werecat named Rainth and his pack of Rangers.

Rainth and his men think the curvy little elf is nuts. Flawed or not, they can’t believe she doesn’t know she’s an incredibly sexy and endearing woman.

But Allie won’t be dissuaded. She knows exactly what she is. She did, after all, grow up hearing daily from the other elves of House Ta’Daanior that she was an unattractive, useless individual.

Little does she know the truth about her life.

Or why someone would be willing to kill to keep it a secret.

This has got some funny, funny stuff in it. Here's the prologue:

My heart pounded in my chest as he lowered his fangs toward my neck. His arms, like steel bands around my body, held me trapped. I felt the long, slow glide of his tongue along my skin, then the slight pinch of pain when he pierced my flesh.

I jerked as he started drawing my blood into his mouth with sensuous pulls. My vagina fluttered, the beginnings of an orgasm starting to ripple across my groin.

“Ptthtp!” The vampire flinched away from me, and spat onto the ground. “That’s just nasty!” He wiped his mouth on his shirt sleeve. Anger flashed red in the depths of his black eyes. “What kind of elf are you anyway?” He shoved me into the brick wall at the side of the alley where he’d trapped me.

I blinked stupidly at him, unable to form any words. I was as surprised as he was that I tasted bad. Okay, so part of me was pleased that he found me distasteful. I hadn’t asked him to suck on me anyway. But another part of me, the part that I was becoming all too familiar with these days, was only downright disgusted that I was proving to be a failure in just one more way.

“What you got here, Darius?” Two more vamps approached.

“Hey, is she an elf?” The taller of the new arrivals eyed me appraisingly.

“Taste her.” The first vamp pointed at me. “I think she’s spoiled or something.”

The tall one raised an eyebrow at this statement. Shrugging, he advanced, looked me in the eyes, then lowered his head to my neck. The now familiar swipe-sting of the bite did little to reassure me that I would make it home tonight, after all. Hell, if they got enough curious vamps to “taste” me, I’d still be bled out, one mouthful at a time.

“Blick!” The tall vamp spat my blood on the pavement. “Arno, you’ve got to try her.”

The third vampire was short and stocky, with a surprisingly beautiful baby face. He moved in close to me, tipped my head the other direction, and sank his fangs into my neck.

“Shit!” He muttered as he spat and spluttered. “What the fuck is that? I’ve never tasted anything like it.”

“What’s your name?” Darius asked me in a commanding tone.

I looked at him for several heartbeats, trying to determine if it would be better for me to tell him or not. Finally deciding that it didn’t matter, I relented. “Allie.”

“Well, Miss Allie, from now on, you will warn a man before he bites you that you taste like shit.” His tone was imperious, his features drawn into a grimace.

My face creased in a frown. “Get out of here. I’m not going to do any such thing. In fact, many men have found me quite tasty, thank you.” So it was a big fat lie. Who cared? This guy had been planning to drink my blood, and who knew what else, without my permission.

The three of them laughed. Great belly laughs. They took several minutes to wind down from their mirth. “You’ll forgive us if we have a hard time believing that,” the tall vamp said to me, a grin still on his face.

“Like I care,” I muttered to myself, as I pushed off the wall, and started walking away from them.

I had more important problems to think about than the way I tasted to a bunch of vampires. In fact, I had nothing but problems.

I was, after all, above and beyond the worst elf that had ever been born.

Want another taste? Catch the first chapter here... and enjoy!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Freaky stuff

Okay, so this pic is two years old and heavily Photoshopped. And I'm wearing more make-up than a drag queen, but this thingee is kinda cool:

Try it yourself here

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Like your romance dark?

Fellow Romance Diva H. A. Fowler has a new release from Cobblestone Press. If you like futuristics, you'll want to check this out...

The barrier between Earth and Hell is about to fall...


by H.A. Fowler
ISBN 978-1-60088-060-5
Futuristic/Dark Fantasy Romance
Cobblestone Press/October 27, 2006

Five hundred years ago, a terrorist group launched a fearsome anti-matter weapon and tore open the fabric of reality, revealing a world of nightmares on the other side. After decades of war, death and destruction, a union of wizards and witches came forth with the magick to build a barrier and keep the monsters in their rightful home.
They called it THE VEIL.

Detective Devon Harrigan is a hard-nosed skeptic, no fan of magick or its users -- an ironic stance for a vampire who was human when the Veil first fell. But he is a cop first, so when a serial killer stalks his home city of New Denver, Colorado, he'll do what he has to do to stop the carnage. Including play babysitter to the killer's sole living witness, a pampered high priestess of the most powerful witches' organization in the world, the creators of the Veil itself.

High Priestess Lady Helene Du Solaire has lived a sheltered life, and she has never met anyone as anachronistic -- or as fascinating -- as her new bodyguard. There is no denying the immediate attraction between them, or that giving into it could lead to devastating consequences. Not to mention it's a distraction from the matter at hand they can scarcely afford -- that Helene is the killer's target because she is the key to a ritual that, in only a few days time, will destroy the Veil and unleash Hell on Earth once again.

Helene and Devon must race against time and resist their growing feelings, put aside prejudices and painful pasts, and discover the identity of the being that threatens both Helene's life and the fate of the world.

Read an Excerpt

Click here to purchase.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


First off, I'm thrilled to share that fellow Liquid Silver author Kate Willoughby picked my brain with some very interesting questions. Check out her blog to find out what my name would be if I were a Bond Girl :)

Thanks, Kate, for the interview!

Secondly, I just got word that a short erotic tale of mine made the editor's cut for a print anthology! The story's called "Martini Girl" and I just hope the publisher goes for it as well. Wish me luck!

