Monday, October 03, 2005

Vote for me at ERRW!!!

I'm up for Phaze Author of the Month at Erotic Romance Reviews for Women and need your help! The competition is stiff (kinda like the guys I write about) so I'd love for you to participate.

If you see another author there you'd prefer to vote for, that's okay, too. It looks like you have the entire month to vote. Here's the link:

Erotic Romance Reviews for Women

Just scroll down to the poll at the bottom right. And check out the rest of the site - pretty neat - and they gave The Heart of a Hunter "4 Stillettos." Click here for the review.

Also, I'm about to tear into my TBR pile. I won and purchased a lot of ebooks in the last six months. As I read, I'll post my thoughts and author info.


Shari said...

Good luck!!

Kristen Painter said...

I'm loving the blog makeover! Jax does lovely work.

Eva Gale said...

Gorgeous blog!

I smell a Jax attack!

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes and the compliments on Jax's handiwork :) She did a super job!