Sunday, August 28, 2005

Join the party today at Cupid's Library Reviews!

Want to talk like a pirate and win eBooks? Join CLR's yahoo group and join in the fun! Lots of excerpts and shenanigans to be had. I just wish I wasn't in the middle of unpacking (still!) Did I mention the excerpts were hot? Go have a look yourself at Cupid's Library Reviews! And if you don't make it to today's party, join anyway because the authors there post some of the hottest excerpts around. And I mean find-a-toy hot!!!

BTW I read something hilarious there yesterday - sci-fi erotic romance author Kayelle Allen shared what happens when you take a dare to write blogs for your characters. OMG I laughed my butt off! I think it's a great idea for developing characters, and it'd be a hoot if Kayelle gave them their own blogs (hint, hint!) LOL

Friday, August 26, 2005

Chella's Quest is a Recommended Read at FAR!

I was tickled to get this review from Amanda at Fallen Angel Reviews:

"...Chella’s Quest is an erotic, novella treat. The story hums with the sexual chemistry that flares between Chella and Kain. The scenes between them are sensual and tangibly erotic. Within their passion, readers are given a glimpse into the emotion that is growing between them. Readers are sure to appreciate the brief moments of humor that are intermixed with steamy passion. There is symmetry to Ms. Bacchi’s story telling that ensures the action and romance blend with her superb characters to deliver a recommended read. Well done!"

Amanda also interviewed me, and I had lots of fun answering her questions. Have a look at my FAR interview to see her great questions :)

Thanks so much, Amanda!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Long time, no see

I'm a bad blogger. Thankfully I'll have high speed internet this Thursday when I move to Maryland. The good news is that I've been a writing fiend. The guys at the prison were locked down this morning, so I spent that time working on LUCKY IN LUST for an Amber Quill AmberPax anthology. (Shhh - don't tell my boss!)

Tomorrow is my last day at the best job I've ever had. I've been boo-hooing for days. Lots of interesting people at that place, and I loved them all. Let's hope my new job fosters that kind of bonding between co-workers. ('Bonding,' Bridget, not 'Bondage.' LOL)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

No laughing matter...

Okay, I'll admit it. I set myself up for this. Yes, folks, I sent something to Mrs. Giggles for a review.

She gave me a 71 for The Heart of a Hunter and I had hoped to hit the mid-sixties, so the score didn't bother me. The comparisons to Dara Joy did. I've only read one of her books, and I liked it. But it seemed like Mrs. G. thought my only goal in writing HOAH was to be like another writer. Oh well, I'll get over it. It was only the second thing I ever had e-pubbed so I know I've got some growing to do as an author. And I'm planning to send more stuff to her - proof of my masochistic streak.


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Getting excited about writing again...

I've been in such a weird place with the move and job search that I've really neglected my writing. What little time spent at the computer was used for promoting, and I'm guilty of neglecting that, too.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel: I am a finalist for a job! I miss my husband so much right now and have come to realize just how much he makes my writing possible. He's thrilled with any reviews that trickle in (even the 71 from Mrs. Giggles - more on that later), he listens to my latest ramblings on plots and settings, and he makes sure I have time to plant my posterior in front of the PC and work.

The good news, besides the job possibility, is that I'm starting some new projects and feel that itch to frantically type out scenes and blurbs. Mae Powers is partly responsible - she asked me to take part in an anthology she's proposing. The series, entitled Jaded Animals deals with the signs of the Chinese zodiac. I picked tiger and have been obsessed with ideas and dialogue ever since. I visited the People's Republic of China in 1995, and I studied calligraphy and traditional ink painting while getting my BFA. My hope is to impart some of my traveling experiences into this story, tenatively called Taming the Tiger. While in beautiful Hangzhou, I tumbled through Buddhist caves and saw many temples. Makes me want to break out my photo albums right now. Thanks, Mae :)

I also have some longer projects in the works, hopefully to be picked up by Amber Quill. My goal is to see my work in paperback before 2006 ends. A girl can dream...