Sunday, January 22, 2006

First Review for "Lucky"

Aggie at JERR had wonderful things to say about my first contemporary:

Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: H

"Laura Bacchi’s Lucky in Lust is an excellent contribution to The Art Of Love AmberPax™ collection from Amber Quill Press. I was compelled to read this story in one sitting. I found it entertaining, light-hearted and well-paced with enough steam between Sonya and Brian to light up the pages from their first encounter... Ms. Bacchi makes us feel like we know these two characters and they feel like a real couple, real characters. It’s refreshing to find such a down to earth hero as Brian, one who you can easily relate to but with enough mystery and charisma for him to stand up and capture your attention... This is a truly enjoyable story of two characters who decide to put their hearts on the line resulting in an uplifting ending."

Aggie Tsirikas
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Thanks, Aggie, for making my day!

And if you want to have your own personal Lucky, check out my Cafe Press Store, courtesy of Amber Quill Press.

* * *

A lot of romance authors have been posting photos of their writing spaces lately. Who am I to hold back? Yes, I am a first-class slob:

Now where's that dust rag?


Debbie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who habitually has a bottle of wine beside the computer! ;)

Laura Bacchi said...

I find a little vino rouses the muse :)