Saturday, November 04, 2006

A New Discovery

Here's a new (to me) writer with an amazing line-up of future releases:

The Personal Assistant
Erotic Romance/Suspense
Whiskey Creek Press

Morgan Thomas is MAC Music’s latest “it” girl. With the onset of her successful debut, Morgan is showered with money, parties, and fame. Although she can buy whatever and most often, whomever she wants, she finds herself isolated and alone, unable to trust anyone in the dog-eat-dog world of music. At this level of success, Morgan is a product to be packaged, marketed, and sold.

But to her personal assistant, Tyrone Miller, Morgan is more. A childhood friend, Tyrone’s sole goal is to keep Morgan safe, happy and successful. Yet, when she mysteriously disappears while in New York recording her follow up album, Tyrone discovers that his love for Morgan goes far beyond passionate.

When you get a chance, check out RaeLynn Blue's Blog She has something coming out in December called Speed Demon, which looks very intriguing.

Officer Quindalin Barnes is fed up working the night shift, patrolling New Mexico's Highway 9. She spends most nights racing her cruiser, feeling its rush and relishing the passion speeding gives her. One night, a mysterious black mustang rips down highway 9, leading Quinn on a high speed chase. But no sooner does she slap on the flashers, does the mustang pull over. Expecting to ticket the driver, Quinn is swept up into an otherworldly race by the demon Drannon, not only for her heart, for her soul--to bound to him for all time.

Can someone plug in a fan and get that yellow smoke to move out of the way? I wanna SEE!

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RaeLynn Blue said...

Thank you for the shot out! The Personal Assistant is by far the most romantic of anything I've written, but SPEED DEMON, pure, freaking fantasy.

Rural New Mexico, a demon, and a cop with speeding desire to slap on the handcuffs...FUN!

Oh, and about that yellow smoke thing, I too long for a nice, powerful fan...

RaeLynn Blue