Finally, I got around to posting some erotic drawings on my website. Please enjoy, but not when the kiddies are afoot. :)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lovely Stuff

I'm making good progress with my current guy-on-guy novella, but a little inspiration never hurts. Fellow Liquid Silver writer Lisa Andel directed our attention to photographer Jan Kruml. Anyone know where I can get me one of those man trees?

Yum. :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Kink at Kinko's & A New BDSM Site Chat

Okay, so I went to Kinko's last night to get my PDF of Topping Tora bound for possible review at RT. Couldn't get my memory stick to work in the public workstation so I could print the damn cover in color. So I trot back up to the guy at the main desk--the place was pretty dead, fortunately--and he offers to do it his station.

A burning blush creeps up my neck and settles into my cheeks. "All I need is the first page."

What I want to scream (or maybe whisper) is, "Don't scroll down!!! Stay right on Page 1. There's a riding crop and a nekkid chick on stage being auctioned off... Oh, God, please don't scroll down!"

"Just Page 1, please," I meekly say.

He's looking right at the cover page. "So is this a cover for a CD or something?" he asks.

"No, it's a, uh, book cover."

"Your book?"

"Um, yeah. But I only need the first page."

"What kind of book is it?"

How do you answer that one? "Oh... well... It's probably not your thing..."

"You never know."

"It's erotic romance."

"Really? How do I get a copy?"

Oh, shit. A possible sale. He prints the page. "Okay, kill the document," I want to yell.

"It's an e-book. And it's, uh, pretty rough stuff, so you probably wouldn't like it..." Talk about how to promote yourself. What a chicken-shit I am.

He walks up to where I'm standing. Points at the screen. "So you wrote that?"

Nope. Not really. My evil twin did and she's a real horny... "Yes," I mumble. Is he gonna turn me into the PTA or something? I can just see the headlines now: LOCAL MOM WRITES SMUT. Eek!

"How do I get a copy?"

"Well, I don't have a business card on me..."

"You should. You should always carry 'em." He hands me a pen and scrap of paper. "Write down where I can get this. You should be proud of what you did. My fiance really likes this kind of stuff."

Holy shit! I made a sale at Kinko's. And his co-worker--who I swear to God was built like Jovan with a very similar skin tone--kept walking back and forth looking at the cover. Hell, maybe I made two!

And he didn't charge me for the copy ;)

~ ~ ~

Miranda Heart, the reviewer who gave me that awesome review for Topping Tora invites you to an informational chat tomorrow, Wednesday, 11/08/2006 at 10pm EST/9pm CT/8pm MT/7pm PT at

This is a chance for authors, publishers, editors, lifestylers, and readers to ask questions and find out more about AWA and what services are available to you. She's says everyone is welcome, and I hope to stop by and check it out myself. Maybe I'll see ya there!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

An Amazing Review for Tora and a Re-release!

Sending a book out for review is just plain scary. Yeah, the ePub shoots your stuff out to their auto-send list, but you as an author don't have to feel the agonizing dilemma of whether a certain site will "get" your baby. You don't feel the pain of hitting "send" with the eBook attached. So I was shaking in my boots when I sent Topping Tora to Alternative One of the missions of this new site is to "...give the discerning reader a place to find BDSM novels published by those knowledgeable in the lifestyle."

Could I measure up?

Well, I'm completely overwhelmed by the review Miranda Heart gave me. Moved to tears in fact. Here are just a few of the wonderful things that she said:

"...I finished this book some hours ago and I'm still baffled as what to write. To say this book was the best book I've read in five years would be putting it mildly. Laura has a talent that is far above any writer I have probably ever read. The best part about her writing is how it relates to us as individuals...

" ...The other part that made these two [Tora and Jovan] so believable to me was the dialogue. Ms. Bacchi must have truly gone over their dialogue a thousand times out loud to have determined exactly what would have been said... And her visuals. At times they had me running for a cold shower and others they had me clutching my stomach. All I have to say is read the scene with the fly. Amazing. Utterly amazing. Last but never least was the way she drew me in emotionally, in several places through out the book I just wanted to cry...

"...Laura, I hope to see more from you, you are truly an exceptional author that stole my breath away with Topping Tora. I can only hope this review does justice to what you have written. Thank you."

The review was over a thousand words, which is why I posted so much of it. That and the fact that it made me feel like all the heartaches and headaches of being of writer are worth it.

I'm still reeling from this.

For the entire review, click here.

If you write anything related to BDSM and want a quality review, visit I was amazed at the depth of Miranda's review and highly recommend this site.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Heart Of A Hunter
by Laura Bacchi
ISBN-10: 1-59279-633-8 (Electronic)
ISBN-13: 978-1-59279-633-5 (Electronic)
For purchase or to read an excerpt, click here.

Winner—Over the Moon Award of Excellence from May Reviews!

He claimed he was an alien. Asher's mission is simple: locate the Earth woman named Raine Thompson and bring her back to his home planet. Raine's lush body and aptitude for passion make her the perfect mate for his older brother, Imari. But Asher can't resist the sensual woman he's sworn to escort across the galaxy.

She claimed his heart. Raine has a mission of her own: to sleep with as many men as possible before she turns thirty and forget her ex in the process. Things look pretty grim until a hot guy from outer space shows up at her favorite bar. Raine just wants a night of uninhibited sex, but when an Earth woman on the rebound and an honor-bound Turmian male travel through the cosmos, anything's possible. Maybe even love…

(Please note: this story was previously published under the ISBN: 1-59426-520-8. This reissued version has been expanded and reedited.)

