Monday, February 20, 2006

Fun with...

OPB (Other people's blogs)

Since I'm not much for blogging about myself these days, I thought I'd share what I find out there in blog land that tickles my funny bone.

Today's belly laughs were courtesy of Steve's Laws of Writing by Master Nage, a D/s writer whose name I've frequently seen on the web. I'd never taken the time to find out more about him until today. Bad move on my part. His work seems like it'd be right up my, um, alley.

Steve's Laws of Writing are very entertaining... As is his website. Check him out. Looks like he'd make a great addition to my TBR pile, which I'm about to drown in at this point.


I got one today that said, "All love enhancers on one portal."

First off, I'd rather any enhancers go "in" a portal. Secondly, why just one portal? Three portals offer much more flexibility... ;)

And when our federal client axed our contract in the beginning of February, HR suggested we post our resumes on Should you ever be in my unfortunate circumstance, please don't take that advice. If I get another freakin' email saying, "We saw you're [sic] resume on, and we'd like to talk to you..." I'm gonna scream. How about, "Positions for you!"? I got a position for them--on their knees.

Days like these, I wish I could be a professional Domme. With all the 'boss lady/incompetent employee' fantasies running rampant through my head, I'd do an excellent job of humiliating the office boys and providing the proper corrective discipline. Sounds like I should write about this...

Back to the job hunt. *sigh*


Annalee Blysse said...

Those alienized viagra slogans would make much better SPAM.

I've been applying for work again. Been just about as long since the last one as my bank account can handle. All this online stuff is... well, sucks.

Silma said...

Take all that frustration and write a story. How about the woman who runs an office she has to discipline naughty employees? *evil grin*

Good luck on the job hunting! Hope you find one soon! *g*

Anonymous said...

I had my first headhunt in the curikudos job fair held in 2006. And now i think its time to switch over. Can some one let me know when the job fair starts again