Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another hunky guy to drool over...

Chosen might be released as early as February! I'm so excited!!!

Winter Anderson is about to go where no Hertford County, North Carolina resident has gone before. Her ex left her in major debt, she hates her job, and a gorgeous piece of man named Brogan wants to escort her across the cosmos to be the mate of his planet's leader. But what should be the experience of a lifetime is quickly turning into something miserable. She's falling hard for Brogan, and although he's starting to have feelings for her, he's too damned honorable to keep her for himself.

Part of the reason I'm so excited is that this is my first novella--and the first thing I ever completed. It's also my first ebook written in first-person. (How many 'firsts' was that, anyway? LOL)

Here's an excerpt:

“Oh shit.”

I jerked upright and faced the large man who appeared from the entrance side of the lot. Beer in hand, he propped his elbow on the hood.

I took a step backwards and realized the hem of my dress was caught behind the plate. Since fleeing the scene was no longer an option, I backed up to the truck, crossed my arms, and hoped to appear confident as I turned to meet this man they called Brogan.

“Hi there. Nice truck.”

“Hi there, yourself.” He extended his hand. “I’m Brogan Di-Taur.” Any measure of calm, cool, collectedness high-tailed it out of my brain the instant he spoke. He had a deep, sensual baritone, the kind of earthy voice you want talking dirty to you during a good screw. And his emerald green eyes had a small halo of yellow around immense black pupils. Well, maybe scrap the word “halo.” There was nothing holy about this man and the gaze he had locked on me.

I shook his hand. The silence stretched between us, making me more uncomfortable by the minute. And he knew it. His smile widened, and those green eyes traveled up and down every inch of my squirming body. My face was on fire with a full-blown lust flush, the kind that stopped mouths from functioning and hearts from beating.

Then it dawned on me that Bailey could possibly save my ass. Kind, supportive Bailey who...was laughing her head off at a picnic table far away.

He walked around to the other side of me. I seized the opportunity to tug on the dress. No dice. I spun to face him and caught him staring at my rear.

“I must not have done a good job of cleaning my bumper this morning.” His drawl was seductive and strange at the same time. And his last name sounded European. He definitely wasn’t raised in this part of North Carolina.

I flashed him my brightest smile. “That’s what I thought too, with all the leaves and dust settling this time of year. So I decided to help you out.” I sounded like a complete idiot.

He must have appreciated the humor because he let out a breathy chuckle. The scent of beer and a whiff of some incredible aftershave wafted my way. I gulped and tried to regain control of my senses. Then I shifted my stance and cringed. My panties were wet, the kind of wet you get from hours of good, solid foreplay.

He leaned in closer. I shut my eyes and savored his smell. Several tendrils of his long, dark hair caressed my cheek. His breath was hot on my neck and made my spine shiver with longing. I thought I would melt right then and there.

His warm palm had made contact with my bottom, brushing off whatever was on my backside and shattering my reverie. “What the--”

“Just repaying the favor.” Brogan returned his gaze to mine and raised an eyebrow. “Your bumper needed cleaning too.”

The last pass on my cheeks lingered in a soft caress. My whole body hummed, and I didn’t need a mirror to know my face was a blazing scarlet.

He took a step back and playfully tilted his head. “You know, any woman in her right mind would have stomped off by now. Why are you still here?”

I crossed my arms again and pondered what I should say. With a sheepish expression, I told him the truth. “I’ve become quite, um, attached to your truck.”

He reached down and pulled at my dress. “Well, this could be a problem.” His green eyes burned through me. My mouth went dry. “If you’re not detached soon, I might end up ramming you from behind.”

More later...


Karen said...

No fair leaving us hanging like that! Inquiring minds wanna know what happens next.

(Great teaser though, definately left me wanting more :) )

Laura Bacchi said...

Don't worry - I'll give you more! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Annalee Blysse said...

Wow! Great cover. Sounds interesting.

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks, Annalee--which reminds me...