Monday, December 11, 2006

New Question, New Review

Today's question comes from P:

Many men are surprised to find out that women enjoy male/male romances, so I’m curious to know what the men in your life (hubby, brothers, etc) thought or said when they first found out that you write male/male romances.

Well, there aren't many men in my life (just in my head!) -- no brothers or other close male relatives except my father. Dad knows I write erotica, but will hopefully never find out about my new interest in writing man-love. He's a pretty conservative guy, and homosexuality is not something he tolerates well.

My husband, however, is fine with it -- he even shared my guy-on-guy pirate story with his gay co-worker, who shared it with another... No one's gotten into trouble. Yet ;) In the art department where hubby and I attended college, many of our friends were GBL, so he's very accepting of this subject matter.

By the way, the pirate tale is up as a free read on my website. Click here to read it and get ready to see some booty get plundered. Okay, stop groaning :)

Thanks for the great question, P! If any other M/M writers want to chime in on the subject, feel free.

Got a cool new review for The Heart of a Hunter. And I really like the reviewer's upbeat style while conveying the gist of the plot. Thanks, Sinclair Reid!

"Multiple O's!...Author Laura Bacchi does a wonderful job of enthralling the reader and giving her characters depth and life. Plus, the sex isn’t so bad either. *wink* Go buy your copy of THE HEART OF A HUNTER today."—Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today Erotic


Debby said...

I enjoy reading these stories. Nothing better but my husband is appalled.

Miranda Heart said...

You have been busy woman! Great job on working so hard, it really pays off.

Laura Bacchi said...

Debby, he may be appalled, but hopefully he can enjoy how much they get you revved up ;)

Thanks, Miranda! But I'm so so tired.... *sigh*