Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Finders, Keepers!

The answers to today's question might surprise you. D would like to know what's on my keeper shelf.

On the naughty side of the shelf is... (okay, no surprises here)

5. Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series. Not too keen on the plot, but the OMG kinkiness of it, the holy shit, did she really write this?! factor. I believe it damaged me for life :-O

4. Warrior's Woman by Johanna Lindsay. I've always had sci-fi fantasies: Big alpha guy from outer space says I'm his and he takes me. Yep. My kinda book.

3. The Oath Series by Marly Chance. The first one in this series was my very first ebook purchase (and my first taste of erotic romance). You should've seen techo-idiot me trying for hours to use Microsoft Reader.

2. The Switch by Diane Whiteside. I had no idea people wrote romance tales about Dommes. Well, switches. Not a clue.

1. Menage by Emma Holly. Jaw-wide-open, drooling-all-over-myself hot hot HOT stuff. Lucky for me hubby picked it up for possible reading material before going to the bathroom. He didn't come out for a long, looooong time. That night we, um, had a very nice evening. And the next night, and the next... ;)

My TBR pile is huge but near the top of the heap is Natural Law by Joey Hill. I've read excerpts, and I'm sorry to say it might bump Emma out of the number one position.

On the sweet to sensual side however...

5. My Dearest Enemy by Connie Brockway. Such angst and tension.

4. Kissing Casanova by Crystal Bright. Crystal's a friend of mine, and I served as her beta for this one. A hot wrestler and a socialite find true love. It's special to me because I like how Crystal tells a story.

3. I love Amanda Quick. Perky heroines. brooding heros. Fun plots. I've read all of them and think Mistress, Desire, and Ravished are my faves.

2. The Proposition by Judith Ivory. A linguist and a rat catcher. Weird, eh? My God, what a well-written story.

1. Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase. I lent this one out (along with the above) and need to send in my posse to get it back. Such a great story. Sexual tension up the ying-yang, a hero who had my heart.

Thanks for the great question, D! Now it's your turn. What's on your keeper shelf?


Debby said...

Hi Laura, We have some of the same favorites. I love Amanda QUick and I really enjoy Julie Garwood. I do have the Sleeping Beauty trio as well. You have great tastes. Thanksf or sharing

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks, Debby! Ah, Julie Garwood. Another good one. I also enjoyed Jude Deveraux's Knight in Shining Armor. Forgot all about that one.