Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Great new releases from Liquid Silver!

LSB has a ton of great talent. Here are two recent releases by very talented (and funny) "Liquid" ladies that you should check out :)

By Rose Middleton
ISBN 1-59578-292-3
From Liquid Silver Books

Macy Jackson moved to Melbourne to follow her dream of being an actress, but one stupid mistake turned that dream into a nightmare. Now Macy is wondering whether she made the right choice; her reality of tending bar and pulling beers until the wee hours of the morning stinks to high heaven. But Hell will have to freeze over before she admits that to anyone. Especially the hound dog her brother has sent after her.

When his best friend asks him to bring Macy home, Lucius Devon senses that success will earn him some serious brownie points. Maybe he’ll be able to ditch the “town rebel” tag once and for all and win over the town’s mayor, Macy’s father. But the minute he sees the dangerous curves Macy has developed, his plans go out the window. Miss Smart Mouth has no intention of going back, so perhaps he can uncover her secrets and find something to lure her home with.

I love this part:

The corner of Macy’s ruby-red mouth quirked upwards. In a flash, she slammed a small shot glass down in front of him and poured it full of amber fluid. “Cheers to your cause.” As she bent to return the bottle to its home under the counter, Lucius heard her mutter, “I hope you choke on it.”

Want more? Click here.

By Lisa Andel
ISBN 1-59578-303-2

Allie is a total failure as an elf.

She doesn’t look right, she can barely do magic, and the final straw? A group of vampires accosts her, only to turn away in disgust because of her foul taste.

Desperate to find out what she can do with her life, she sets out on a quest with a dangerous, sexy werecat named Rainth and his pack of Rangers.

Rainth and his men think the curvy little elf is nuts. Flawed or not, they can’t believe she doesn’t know she’s an incredibly sexy and endearing woman.

But Allie won’t be dissuaded. She knows exactly what she is. She did, after all, grow up hearing daily from the other elves of House Ta’Daanior that she was an unattractive, useless individual.

Little does she know the truth about her life.

Or why someone would be willing to kill to keep it a secret.

This has got some funny, funny stuff in it. Here's the prologue:

My heart pounded in my chest as he lowered his fangs toward my neck. His arms, like steel bands around my body, held me trapped. I felt the long, slow glide of his tongue along my skin, then the slight pinch of pain when he pierced my flesh.

I jerked as he started drawing my blood into his mouth with sensuous pulls. My vagina fluttered, the beginnings of an orgasm starting to ripple across my groin.

“Ptthtp!” The vampire flinched away from me, and spat onto the ground. “That’s just nasty!” He wiped his mouth on his shirt sleeve. Anger flashed red in the depths of his black eyes. “What kind of elf are you anyway?” He shoved me into the brick wall at the side of the alley where he’d trapped me.

I blinked stupidly at him, unable to form any words. I was as surprised as he was that I tasted bad. Okay, so part of me was pleased that he found me distasteful. I hadn’t asked him to suck on me anyway. But another part of me, the part that I was becoming all too familiar with these days, was only downright disgusted that I was proving to be a failure in just one more way.

“What you got here, Darius?” Two more vamps approached.

“Hey, is she an elf?” The taller of the new arrivals eyed me appraisingly.

“Taste her.” The first vamp pointed at me. “I think she’s spoiled or something.”

The tall one raised an eyebrow at this statement. Shrugging, he advanced, looked me in the eyes, then lowered his head to my neck. The now familiar swipe-sting of the bite did little to reassure me that I would make it home tonight, after all. Hell, if they got enough curious vamps to “taste” me, I’d still be bled out, one mouthful at a time.

“Blick!” The tall vamp spat my blood on the pavement. “Arno, you’ve got to try her.”

The third vampire was short and stocky, with a surprisingly beautiful baby face. He moved in close to me, tipped my head the other direction, and sank his fangs into my neck.

“Shit!” He muttered as he spat and spluttered. “What the fuck is that? I’ve never tasted anything like it.”

“What’s your name?” Darius asked me in a commanding tone.

I looked at him for several heartbeats, trying to determine if it would be better for me to tell him or not. Finally deciding that it didn’t matter, I relented. “Allie.”

“Well, Miss Allie, from now on, you will warn a man before he bites you that you taste like shit.” His tone was imperious, his features drawn into a grimace.

My face creased in a frown. “Get out of here. I’m not going to do any such thing. In fact, many men have found me quite tasty, thank you.” So it was a big fat lie. Who cared? This guy had been planning to drink my blood, and who knew what else, without my permission.

The three of them laughed. Great belly laughs. They took several minutes to wind down from their mirth. “You’ll forgive us if we have a hard time believing that,” the tall vamp said to me, a grin still on his face.

“Like I care,” I muttered to myself, as I pushed off the wall, and started walking away from them.

I had more important problems to think about than the way I tasted to a bunch of vampires. In fact, I had nothing but problems.

I was, after all, above and beyond the worst elf that had ever been born.

Want another taste? Catch the first chapter here... and enjoy!

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