Thursday, January 12, 2006

A bunch of cool news

I forgot to mention that part two of "Educating Ian" went up at Ruthie's Club this week. If you miss it, don't worry - Ruthie's archives all its authors' work.

Slaughterhouse-Six, my raunchy tale of sex in a meat-packing plant goes live at Ruthie's on January 23rd as part of their Corporate Sex issue. The second story in the series, "Employee Relations, is featured the week after that. I have some other naughty stuff coming out at Ruthie's Club in February, so stay tuned.

Ruthie's Club. Classy. Kinky. Literate. Smut.

And I was tickled to find out this morning that Relic of the Heart made the Amber Quill Press Bestseller List for this past quarter! Go, Kadir!!!

Here's a new review for Relic from Janalee at The Road to Romance:

"Ms. Bacchi gives her characters great depth and personalities. Her writing never ceases to amaze this reader... If sexy characters and erotic proclivities are what you are seeking, then this futuristic should be at the top of your reading list. Stop by Amber Quill Press to snatch up a copy today!"

Wow! For the whole review, please visit
The Road to Romance. Thanks, Janalee :D You made my day!

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