Genres: Science Fiction / Futuristic
Heat Level: 2
Length: Extended Amber Kiss (11k words)

"5 Angels!...A wonderfully written short story about risking one’s heart for one moment for a chance at blissful romance. Ms. Bacchi has done a superb job at earning 5 Angels!”— Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews

"5 Stars!...SUPERIOR...Over too soon, this enjoyable read is written with smooth style.”—Deb,

"4.5 Stars!...A short hot read that will have you clamoring for more...If you want a story that will keep you engrossed, The Heart of a Hunter is the book for you.”—Trang Black, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A New Discovery

Here's a new (to me) writer with an amazing line-up of future releases:

The Personal Assistant
Erotic Romance/Suspense
Whiskey Creek Press

Morgan Thomas is MAC Music’s latest “it” girl. With the onset of her successful debut, Morgan is showered with money, parties, and fame. Although she can buy whatever and most often, whomever she wants, she finds herself isolated and alone, unable to trust anyone in the dog-eat-dog world of music. At this level of success, Morgan is a product to be packaged, marketed, and sold.

But to her personal assistant, Tyrone Miller, Morgan is more. A childhood friend, Tyrone’s sole goal is to keep Morgan safe, happy and successful. Yet, when she mysteriously disappears while in New York recording her follow up album, Tyrone discovers that his love for Morgan goes far beyond passionate.

When you get a chance, check out RaeLynn Blue's Blog She has something coming out in December called Speed Demon, which looks very intriguing.

Officer Quindalin Barnes is fed up working the night shift, patrolling New Mexico's Highway 9. She spends most nights racing her cruiser, feeling its rush and relishing the passion speeding gives her. One night, a mysterious black mustang rips down highway 9, leading Quinn on a high speed chase. But no sooner does she slap on the flashers, does the mustang pull over. Expecting to ticket the driver, Quinn is swept up into an otherworldly race by the demon Drannon, not only for her heart, for her soul--to bound to him for all time.

Can someone plug in a fan and get that yellow smoke to move out of the way? I wanna SEE!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Topping Tora is out! Plus Tawny Taylor's latest release...

I guess you can call this a "double T" post :)

Topping Tora
By Laura Bacchi
ISBN 1-59578-294-X
Available now at Liquid Silver Books

It's out!! It's really out!! My first full-length is out, and I can't tell you how excited that makes me! And nervous... It's much "rougher" than any of my other tales in terms of the sex. Plus there's a kidnapping and some fairly brutal scenes connected with that. Oops--I guess I'm supposed to be making people want to buy the book, not trying to scare them away. Maybe it's best if I focus on the sex ;) Contains: D/s, multiple partners, M-M-F, F-F, heavy spanking, light bondage, anal sex. I think I got it all in there.

Tora Wolff craves domination, and at Club Xotica, she expects to get it. When the man who tops her at work shows up to top her at play, Tora can’t believe her bad luck. And she hasn’t even found the dead body yet...

Jovan Creel wants a woman who’s willing to submit, and not just any woman. He wants Tora. But after all the fun and games are over, will she want him?

When Tora decides to explore her submissive side with another man, someone more experienced--and much more dangerous--Jovan soon discovers it's not a question of Tora wanting him when she returns to Atlanta. It's a question of whether she can return at all.

For an excerpt, click here.

~ ~ ~

Touch of the Beast by Tawny Taylor is available now at Ellora's Cave. This shapeshifter erotic romance is Book #2 of her Animal Urges series.

Buy at:
Read an excerpt at

Here's the blurb:

Katie Spenser is looking forward to some R-and-R with her best friend Abby when she makes the loooong trip from Chicago to Alaska. Unfortunately, rest and relaxation are not what she gets. Intead it's:

A missing best friend...
Men who turn into bears...
Bad guys shooting guns.

The only part of Katie’s so-called vacation that’s pleasant is Raul Zant. She simply cannot resist a guy so sexually dominant that a mere glance produces delightful tingles and quivers of anticipation. And the sex... Two words: Mind. Blowing.

Security Officer Raul must turn over his renegade best friend to Omega, or his brother will die. He loves his brother, but handing over his best friend, regardless of the reason, isn’t exactly painless. And speaking of pain, his desire for Katie is so relentless and intense it’s agonizing. She will surrender. He must have her.

Together, with assassins at their heels, and fiery lust driving them into each other’s arms, Katie and Raul must rescue their friends, uncover who is behind Omega, and learn whether there is a cure for Raul and Tarik’s unusual “ailment.”

The trick will be staying alive.

~ ~ ~

I hope you get a chance to check both of these out!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

No tricks, just treats - CONTEST!

I'm knee-deep into the writing of Book II of my Quantar Trilogy. It's called Claimed: The Submission of Sibeta, and this novella promises more cock than a field full of naked rugby players. There'll be a cock that doesn't care what hole he hides in, and a cock who only wants another cock. Then there's a cock in a lock. (Don't open this link with kiddies around; graphic pic) The hero ends up in something like this, poor guy. But he'll still have some fun while he's tracking down the key ;)

I don't have a release date yet, but I'm hoping for early 2007. If you want to be ready for it, I'm giving away a copy of Book I, Chosen: The Chronicles of Winter this Halloween. For your shot at this title, simply comment on this post with your feelings on M/M erotic romance. Love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between?

Post your response by 9 PM EST on the 31st and good luck!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Out and proud!!!

For some reason I thought The Andumi Effect would be released around the 20th of October. But it came out this weekend, and I'm really excited because this is my first guy-on-guy erotic romance. Just two boys (and I mean that in the over-18 way) drifting through the stars, taking each other's clothes off, licking, sucking... *sigh*

Here's the blurb:

Minot Tvargot thought he knew his place in the universe until his double-crossing government makes him the possession of a Damurian slaver. Now this seasoned spy must figure out why the govs betrayed him -- and fight his growing attraction to the man who owns him.

Legendary spy Ky Andumi is no slaver, and the disguise he wears can't hide his desire for the young spy on his ship for long. He wants Minot badly, and when the Unias Government takes away his soul mate, he'll do anything to get him back.

