Monday, June 26, 2006

An Excerpt from Topping Tora

Since I'm still happy-dancing over the results of Liquid Silver Books' Satisfy Our Naughtier Side Writing Contest, I thought I'd post the blurb for Topping Tora and an unedited excerpt.

Tora Wolff craves domination, and at Club Xotica, she expects to get it. When the man who tops her at work shows up to top her at play, Tora can’t believe her bad luck. And she hasn’t even found the dead body yet…

Jovan Creel wants a woman who’s willing to submit, and not just any woman—he wants Tora. But when all the fun and games are over, will Tora want him?

He flipped through the papers in her file. “We’re going to have a lot of fun, um, Silky.” His arrogant smile gleamed in the dim room. “But I’m not crazy about that name. Sounds a bit phony. What do you think?”

She answered as instructed in her morning training. “I agree, Sir.”

“Master,” he corrected.

“I agree, Master.” The words came through gritted teeth.

“Let’s call you Tora.” He continued to browse her application, his smirk still in place. “You remind me of a bitchy blonde back home.”

“Quit playing games. You know damn well who I am.”

He slid from the couch, his muscles liquid, his gaze fixed with purpose. Long, thick fingers threaded in her hair—fingers that made her wonder just how big his cock was.
He released what was left of her French twist and gently pulled her head back to meet his eyes.

“Yes, I do know who you are. You’re my little bottom. Mine to command all week long.” He bent down, his lips hovering mere centimeters above hers. “And if you can manage to behave, you’ll enjoy every second of it.”

His words left her breathless. His scent and proximity weren’t helping either. The hand in her hair made its way to her lips, tracing them lightly before retreating. In that instant, her anger vanished, and pure carnal heat owned her.

This was what she’d paid for. A whimper caught in her throat when she realized Jovan had done everything right thus far. He’d made her tremble and cooled her temper. Maybe seven days serving him would be more satisfying than a week with a stranger. The slickness coating the opening of her cunt agreed.

She thought back to what he’d just said. Every week, he topped her at work. This week, he’d top her at play. The whole situation—the heat, her anxiety, his presence—everything conspired against her and made her giddy. A grin pulled at the corner of her mouth, and her hand left her side to cover her lips.

He narrowed his eyes. “Tora, the rules clearly state that bratty bottoms will be punished. The staff explained the Discipline Chamber, did they not?”

She nodded.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, Master.”

Her new Master undid his belt. The giant in his jeans increased in size, and his voice became a whisper. “If you don’t want to talk, that’s fine. I’ve got something to keep you quiet.” He opened his fly. “Something to fill that pretty mouth of yours.”

He looped his thumbs beneath the waistband of his briefs, and his cock sprang free. Her tongue darted out in anticipation. His fingers hadn’t lied—he was hung like a fucking Clydesdale.

The tip of his cock teased her lips, and she felt her pride evaporate and the thrill of submission sink in. With a hand on the top of her head, he urged her forward. She complied, bracing her palms on his now naked thighs while laving the slit in his dick with an eager tongue. After suckling the tip, she moved further down his dark shaft and relaxed the muscles in her jaws.

“Good girl. Take all of me. Every inch.”

One of her hands reached up to grip the base of his cock and work him deeper into her throat.

“Mouth only, Tora.”

The man was a robot, Tora mused as she sucked him in earnest. His breathing remained constant, and no groans broke from his throat. Domination suited him. His free hand disappeared behind his back, and he stood rigid and in control like some kind of ruthless drill sergeant. She decided to torture him a little, to rake her teeth along the sensitive swell of his enormous cockhead. To slow her assault on his prick until he gave her some kind of reaction.

In that moment, Tora figured she had nothing to lose. She had no dignity or clothing, and God only knew what would happen when they returned to Atlanta. But she wanted a taste of this lifestyle; her only worry at the moment was whether he could keep his mouth shut when they returned home. She released his prick. He growled in disapproval.

“Master, can I ask you something?”

“Yes, but make it fast.”

His control is already slipping, she thought with amusement. “Remember the confidentiality statement we signed in our paperwork?” she asked. He nodded. “So what happens at the Club, stays at the Club?”


Tora swallowed him whole and smiled as best she could with a mouth full of cock. He’d chosen her for the week, and by doing so, he afforded her enough power to break him.

The next six days belonged to her. And before it was over, she would rock his body, mind, and soul until the control he seemed to prize so dearly melted in the blistering New York heat.


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