Saturday, June 11, 2005

Relic of the Heart

Relic of the Heart

Here's the cover for Relic of the Heart! This story of Earth gal meets alien is scheduled for release this winter from Amber Quill Press.

Trace at AQP does a super job on our covers. It's really cool to see an image of your character after he has been in your head for months. You want to jump up and down and go, "He's real! He's real!" And don't worry about those menacing spikes on his neck - Kadir is truly a nice guy ;)


Sheri said...

I likey this one too.*g*

Laura Bacchi said...

Just be careful with the spikes! Yikes!

Silma said...

Spikes in his neck? I thought those were something holding his hair. Hmm... the pic is too small for me to tell that they were spikes. *g*

Laura Bacchi said...

Or they could be horns. He's a pretty horny guy!