Monday, October 09, 2006

Out and proud!!!

For some reason I thought The Andumi Effect would be released around the 20th of October. But it came out this weekend, and I'm really excited because this is my first guy-on-guy erotic romance. Just two boys (and I mean that in the over-18 way) drifting through the stars, taking each other's clothes off, licking, sucking... *sigh*

Here's the blurb:

Minot Tvargot thought he knew his place in the universe until his double-crossing government makes him the possession of a Damurian slaver. Now this seasoned spy must figure out why the govs betrayed him -- and fight his growing attraction to the man who owns him.

Legendary spy Ky Andumi is no slaver, and the disguise he wears can't hide his desire for the young spy on his ship for long. He wants Minot badly, and when the Unias Government takes away his soul mate, he'll do anything to get him back.

It's almost novella length at 17K and was a lot of fun to write. Here's an excerpt:

“Can I buy myself?”

The slaver leaned him against the console and grinned. “No, my spy. That rather defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?” He removed both boots and Minot’s pants.

“Then mark my sale Unias Primary. One of my own will bail me out,” he said, but the slaver shrugged, unconvinced. “It’s happened before, you know. The Unias Government sends someone in to pose as a buyer and get their people back from guys like you. Hell, I’ve done it myself.”

The Damurian grinned. “Really?”

Minot rolled his eyes. The slaver had to realize this little game was played all the time. “Yep. Of course, you don’t care as long as you get paid.”

The slaver considered Minot’s words. “This is true, but I’m sorry to tell you that won’t be the case for you.”

He didn’t seem sorry. A wicked gleam in the slaver’s eyes made Minot’s heart work twice as hard. Blood roared through his pulse points, and chill bumps scattered over his flesh.

“Why not?”

“Two reasons.” The man bent down between Minot’s legs and unhooked the length of chain hobbling him, then added a set of longer links. At least this gave him more freedom to move if another opportunity to escape presented itself. But the slaver didn’t stand when he was done. He stayed there, mouth at the same level as Minot’s prick, hot air teasing his swelling purple head with every breath. His balls grew tight. Not good.

“Spread your legs for me.”

His cock flexed at those words as he entertained the idea of getting blown by a man. He’d been too busy to get laid during the last two months. Hell, he hadn’t even had time to jack-off while running from moon to moon in search of the Hybri Codex. If he closed his eyes, he could imagine the man huffing on his dick being someone like him. Someone with a desire to taste firm flesh like his own. His full lips would be soft. His mouth warm…

But the man didn’t lean any further in. Minot grew flustered and impatient. “Is this part of the inspection? You wanna make sure all my parts are in working order or something?”

“Think of it however you like.” Then, suddenly, silver lips wrapped around his cock, and a slippery tongue helped work it in even deeper. When his captor’s nose hit the fuzzy outcropping of hair framing his prick, a groan rumbled in his chest. One agonizingly slow suck later, his penis was free—and harder than it had ever been in his entire life.

I have to admit, the anal scene later in the tale had me slipping and sliding in my chair so bad I had to walk away and find my husband. But don't take my word for it -- go buy the... Oh, crap. I'm sounding like a marketing chick again. Which I guess I am. In fact I got a promotion the other day: Director of Marketing. Pretty cool, eh? Let's just hope I can do the job...

More good news: all my futuristic shorts will be released in a paperback anthology this January. I can't wait!!

And speaking of out, Cassidy Kent has a new release. Check it out:

Raleigh in Rio
eBook ISBN: 1-59426-498-8
Published By: Phaze
Release Date: October 2, 2006
Written by: Cassidy Kent

Raleigh Campbell just learned that her five year marriage was a sham. Not only did she find her husband in their bed with a co-worker, but he has been carrying on the affair for four years! To cheer her up, Raleigh’s friends take her to Rio during Carnivale to celebrate her 30th birthday and pending divorce.

Little does she know that her soon-to-be ex has cheated his company more than her. Private investigator Cristo Santiago has been assigned to watch Raleigh’s every move in search of twelve million dollars of embezzled corporate money and that’s landed him in the hot waters of obsession. His love for Raleigh is sealed under the starry Rio sky, but can he find the missing money without losing Raleigh’s trust?

Looks like a great read!


Zinnia said...

Hey, nicely written! And congrats on the release. You should submit to Freya's Bower. I know they're looking for good material. (What can I say? I'm biased because they're incredible to work with.)

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks! For both the tip and the compliment :) Glad you enjoyed it!

Annalee Blysse said...

Congrats on the new release!

Lora said...

Congrats on the new release and loved the excerpt!!