Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Review for HEART

The Heart of a Hunter just got a five-star "Superior" rating from Deb at MayReviews.com

"A quick read and a hot story are what you will get when you read this story by Ms. Bacchi. The storyline is interesting and unique. Considering the length of the story the characters personalities are well developed. The story has all the elements of a condensed romance and the sex is Hot. It touched my emotions making me both intrigued by the handsome hero as well as wanting to thump him in the head, and amused. Raine is brave, bold, and alluring, better yet she is leading this sensual male by his raging desire into trouble. Over too soon, this enjoyable read is written with smooth style."

Thanks, Deb, for making my day :)


Sheri said...

Oh very nice review! Congrats.

Silma said...

Congrats on such a great review, Laura! Girl, yer hot! *g*

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks, guys!