Sunday, June 03, 2007

In Praise of Critique Partners

Mine is tough. She's brutally honest and always pushing me to do better. She'll take a mess of a story and point out all its flaws.

Do I always want to hear these things? No. Do I want to make these changes, gut half a tale, and rethink something I thought was perfectly clear and interesting and working just fine? No.

Do I do these things? More often that not.

A good CP is worth their weight in gold. No, make that platinum. And I thank the powers that be for mine.

Jas, you rock.


Jass said...

Laura! You made me cry. I love you too. You inspire me. And I wish everday that I had half your talent and skill! Hugs, Chica. And I promise I'll stand by you giving you grief, as long as you let me.

Laura Bacchi said...

:) I'm fixing Claimed, as you can probably tell. Thank you so much! I love you too :D

Karen Erickson said...

So true - a good CP is hard to find.

Kate Willoughby said...

I thank God for my cps all the time. Worth their weight in gold, they are.

Miranda Heart said...

I know the feeling.