Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Heart of a Man is out!

Isn't he hot? Thanks, Trace, for giving me another great Amber Quill cover :)

The Heart of a Man is my second futuristic MM. If you read my short The Heart of a Hunter (MF), this is the tale of Asher's brother, Imari. It has a special place in my own heart because my father was a "bomb doctor" for the Virginia State Police. Growing up, I heard all about the damage caused by homemade devices--often to the people creating them--and how nerve-wracking it was to render the bombs safe. I'm not sure what dear old Dad thinks of me writing yummy man-love (okay, he knows I write erotic stuff but I haven't shared the MM part...) but I hope he'd be honored that I snuck a bit of his life experience in this story.

This tale is available on its own or as part of the Allure AmberPax, which includes work by talented authors M. L. Rhodes, Adrianna Dane, Deirdre O'Dare and Cassie Stevens.

Here's the blurb:

As High Commander of the inner realms, Imari Ter-Berron knows all about the burden of responsibility. When one of his citizens is falsely accused of a heinous crime, he travels to the outer colonies to personally stop the execution. Imari is prepared for the animosity of the barbaric colonial princes, but not for his reaction to the newest royal—Prince Casvian is everything Imari has ever dreamed of in a man. And the fact that his telepathic powers don’t seem to work on the young royal have him even more intrigued.

Casvian Temuri has a few burdens of his own. Ascending to the Lower Council throne as a replacement for his psychopath brother, Cas wants to reform colony law and improve the lives of his people. And if that wasn’t enough to deal with, he also knows that the man Imari plans to save is truly innocent. But will sharing all his secrets drive Imari away…or bring them closer together?

And here's a steamy excerpt. I'll post another soon.

Happy (and horny!) reading to all :)


Emily Veinglory said...

That is a nice cover--is it just me or is bare man-chest becoming a visual code for M/M?

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks! Trace did a great job.

Yep, I think nekkid male torso cover now equals yummy man love inside. Not that I mind or anything ;)