Saturday, July 23, 2005

Excerpt from HEART and a rant

Bad, bad blogger! I promise to post more, but every time I think about writing something personal, I worry it will come off like a rant about my personal life. In a nutshell: Living away from your spouse sucks. I want to be in my new digs in Maryland, be there when my kid starts first grade, find a job I like. I want to take a shower as long and as hot as I like, not have to explain to my dad that emailing someone in Australia won't affect his phone bill (I'm not kidding, folks), and get a little 'me' time in without feeling guilty. Not to bite the hand that feeds, but my parents are so different than me. Moving in with them, however temporary, drains me emotionally and piles on the guilt. Some times I think I'm the postman's kid 'cause I'm soooo very different from them.

Okay, enough self-pity. Here's the blurb and excerpt for The Heart of a Hunter:

Asher Ter-Berron's mission was simple: locate the Earth woman named Raine Thompson and bring her back to his home planet. Raine's lush body and aptitude for passion make her the perfect mate for his older brother, Imari. Unfortunately, Asher can't resist the sensual woman he's honor-bound to escort across the galaxy. Their journey back to Turma fulfills his most erotic desires, but he keeps his heart at a distance. He dutifully hands her over to Imari who reveals that Raine was actually meant for Asher. But a Turmian male mates for life, and one incredible night of lust doesn't often translate into forever. Imari's matchmaking, however, has never gone wrong. When Asher finally opens his heart to Raine, forever doesn't seem like such a long time after all.

Asher took one last deep breath and opened the door. Smoke from the dump called Sadie's Bar and Grill escaped, mingling with the night air outside of Houston. The brunette sat at the bar. Her curvy backside shifted on the stool and stopped him cold.

This was a simple mission. No criminals to apprehend, no runaways to return home. Just find Raine Thompson and bring her to the High Commander. She would come willingly, he was told. But something gave him the feeling that escorting Raine back home would be anything but simple.

He climbed onto the stool next to her and decided on the direct approach. "My name is Asher Ter-Berron. I'm from the planet Turma, and I'm here to escort you back to…"

"Great pick-up line. Very original." She smiled and finished off the rest of her drink. "I take it there's a sci-fi convention in town."

Her smile took him by surprise. Every image bounced into space from Earth's satellites showed Americans with flawless teeth. A front tooth at the bottom of her mouth overlapped its neighbor by the smallest measure. Asher glanced around the bar and watched as mouth after mouth revealed both defects and stained enamel. The 8,000 kronai he coughed up to perfect his mouth before leaving home had not been money well spent.

"Tell me why I should go with you, Spaceboy." She tilted her head to the side. A hint of red flickered on her dark curls when she moved.

"My boss, the High Commander of Turma, has chosen you to be his mate." Asher scanned her body to see why Imari had sent him across the galaxy to get this woman.

His cock knew why. It twitched to life when she swiveled to face him. Two full breasts strained against a tight pink cardigan. He wanted to unbutton the long line of pearls holding the sweater together and let her tits fill his hands. Raine's nipples hardened under his gaze. He wanted his mouth on them. He wanted to make her squirm...

She cleared her throat. "Well, you have a lot in common with Earthmen," she teased. "You both like to gawk at a woman's chest."

He brought his eyes back to hers. Her pupils widened in the dim light. The pale blue surrounding them reminded him of Lake Huiam near his childhood home. Her full lips parted under his scrutiny, and his cock pounded in his tight jeans.

He knew why Imari had picked her. Raine was a Responder. Responders were tough to come by on Turma; Asher had met maybe two in his lifetime. She would be fun and sweet. And very good in bed.

"Time for your nightcap, Raine?" Asher tore his gaze away from her and glared at the bartender for intruding. The bartender glared back.

She patted the large man's arm. "It's okay, Josh. I'm a big girl." Then she got to her feet and wobbled unsteadily.

"And a very drunk girl," Josh muttered.

"Be right back. Gotta pee before we blast off." She grinned at Asher and grabbed her purse before ambling towards the restroom.

Josh fired up the espresso maker but kept his eyes on Asher. "Leave her alone."

"Because she's drunk?"

"Because she just got two-timed by her asshole boyfriend and her boss is a prick. She doesn't need anymore crap in her life right now." He filled a thick paper cup with coffee then topped the drink with whipped cream and a liberal sprinkle of chocolate chips.

Chocolate. It was the one thing Turmians couldn't replicate. A synthetic version sold well on his planet but paled in comparison to the real thing.

Asher swallowed the saliva pooling in his mouth. "I would never hurt her. I promise she'll be safe with me."

~ ~ ~


Ginxy said...

Great excerpt!

About the personal crap - I use a separate blog to post my JUNK more anonymously, just to get it off my chest. The rest of the writerly "normal" thing has been moved to a new writer's blog :)

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks - glad you enjoyed it! Probably a good idea about a separate blog - and maybe some meditation :)

Eva Gale said...

Hey woman, there you are! I just bought Heat the other day. Looking forward to reading it!

Ilived with my Rents for awhile too while we were doing the house juggle thing. I felt the SAME thing as you. How did they spawn me? Hang in there, it will pass. Loving them is much easier when you don't live there.

Eva Gale said...

I meant I just bought Heart Of a Hunter,duh me, but I did buy Eden's Heat Wave too.

Suzan Hyssen said...

I really liked your excerpt--particularly the line about blowing the money to have his teeth fixed. That's great.

I think you can do a little (or a lot) of personal stuff. It's your site. Although I do enjoy the anonymity of ranting on another, private site.

And I feel for you. We stayed with my parents for six weeks while our house was being renovated. Made me insane.

Laura Bacchi said...

Brianna, Heat, Heart, it's all good ;) I can't wait to read Eden's book, too. Glad you and Suzanna enjoyed the excerpt!

Thank you both for your supportive words. You're proof that this will work - even if I'm insane when it's all over.