Sunday, August 20, 2006

Double-whammy on the news front

The JADED BEASTS 2 anthology, which includes my first paranormal novella Taming the Tiger was released today! Kinda ironic considering how Tiger Woods kicked butt on the greens today. A good day for Tigers, all around!

Plus I got an offer for TOPPING TORA tonight. Whoo-hoo!!!! Looks like I'll be a Liquid Silver author soon :)

Happy, happy Laura


Tempest Knight said...

WOOOHOOO! *does the Snoopy dance with you* These are great news! I'm so happy to hear LSB is contracting Topping Tora. So they dig the new story line, uh? *wg* I can't wait to read it.

Laura Rose said...

hahahaha! Congratulations on the LSB offer.

You're gonna love the House of Sin!

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks, guys!!! Snoopy dance, happy naked pasty dance... I'm doing it all!