It's almost novella length at 17K and was a lot of fun to write. Here's an excerpt:

“Can I buy myself?”

The slaver leaned him against the console and grinned. “No, my spy. That rather defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?” He removed both boots and Minot’s pants.

“Then mark my sale Unias Primary. One of my own will bail me out,” he said, but the slaver shrugged, unconvinced. “It’s happened before, you know. The Unias Government sends someone in to pose as a buyer and get their people back from guys like you. Hell, I’ve done it myself.”

The Damurian grinned. “Really?”

Minot rolled his eyes. The slaver had to realize this little game was played all the time. “Yep. Of course, you don’t care as long as you get paid.”

The slaver considered Minot’s words. “This is true, but I’m sorry to tell you that won’t be the case for you.”

He didn’t seem sorry. A wicked gleam in the slaver’s eyes made Minot’s heart work twice as hard. Blood roared through his pulse points, and chill bumps scattered over his flesh.

“Why not?”

“Two reasons.” The man bent down between Minot’s legs and unhooked the length of chain hobbling him, then added a set of longer links. At least this gave him more freedom to move if another opportunity to escape presented itself. But the slaver didn’t stand when he was done. He stayed there, mouth at the same level as Minot’s prick, hot air teasing his swelling purple head with every breath. His balls grew tight. Not good.

“Spread your legs for me.”

His cock flexed at those words as he entertained the idea of getting blown by a man. He’d been too busy to get laid during the last two months. Hell, he hadn’t even had time to jack-off while running from moon to moon in search of the Hybri Codex. If he closed his eyes, he could imagine the man huffing on his dick being someone like him. Someone with a desire to taste firm flesh like his own. His full lips would be soft. His mouth warm…

But the man didn’t lean any further in. Minot grew flustered and impatient. “Is this part of the inspection? You wanna make sure all my parts are in working order or something?”

“Think of it however you like.” Then, suddenly, silver lips wrapped around his cock, and a slippery tongue helped work it in even deeper. When his captor’s nose hit the fuzzy outcropping of hair framing his prick, a groan rumbled in his chest. One agonizingly slow suck later, his penis was free—and harder than it had ever been in his entire life.

I have to admit, the anal scene later in the tale had me slipping and sliding in my chair so bad I had to walk away and find my husband. But don't take my word for it -- go buy the... Oh, crap. I'm sounding like a marketing chick again. Which I guess I am. In fact I got a promotion the other day: Director of Marketing. Pretty cool, eh? Let's just hope I can do the job...

More good news: all my futuristic shorts will be released in a paperback anthology this January. I can't wait!!

And speaking of out, Cassidy Kent has a new release. Check it out:

Raleigh in Rio
eBook ISBN: 1-59426-498-8
Published By: Phaze
Release Date: October 2, 2006
Written by: Cassidy Kent

Raleigh Campbell just learned that her five year marriage was a sham. Not only did she find her husband in their bed with a co-worker, but he has been carrying on the affair for four years! To cheer her up, Raleigh’s friends take her to Rio during Carnivale to celebrate her 30th birthday and pending divorce.

Little does she know that her soon-to-be ex has cheated his company more than her. Private investigator Cristo Santiago has been assigned to watch Raleigh’s every move in search of twelve million dollars of embezzled corporate money and that’s landed him in the hot waters of obsession. His love for Raleigh is sealed under the starry Rio sky, but can he find the missing money without losing Raleigh’s trust?

Looks like a great read!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Looks like I'm "covered"

Whew! That's about all I can say about my first cover featuring real people. Jovan's even holding Tora's hair by the fist. Plus, she's a bit pink around the elbow, like they just finished up a scene and he released her from the restraints. Damn...

And The Heart of a Hunter will be re-released in early November by Amber Quill Press. I added a bit more sex (yeah, had to twist my arm to do that...) but it's still a short - a little over 10K. With The Andumi Effect coming out in late October, then Tora and Heart, I'm all a-twitter! Maybe I'll think up a fun contest to give these away. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Isle of Desire

I've been a bad, bad Diva. Somebody spank me... Eden Bradley's latest came out last Friday from Cobblestone Press, and I forgot to spread the word.

This contemporary erotic novella, Isle of Desire, is now available at Cobblestone Press. Here's the blurb:

Is it really possible to fulfill the fantasy of a promise made in the passion of youth? On a beach on the small Venezuelan island of Isla de Margarita, Isabel Asher meets once more the love of her life, Rafael Cruz, the man she left behind twelve years earlier. Desire ignites, but can the sultry tropical nights spent in his bed lead them back to love? She’s about to find out, and maybe to have her heart broken in the process...

Eden is a fantastic writer with big things happening in 2007. Check her out!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Brand me, baby!

There's a hot book on the loose from Cobblestone Press you should know about! Fellow Romance Diva Emma Petersen has a 'brand' new release entitled Branded - her first - and what better way to kick off a release than with a contest? A hot contest. A Kama Sutra Weekender love kit complete with oil and feathers kinda contest. And who can't use a little bit of Kama Sutra lovin' on the weekend?

Here's the blurb:

Jenny and Ty have known each other most of their lives and have been attracted to each other since they’ve been old enough to know what attraction meant. A tragedy has bought Jenny back home to Parsons' Pass and into Ty’s arms.

The heat between them is as hot as ever, but the scars he carries from his parents’ relationship and his own failed marriage keep Jenny at bay. When Ty comes close to losing the most important person in his life, he knows it’s time to bury the past and fight for their love.

Check out an excerpt here.

