Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Next up... What's next?

Today's questions come from D who asks, "Is there something you want to write but just have not had a chance? What is next?"

Deep inside, there's a historical wanting to come out. The title will hopefully be Relentless, and the setting is Regency-era London. I started plotting but little else. Here's what I have for the blurb thus far: When Emma Chatsworth discovers her betrothed desires the kind of marital relations she cannot possibly perform, let alone enjoy, she turns to her future brother-in-law James Duncan for advice—and instruction. Together, they journey through the seedy London streets in search of dark pleasures to prepare her for the inevitable wedding night... but how can James let the woman who can fulfill his own fantasies marry another man?

This will definitely have a BDSM theme, and I may try to query print pubs for it.

Up next is another futuristic MM. I'm at the half-way point and it's due to Amber Quill by January. Better get movin' on that! It's titled The Heart of a Man, and there's a murder and sex and action and sex... Hot, sweaty man-sex. I also have the last two tales of a futuristic trilogy I keep dragging my butt on. It's not MM, but there's the potential for a menage in the second book. I'm really excited about that ;)

Thanks for playing, D, and good luck in the drawing!


Debby said...

I love Regency novels. Be sure and let us know when it is ready.

Laura Bacchi said...

Regencies are fun, that's for sure! I'll keep you posted :)