Sunday, May 31, 2009

Claimed Excerpt

Here's a long excerpt from Claimed for a sleepy Sunday morning. Enjoy!

It was a spool of what appeared to be thick white thread.

He must've seen the question in my eyes. "For binding books...and other things."

My fingers gripped the desktop tighter. "Like my legs and arms?"

"I guess we'll see, won't we?"

Patience, Bailey. Patience. I watched as he spun a huge length of it into the valley between my breasts. Satisfied with how much he'd unwound, he bit it off with his teeth and wrapped the thread around my nipples until they were trapped in tight knots. Then he threaded it under me and brought it up again to crisscross along my upper chest and shoulders before continuing on to my upper arms, under and over me again and again. After tying my wrists together, he leaned down to secure the strings to something--the legs of the desk?--before bending over me upside down for a kiss.

I felt like a fly trapped in a spider's web. String tickled my nose. He tugged the bit of thread near my left nipple. The knot tightened around me. I squirmed in my netting and watched as he took the poor bud into his mouth. It was as if all my nerve endings had converged in that one nipple. Moisture slipped from between my pussy lips--whatever he'd left on his desk would soon be ruined with my dampness.

Next came my knees. He knotted the string to one, then fastened it to my wrists and slowly did the same with my other knee, his fingers teasing my thighs, stomach, and arms on the way up. When he was done, the string held my legs up, open and apart.

"Relax, Sibeta."

He massaged my thighs to make his point. The muscles there were tight--I was afraid to relax, afraid the string would hurt if I put pressure on it. He pushed on the length of thread between my knees, testing it. Testing me. I took a deep breath and let my legs do whatever they wanted. They fell to the sides, and the string did hurt. But just a little.

"Not too tight?" he asked.

I shook my head. His hand then cradled my pussy, fingers gliding over it. Through it. Deep inside. The fingertips of his other hand ran along the flesh constricted by the thread, dazzling my nerves with the barest of touches on the undersides of my breasts, the curves of my upper arms, my knotted nipples... It was as if every part of my body, every miniscule cell, sang for his touch. He knew it, too, because when he leaned to one side to suckle one engorged nipple, he grinned up at me and pointedly rested a hand on my panting chest.

"You like this."

"Yes. I like."

Teeth and tongue assaulted my breasts while my ass writhed to get his attention. He halted my movements below the waist with a firm cupping of my mound. A quick finger swirled in my slit, then--after a hasty exit--the same finger probed my ass.

Where I expected pain I got only pleasure. His mouth sucked harder. His finger went deeper. And his thumb--his talented thumb--fondled my clit with little sweeps from top to bottom. It stopped just dip into the liquid heat dripping from my core...then returned to paint me with my own juices until the slipping and sliding undid me. My heart went wild, beating like crazy, only to stop when the pad of his thumb nudged the sensitive tab he understood so well. Sometimes he'd miss the perfect spot, but a miss only made the next hit that much more amazing, and finally I broke.

I heard the soft, wet sounds of my orgasm, the greedy mouth of my cunt clutching at air to entice his other hand into it. Into me. But I couldn't believe it was me, couldn't believe that I deserved such pleasure. Unstoppable sounds burst from my throat until he covered my lips with his palm, and bliss radiated from my pussy and ass. Filled me. Thrummed out to each fingertip and toe.

It would've been perfect--absolutely perfect--had he finished me off with a thrust of eager cock, and by the end of the climax, I was weeping for it.

He kissed my eyelids. "I would if I could. I swear it."

"Please? Kennar, I'm begging you."

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