Saturday, June 02, 2007

So much for not writing :(

I got a lot done this week - finished some stories and sent them off, finished my proofing Friday night. The kiddo is out camping in the wilds, so it's just me and hubby... a weekend of hot monkey luv and drawing and shopping and home improvement - you get the picture. I told myself I needed a break from writing, so I start the weekend off with a refreshing walk this morning in the park beside my home and came back in. Got naked (not a pretty sight) and decided to pluck an annoying hair sprouting forth from my neck before I got into the shower. So I yanked out the hair (aren't you glad I'm sharing all this? LOL) and started gazing off into the bathroom's reflection in the mirror, thinking about this killer (pardon the pun) assassin story I proofed last night and how I wanted to write a sci-fi assassin tale.

Did I then take my shower? Nope. I ran upstairs and fired up the computer I swore I'd ignore all weekend. An hour and one thousand words later, I'm all fired up.

Ain't being a writer grand? If you have any idea when I might expect to get a real life back, please let me know.

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