Emma is a gem, one of those authors so supportive of other writers that you wish she lived next door so you could go shopping and bar-hopping and all that other girl-pal stuff. Maybe she'd even share the hot tattoed guy on her website. I'd like to spend a Kama Sutra weekend with him.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Coming in October... The Andumi Effect

Got my cover today from Trace at Amber Quill. I could just lick him all over! (Not you, Trace -- ha ha). This 17K story scheduled for a late October release will be my first guy-on-guy in epub format. And if you like M/M, you may want to consider buying the "Hidden Desires" AmberPax Collection that The Andumi Effect is part of.

Minot Tvargot thought he knew his place in the universe until his double-crossing government makes him the possession of a Damurian slaver. Now this seasoned spy must figure out why the govs betrayed him--and fight his growing attraction to the man who owns him.

Legendary spy Ky Andumi is no slaver, and the disguise he wears can’t hide his desire for the young spy on his ship for long. He wants Minot badly, and when the Unias Government takes his soul mate away, he’ll do anything to get him back.

Hubby wasn't too thrilled with the cover. Can't understand why...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What the heck am I up to?

What a lousy blogger I am. Not that anyone's waiting around for my posts with baited breath, but I should be more attentive. Anyway, what's up with me?

-Finished the first round of edits on Topping Tora, and I have to admit I'm a bit afraid of how it'll be received. I really put my heart and soul into this story and if it doesn't sing with the readers, I'll be devastated.

-Editing and proofing continues for two of my pubs. Trying to find time to write...

-My CP (and my husband) wants me to aim for a full-length print book. This scares me shitless. 100K? No freaking way. But I want this. I want an agent and a book from a traditional publishing house. I just don't know if I can find a plot I love enough to stick with, me and my writer's ADD. Argh. I came up with ten plotlines, two of which aren't erotic at all. Geez, where's my head?

Oh, the pressure!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Double-whammy on the news front

The JADED BEASTS 2 anthology, which includes my first paranormal novella Taming the Tiger was released today! Kinda ironic considering how Tiger Woods kicked butt on the greens today. A good day for Tigers, all around!

Plus I got an offer for TOPPING TORA tonight. Whoo-hoo!!!! Looks like I'll be a Liquid Silver author soon :)

Happy, happy Laura

Monday, August 07, 2006

Jaded Beasts Chat Tuesday the 8th at 9 PM

I'll be jabbering away about my upcoming release Taming the Tiger this Tuesday in the Coffee Time Romance chatroom.

Join me, Anna Fallon (Rat of Fury), Waterfall Nagamoon (Chasing the Ox Moon), and Ravyn Reccio as we post excerpts, give away prizes, and discuss how these stories came about.

To enter the chatroom, click here. I hope to see you there!

Friday, August 04, 2006

TAMING THE TIGER roaring into Midnight Showcase August 10th!

Gee, I've been so busy expanding TOPPING TORA for Liquid Silver that I neglected to post that excerpt as promised. The good news is that TORA is done! Just a final read-through and she's off for consideration. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

This is the first chapter of TAMING THE TIGER, and there's no sex but I wanted to introduce you to the plot and the main character, Ju Hua. Here's the blurb:

Zhong Li needs a warrior to fight by his side and unite the people of his Tiger clan and the Northern herders. When a beautiful woman named Hua responds to his summons, he quickly learns she’s man enough to help him defeat the evil Xie army...and woman enough to capture his heart.

He’d been in her head again.

Ju Hua stumbled out into daylight and shielded her eyes from the morning sun. If she didn’t get some sleep soon, she would surely lose her mind.

That man—that beautiful man—haunted her dreams last night as he had for the past twelve nights. At least she enjoyed looking at him in her mind’s eye. She wanted to touch the muscles rippling over his smooth, bronze chest. And the part nestled against his thighs? She wanted to touch this, too.

Over a year ago, before the Xie conquerors destroyed her village, before her father left to talk with the Mountain Spirits, the Dui had visited her clan. The warrior tribe warned of the Xie and offered to stay and protect her people. For a price.

Unfortunately, the people of the Sheep had little silver to offer, and leather-clad warriors needed no wool. She watched them ride away, each strong body becoming one with his stallion. While fear swept through the hearts of her people, she could only think about one of the Dui taking her as his woman. Riding her like he rode the horse beneath him.

The dream-man had the body of a Dui fighter. Was he a protector, too? Or perhaps a Spirit hoping to lure her to the mountains to join her father? His mouth moved during the dream, but so far she’d understood no words. Perhaps tonight she would ask him what he wanted. If he told her, maybe she would finally get some rest.

She called to her fluffy white companions. A bundle of wool named Mei trotted toward Hua and bumped her leg with affection. She threaded her fingers through the oily fuzz of her favorite ewe and laughed. “Maybe if I speak sheep to him, he will understand.”

Mei bleated in agreement, and Hua thought aloud some more. “He might be the Sheep Spirit trying to tell me where my father is or warning us of the Xie. What do you think?”

The ewe left her side to join the others heading deeper into the valley. Hua sighed. “I guess I’ll have to figure it out on my own.” She trudged up to her favorite spot and dropped her pack to the hard ground below. The wide expanse of sky offered few clouds and plenty of blue. It would be a good day for thinking.

Her mind wandered back to the man. She shut her eyes and conjured up his form. Dark, sensual eyes locked with hers. Today, during her waking moments, he seemed closer. Clearer. She could even see an amulet of some sort around his neck.

“Can you hear me?”

Hua jerked to standing and looked around for whoever had spoken. She was alone.

I am losing my mind. She pressed her fingers against her temples to make the deep male voice go away.

“I can’t go away,” said the man. “You are the one.”

The one for what? She closed her eyes again, unable to resist the mystery of his words.

“I am Li of the Tiger Clan.”

The vision in her mind became crisp and lucid, and she noted with dismay that the most intriguing part of him disappeared from view as he stepped nearer. To see a real man’s cock would be worth the insanity she experienced at the moment.

