Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guest Bloggin' at Erotic Muses

I wanted to share this yesterday, but a virus/trojan thingee locked down anything Google on my PC. Anywho, visit Erotic Muses if you'd like to read about my recent art adventure.


robert d said...

Zudos on the book. As they say - a book is a book is a book. Have I written a book?. No. You win.

However, if it is anything like St. Vincent's - Your Lips Are Red - I would be disenchanted.

I am one of The Old Ones and so much "art" today seems to be the working of The Amateur Libertine.

And what is our purpose here? To let all of The Evil ooze out into The Mud.

Life is Good,


Laura Bacchi said...

You need to hear her live. She played that one at the end and it was nothing short of amazing.