Saturday, March 11, 2006

Working through a slump

TODAY'S MOOD: Unconfident
ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Still Midnite Vultures by Beck
FAVORITE LYRIC: "I'm gonna let you down easy. I got a delicate touch."

I had an incredible stretch of writing for the past coupla months, then WHAM! Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Well, a few thou per week. Nothing like what I'd been churning out since December. Maybe it's the job search thing. Found one by the way -- a temp-to-hire position in a really nice office. Hope I get it permanently.

Ironically, it was my mention of my writing ability that cinched the deal. Let's hope they don't find out what I write... The other ironic thing is that one of characters in Educating Ian is a sadistic nurse, and the job is at a nursing certification board. I feel so guilty and find myself wanting to write Michelle a bit nicer. Then I say, "What the heck?" and make her even meaner.

Educating Ian, Part 3 is up at Ruthie's Club, at least until Sunday. Then of course it will join the other parts in the Ruthie archives. I forgot all about posting the news here 'till today. Just finished the first draft of Part 4 where things get a bit scary and dark. I'll blame it on my mood.

Here's the teaser for Part 3:

A man who thinks with the head in his pants usually ends up in some kind of jam. Poor Ian ends up with a lock on his cock, a trip to the Big Apple, and an ass full of prick. How could things get any worse?

Fun stuff, those three characters (Ian, Tess, and Michelle). When the series is done, it should be almost full-length, and I hope to either find a publisher for it that will work with Ruthie's rule of keeping our stories archived. Or perhaps I'll self-pub at Jax from Romance Divas is up for doing the cover art should I go that route. She does great work. Check out Jax's website here.

For all you writers out there, I hope you never have writer's block. And if you do, I hope you move past it quickly. I think the trick is to continue writing no matter what. Write an article or a poem, anything to keep your head in the game. Stay disciplined by writing pure crap or do some research for a new project. Check out new publishers. Whatever you do, don't give up :)



Karen said...

Hope it passes quickly for you.
But it *is* spring - good time to clean the closets!
(I find the threat of self-imposed cleaning to be a GREAT block-killer)

Silma said...

Laura, I went through a slump like that recently. Well, actually inspiration was whipping my butt, but in the wrong story. I ended up with mental cramps. I needed some inspiration laxative fast. A few divas sent me some (very) inspirational photos, and another looked over my story, and now I'm outta the funk. *g*

If you decide to publish the stories, try first self-epublishing. Email me, I can suggest you the free programs to download so you can turn them into .lit, .pdf, and .html files.

Mind you, I have used many times to publish technical books, and they do an awesome job. So far I've not had a single complain. But when you publish in print, you're more exposed to the tough competition among the many books printed. Brick-n-mortar bookstores are a total bit** to deal with.

I hope you find a place for your stories though. Isn't AQP suited for them? If not, why?

Laura Bacchi said...

Yep, Karen. Nothing like a little cleaning to send me back to the computer.

AQP won't take this one, Silma, because it's hard-core with a non-consensual scene in the mix. Butterfly board, unrelenting anal, etc. I'm a nasty girl. What can I say ;)

Thanks for offering to help me self-pub. I'll keep you posted on it!