He laughed. “You are sane. It takes a strong mind to receive my Dream Presence. You are Sheep Clan, no?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Good. Then you are the man chosen to mend our clans’ differences and help me defeat the Xie.”

Hua frowned. “Can you see me, as I see you?”


“And my words. Do you hear my voice?”

“No, brave one. I sense you are young and strong, but I can only feel some of your words of reply.”

Hua quickly thanked the Spirits that her thoughts about his cock apparently went unheard. This should be interesting…

“And dangerous,” he added, completing her sentence. “But together we can do this.” He reached for the amulet at this neck. Hua gasped.

She could see it clearly now. The broken, weathered medallion dangling from a leather strap resembled the one her father gave her last year before heading to the high hills. Together, the two pieces would make a whole.

What had her father said that final morning? When the two come together, so will two peoples.

Li interrupted the memory. “It is time for the Sheep and the Tiger to walk side by side. You will know where to find me.”

And the sureness in his voice told her he spoke the truth.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Cover!!!

Just got the cover for the Tiger/Rabbit Jaded Beasts Anthology I'm in. I think it rocks!!

Taming the Tiger comes out in August. Guess I need to put my promo hat on... I'll post an excerpt this weekend :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

CHOSEN made the "Highest Rated" at Fictionwise

Buddy Bridget Midway shared this good news with me yesterday... CHOSEN: THE CHRONICLES OF WINTER is currently the fourth highest rated book in Fictionwise's erotica category. Cool!!!

Now, I know the Fictionwise numbers game and how they determine these rankings are a little quirky, but, hey, I'll take it! And I didn't have to bribe anyone to do this :)

Go, Brogan!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

An Excerpt from Topping Tora

Since I'm still happy-dancing over the results of Liquid Silver Books' Satisfy Our Naughtier Side Writing Contest, I thought I'd post the blurb for Topping Tora and an unedited excerpt.

Tora Wolff craves domination, and at Club Xotica, she expects to get it. When the man who tops her at work shows up to top her at play, Tora can’t believe her bad luck. And she hasn’t even found the dead body yet…

Jovan Creel wants a woman who’s willing to submit, and not just any woman—he wants Tora. But when all the fun and games are over, will Tora want him?

He flipped through the papers in her file. “We’re going to have a lot of fun, um, Silky.” His arrogant smile gleamed in the dim room. “But I’m not crazy about that name. Sounds a bit phony. What do you think?”

She answered as instructed in her morning training. “I agree, Sir.”

“Master,” he corrected.

“I agree, Master.” The words came through gritted teeth.

“Let’s call you Tora.” He continued to browse her application, his smirk still in place. “You remind me of a bitchy blonde back home.”

“Quit playing games. You know damn well who I am.”

He slid from the couch, his muscles liquid, his gaze fixed with purpose. Long, thick fingers threaded in her hair—fingers that made her wonder just how big his cock was.
He released what was left of her French twist and gently pulled her head back to meet his eyes.

“Yes, I do know who you are. You’re my little bottom. Mine to command all week long.” He bent down, his lips hovering mere centimeters above hers. “And if you can manage to behave, you’ll enjoy every second of it.”

His words left her breathless. His scent and proximity weren’t helping either. The hand in her hair made its way to her lips, tracing them lightly before retreating. In that instant, her anger vanished, and pure carnal heat owned her.

This was what she’d paid for. A whimper caught in her throat when she realized Jovan had done everything right thus far. He’d made her tremble and cooled her temper. Maybe seven days serving him would be more satisfying than a week with a stranger. The slickness coating the opening of her cunt agreed.

She thought back to what he’d just said. Every week, he topped her at work. This week, he’d top her at play. The whole situation—the heat, her anxiety, his presence—everything conspired against her and made her giddy. A grin pulled at the corner of her mouth, and her hand left her side to cover her lips.

He narrowed his eyes. “Tora, the rules clearly state that bratty bottoms will be punished. The staff explained the Discipline Chamber, did they not?”

She nodded.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, Master.”

Her new Master undid his belt. The giant in his jeans increased in size, and his voice became a whisper. “If you don’t want to talk, that’s fine. I’ve got something to keep you quiet.” He opened his fly. “Something to fill that pretty mouth of yours.”

He looped his thumbs beneath the waistband of his briefs, and his cock sprang free. Her tongue darted out in anticipation. His fingers hadn’t lied—he was hung like a fucking Clydesdale.

The tip of his cock teased her lips, and she felt her pride evaporate and the thrill of submission sink in. With a hand on the top of her head, he urged her forward. She complied, bracing her palms on his now naked thighs while laving the slit in his dick with an eager tongue. After suckling the tip, she moved further down his dark shaft and relaxed the muscles in her jaws.

“Good girl. Take all of me. Every inch.”

One of her hands reached up to grip the base of his cock and work him deeper into her throat.

“Mouth only, Tora.”

The man was a robot, Tora mused as she sucked him in earnest. His breathing remained constant, and no groans broke from his throat. Domination suited him. His free hand disappeared behind his back, and he stood rigid and in control like some kind of ruthless drill sergeant. She decided to torture him a little, to rake her teeth along the sensitive swell of his enormous cockhead. To slow her assault on his prick until he gave her some kind of reaction.

In that moment, Tora figured she had nothing to lose. She had no dignity or clothing, and God only knew what would happen when they returned to Atlanta. But she wanted a taste of this lifestyle; her only worry at the moment was whether he could keep his mouth shut when they returned home. She released his prick. He growled in disapproval.

“Master, can I ask you something?”

“Yes, but make it fast.”

His control is already slipping, she thought with amusement. “Remember the confidentiality statement we signed in our paperwork?” she asked. He nodded. “So what happens at the Club, stays at the Club?”


Tora swallowed him whole and smiled as best she could with a mouth full of cock. He’d chosen her for the week, and by doing so, he afforded her enough power to break him.

