Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Birthday Giveaway!!!

Yep, I'm 29 yet again this weekend. To celebrate, I'm giving you a gift... Post about your all-time favorite birthday present, the one that's kept you smiling throughout the years, and your name goes into a drawing for a download from my backlist. All entries must be posted here by midnight EST on Monday, April 9th.

Although my latest, The Heart of a Man, isn't up for grabs, you can take your pick from anything else listed on my website. If you like MM, check out my free reads page while you're there.

My favorite gift? My daughter Heather. She came a few hours shy of my 30th birthday but it was close enough in my book :)


Caffey said...

Happy Birthday Laura!! You sound like my hubby with that 29 again, smile. Beautiful with your daughter being born a few hours short of your birthday!

Birthday's weren't celebrated much when I grew up but I do remember one with my dad. He came by and took me out and told me I could get a radio, because the one I had been broken for quite a while and I wasn't sleeping well. See I'm deaf and it always comforted me before I went to sleep to feel the music, eventhough I couldn't hear no words, but I could hear some faint sounds. I hated the darkness but was ok when I had the radio on. So he remembered and came and visited me that day and I can still picture sharing that day with him.

Laura Bacchi said...

That's a great gift story :) Thanks for sharing it and good luck!

Lisa Andel said...

Hi Laura,
I don't remember any specific gift that did this for me. What I do remember is the family getting together. They may drive me to drink, but most of us are still around and it's something I'll look back on fondly. One day. :D

Happy 29th Birthday! May all your wished come true.

jennybrat said...

Many Happy Returns, Laura! My fav birthday present is a framed photograph from my classmates in high school. Whenever I look at it, it reminds me of the great times we had.

Beth said...

Well I was born on my mother's birthday June 14th she turned 20 and had me. That makes us Gemini's.
Out of the three children I'm the one that looks the most like her. Every year we go out to dinner and we celebrate our birthday together. Also have done this and will always continue for however long we have. I look forward to spending time with her.

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and the stories, everyone!

We just got in from a fun vacation, snow aside. Lots of good food and time with the family. But I'm glad to be sleeping in my own bed tonight :)

Laura Bacchi said...

Congratulations, Beth! My hubby drew your name from the entries. Please send me an email at laura @ (no spaces) and let me know the title and format of your choice.

Thanks to everyone who participated :) Take care!

jax said...

Wow, I totally missed this! Happy B-Day dahling! You deserve lots of fun and excitement!

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks, Jax!

Beth, I hope your email didn't get hung up by my spam filter. Please drop me a line when you get a chance and claim your prize :)