Saturday, October 08, 2005

More Reviews!

Last week was 'FAR' out! Fallen Angel Reviews had good things to say about the SWEET REVENGE anthology I'm in and about The Heart of a Hunter.

Here are the 'sweet' things Tammy said about SWEET REVENGE:

Five Angels

"Sweet Revenge is a wonderful collection of stories that runs the gamut of revenge. I found them to be intriguing, sexy and funny. Each story had characters that were highly developed despite their short length and had excellent plots. The sex scenes are red hot! If you’re looking for a terrific book that has a little of everything then don’t miss Sweet Revenge."

Here's the link. Thanks, Tammy!

And then I saw this from Jessica:

Five Angels

"Laura Bacchi has offered readers a short story about two characters from different worlds. The instant physical attraction between them has Asher battling with his body and mind through the book. Raine is a woman who finds it difficult to remain quiet and secretive about her desire: which is a total opposite to her normal behavior. The passion between the two just goes to show that you don’t have to live next door to someone for them to truly understand your deepest desires. The Heart of a Hunter is a wonderfully written short story about risking one’s heart for one moment for a chance at blissful romance. Laura Bacchi has done a superb job at earning 5 Angels!"

Here's the link. Thanks, Jessica! I was tickled pink with both reviews :)

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Silma said...

Great review, Laura! *g*