The next six days belonged to her. And before it was over, she would rock his body, mind, and soul until the control he seemed to prize so dearly melted in the blistering New York heat.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wine me, dine me

Here's one thing you may not know about me, but I guess I'm in a "sharing" kind of mood tonight.

I don't like to go out in public.

It's not exactly agoraphobia. It's more like a too-much-stimuli thing. What can I say? I'm easily stimulated LOL But seriously, when I go to a grocery store or a busy big box store like Wal-Mart, I make my husband go along. Between all the visuals and sounds, I get overwhelmed and can't focus. I have a feeling it's ADD, but haven't followed up on it.

But I digress...

Because I live in my own little world of either work or home most days, I forget just how wonderful the outside world can be. My husband works in the wine trade and took me to the DC International Wine and Food Festival, and oh! the sights. And smells. And, well, alcoholic beverages.

Of course, hubby and his encyclopedia taste buds threw me right into the world of "Power Tasting." This speed round of hitting the wines he needed to know about for work (and quickly - before the doors opened to the public) had me tasting, swallowing, and sometimes spitting some knock-out wines. And it left me quite happy as this picture proves:

By the end, I had purple fingers and a lovely buzz. (And to Mae Powers, I apologize for babbling like an idiot online last night. Ack!)

But it wasn't just about wine. If you can get your hands on some Voyant chai liqueur - oh my! - do so. I am not a fan of chai at all, but this stuff rocked. Creamy, spicy, and smooth as silk. I also had a kick-ass blueberry martini garnished with graham cracker crumbs. Delish!

Afterwards, we enjoyed an incredible lunch at an Indian restaurant. In all, my Saturday was filled with information that delighted all my senses, and I rode the Metro home thinking of writing poetry. I sometimes regret that I cut myself off from the world so much, and yesterday reminded me to get out more. To take it all in.

Cheers, everyone!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

I must be a very naughty girl...

I didn't expect the winners of Liquid Silver Books' Molten Silver Satisfy Our Naughtier Side Writing Contest to be announced for a few more days, so when I saw the email about the winners in my inbox, I thought, "Darn."

Boy, was I surprised to see the results! Topping Tora took first place!!!!! I'm thrilled!

Thanks, LSB, for running this contest. I'm truly honored :)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Afternoon Delight - Reading and Book Signing in Maryland

Want to indulge in a little “Afternoon Delight” this Saturday, June 3rd?

Join me, Alessia Brio, Petula Caesar, and Bridget Midway for a book signing and sale at The South Beach Restaurant & Lounge located at 7904 Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda, Maryland from 12:30 to 5:30 PM.

During the event, I’ll be reading steamy excerpts from Chosen: The Chronicles of Winter, Lucky in Lust, Relic of the Heart, and Chella’s Quest. Let's just hope I can say the naughty words with a straight face...

So being your fan (and your man) for an afternoon of fun. And, yes, there will be chocolate, and food and drinks will be sold during the event.

For more information, please me at or contact the restaurant directly at 301-718-9737. I’d love to see you there!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Laura's latest fantasy

He's strapped to a chair in the middle of a darkened conference room. My PowerPoint presentation is ready to roll, and I've included passages from my latest WIP. I run my laser pointer along the green squiggly line beneath the sentence on screen.

"This is not a fragment!" I yank the ball gag from his mouth. "Say it, Mr. Gates."

He pants and turns away.

"Bill! Up here! Do you see that noun?"

He nods, his odd bowl-cut hair style making him look more like a bobble-head figurine than the most the powerful man in the techno world.

"And do you see this verb?" He squints. I slap my riding crop across the screen. "This verb is functioning as the predicate." He nods, but slower this time.

"I asked your annoying little paper clip friend to explain this, and he said, 'If the words marked are an incomplete thought, consider...adding a subject or verb....' Hell-o! Am I missing something here?"

"No, Miss Laura."

"Then what are you going to do about this?"


"Tweak?" I ran my hand down his shirt, found a nipple, and did a little tweak of my own.

"Yes, Miss Laura."

"Damn straight, you'd better tweak." I uncuffed him.

Word 2006 ver.LB was delivered to my doorstep the very next day...


Join me next week, when I bitch-slap Bill for changing my spelling when I damn sure know it's right...

(Yeah, I know. I can turn this feature off, but it's saved my ass a few times. Oy! What's a girl to do???)

Monday, May 15, 2006



I just popped the new Neil Simon in. It was produced by the almighty Brian Eno. I can guaran-damn-tee there won't be much writing going on tonight.

Another surprise today was seeing Part IV of Educating Ian up at Ruthie's Club. It was slated to be featured in June (unless I read the author schedule wrong - which is entirely possible), but I'm glad it's up. It's a tad on the brutal side, and, when I finish the whole thing and start looking to publish it, I wonder if this chapter can stay.

We'll see...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It just ain't normal

I'm in the process of wrapping up Taming the Tiger, my paranormal novella for Midnight Showcase. It's rough going at this point for two reasons:

1)It's set in ancient China.
2)It's a paranormal.

The first one is tough because, as I go through and edit what I've written, pesky modern words and phrases keep popping up. I find it really challenging to stay in the right kind of mind-set to avoid these anachronisms.

The second, well, I probably deserve a beating from all the talented paranormal authors out there. For some fool reason, I've been under the impression that magic and psychic phenomena would be easy to write. Not so.

Making the unbelievable believable is awfully hard. How out there am I allowed to get? Can I honestly pull this off? Self-doubt creeps in and makes itself at home. But things have gotten considerable easier since I started thinking of the mystical stuff like I think of world-building for a futuristic tale.

As I enter the home stretch, wish me luck.

Here's how I imagine my hero, Zhong Li. In my head, though, he's older and a bit more built.

And here's my heroine, Ju Hua, as played by the beautiful actress Kathleen Luong:

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

CHOSEN is up at Fictionwise!

I've been really lazy lately, and I'm pretty sure I neglected to post these reviews. Somebody spank me! Where's Brogan when you need him? LOL

ISBN # 1-59279-494-7
Amber Quill Press
Cover art by Trace Edward Zaber
Now available at Fictionwise!

5 Angels – "…Brogan and Winter’s chemistry heats up the pages of this story leaving readers fanning their collars and hoping just hoping that they will find a way to be together. With some secondary characters to add to the plot and humor of the story, readers cannot go wrong with The Quantar Trilogy, Book I: Chosen: The Chronicles Of Winter."

- Shayley from Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 Stars – "The sex in the book is sizzling hot. I will never look at license plates the same way again after reading this story. If you like science fiction, good sex and a great love story then pick up this book."

- Julie from Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Flowers - Excellent! – "…This book grabbed me from the start... The love scenes between Winter and Brogan were sizzling hot. Science fiction is usually not my chosen genre, but Laura Bacchi definitely pulled me in. I will be waiting and watching for the next two books in her Quantar trilogy!!"

- Lori from May Reviews

I have several reviews to report on Lucky in Lust and Chella's Quest as well...

ISBN # 1-59279-462-9
Amber Quill Press
Cover art by Trace Edward Zaber
Available at Amber Quill Press and Fictionwise

5 Hearts – "…The characters of Sonya Walker and Brian Luciano are very, very sexy… I couldn't wait to see what happened next…"

- Ellen from the The Romance Studio

4 Angels – "Lucky in Lust is a charming tale of two people reuniting and finding the love they have been looking for. The sexual bond between Sonya and Lucky blazes out of control…."

- Tewanda from Fallen Angel Reviews

ISBN # 1-59279-390-8
Amber Quill Press
Cover art by Trace Edward Zaber
Available at Amber Quill Press and Fictionwise

5 Hearts - "Chella's Quest was a winning manuscript in Amber Quill Press's Heat Wave Contest in 2005, and after reading this powerful, sexy story, it's easy to understand why… Suspense, intrigue, and hot scorching sex are skillfully woven into every scene to create a page turning reading experience that will keep you reading until you reach the end. In Chella's Quest, Ms. Bacchi has written a story that is impossible to put down."

—Belle Dessler from The Romance Studio

"The sexual chemistry between Chella and Kain is quick to build, and heats to a warm glow... Combine all the elements of an entertaining plot and the sensuality and you have a fun romp across the stars."

-Glenda from Glenda Woodrum's Reviews

Thanks to all the reviewers for their gracious words!

WIP Note: I'm in the homestretch on Taming the Tiger, my hot paranormal set in ancient China. Stay tuned for an excerpt...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Okay, everyone stop writing. NOW!

Here's a few new titles to add to my ceiling-high TBR pile. These look wonderful, really wonderful, but I have no time to read right now. Arrrgh!

Ally Blue posted a lot of work at Desdmona's Fish Tank, a forum for erotica writers. Some of her stories continue to haunt me. She's a damn good writer, and I can't wait to get my hands on Easy. For a touching excerpt, click here.

If guy-on-guy tales aren't your thing, Deanna Lee has an interracial out at Kensington called Undressing Mercy. Don't you just love the cover? In fact, I haven't seen a new Kensington cover I didn't like. Undressing Mercy takes place in the art world, and as an artist, this is a definite draw (no pun intended).

Want something else hot? Check out fellow Romance Diva author Eva Gale. Her website is absolutely gorgeous, and her first title, a short entitled 101 Degrees Fahrenheit is out and about and getting great feedback. For a steamy excerpt, click here.

Once I meet my current deadlines, I need to pick these up. So, come mid-June, I'll be a happy reading fool. Too bad my credit card bill won't be very happy to look at the month after :(


Thursday, April 06, 2006

On the Eve of My [undisclosed number]th...

I was prepared to be upset about this birthday, but I'm feeling pretty good on the night before this special day - a special day celebrated all around the world by... me. And generally I don't celebrate birth-days - I have birthday months or birthday weeks. My husband seems to think I'm getting too old to drag the event out over a long period of time anymore, so I cheer quietly when no one's in the room and eat lots of cake when no one's looking.

As some of you may know, I've got a pirate fetish. (Truthfully, I'm not quite sure what that means - maybe I'm attracted to peg legs and parrots and mouths ravaged by scurvy.) While looking for my daughter's birthday stuff in Party America, I happened upon the pirate aisle:

"Why don't you have a pirate birthday, hon?" I asked with a straight face. And I tried very hard to keep the puppy-dog eyes in check.

"No, mom. I want something else."

"But pirates are cool! Look at this pirate hat! And this amazing shark pinata! We could stuff it with chocolate doubloons. Wouldn't that be great?!"

My husband patted me on the shoulder. "Um, Laura..."


"We're shopping for Heather's party."


"Laura, you're not having a party."

"But I could have a party."

"Hon, you know all of five people up here. Who would you invite?"

Good question. Too bad I don't know a motley crew of sea-going lads dressed in frilly shirts, tight breeches, and tall leather boots. But if you know of any, send 'em my way in three years. I'll be celebrating my [undisclosed number]th then - and hubby promised me a pirate party!

So I guess it's a good thing Ruthie's Club is having a Pirate Fest starting April 10th. Look for my bit o' flash called "Twenty Lashes" and my humorous short story entitled "Captain Jack Goes Straight. Well, Sort Of..." Trust me - he does no such thing!

Since I can't surround myself with taut 20-something male booty tomorrow, I wonder if I'll get a birthday spanking. If so I'll get plenty of whacks! [Undisclosed number], to be exact. ;)