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Any Ordinary Day is a Top Pick!

Here's what Danni from Night Owl Romance had to say about Any Ordinary Day:

A Night Owl Romance Top Pick - "Any Ordinary Day is an extraordinary read. This captivating story is full of strong, sensual sexy characters. Ms Bacchi is an excellent storyteller and weaves the details of this intricate plot with finesse and grace. This well-written, richly developed story is unlike any I’ve read before."

Click here to read the full review by Danni at Night Owl.

And here's another:

"Any Ordinary Day is definitely far from ordinary. This book has everything a paranormal lover could ask for, shapeshifting dragons, great battle scenes, and hot men. The men in this story are hot, sensual creatures with enough depth to make this an excellent read... Laura Bacchi has created a well crafted world of dragons that was truly captivating. Her writing style was truly unique and made for a different way of reading about dragons. I would definitely read more from this very talented author."

Click here to read the full review by Kimberley at Ecataromance Sensual.

Thanks, Danni and Kimberley, for making my day! Here's another taste of Paul and Darrien:

When seeking a mate, avoid the Jorgenis. They are a brutal lot with no respect for Palian laws. Avoid humans as well -- few can understand our ways or want to live below ground. But if you cannot resist, please follow the proper procedures listed below...
-- from “A Guide to Mating” in The Book of Palia

“You’re late.”

“Sorry, Torin. I lost track of time.” What the hell had I been thinking, going back to Paul’s like that? The minutes seemed to fly by when I was with him -- a good sign -- but I’d forgotten all about meeting my ex to take down the greens. If it hadn’t been for the clock by Paul’s bed, I would never have left him.

It stunk like shit here in the bowels of a tunnel Torin had discovered last night. He and I walked together, but we didn’t keep talking. Not because the Jorgenis might hear us, but because I was too obsessed with Paul, his tattoo, and the sinking feeling that I’d hurt him tonight with my strange reaction to his scar. The first oath of Palian mate-taking was a promise to look out for each other’s feelings, to be considerate and loving. I could blame my reaction on being stunned, but frankly that was the easy way out.

I’d hurt him, and for this I would have to apologize.

Torin broke the silence. “What’s up? You sense something?”


Torin wouldn’t be jealous if I told him -- we were way past that -- so I blurted it out.

“I met someone today.”

“Me, too. Actually, I met a few ‘someones’ today.” His low laugh filled the dank space around us. “There’s a bar over on --”

“I don’t mean in a casual way, Torin.”

The crunch of his boots on the debris below stopped echoing through the tunnel. “You found a mate? A Top Lander?”

I nodded.

“Shit, Darrien.” He turned me to face him. “Are you sure about this? Think of the risks. You’d be taking him away from everything he knows. That is, if you can turn him.”

“I can turn him.” If he wants to be turned. I’d been memorizing the steps outlined in The Book of Palia and one thing was for sure -- I had a lot of explaining to do the next time I saw Paul.

Torin released my shoulders, a good thing because I suddenly sensed we weren’t alone in the tunnel.

“You feel ’em too?” he whispered.

“Yep.” And smell them. Jorgenis were stinky little fuckers.

“I count three,” he said. “About forty gher measures up ahead.”

I nodded and began to strip. Torin did the same. This time my heart didn’t pound when I saw his nakedness. And the upcoming battle had nothing to do with my frantic heartbeat either.

It had everything to do with Paul.

I said a quick prayer to the forefather gods and dug around in my jacket pocket for my amulet. It wasn’t there.

“Shit. It must’ve fallen out… ” I’d be okay without the amulet’s protection but I was used to it. I took comfort in wearing it around my neck while I fought, in seeing it change colors as the medallion made contact with my skin.

Torin leaned in close, his words barely audible. “What’s wrong?”

“My coin keeper is missing. I took off my jacket at the Top Lander’s place and --”

“Ah, so you’ve sampled him!” He laughed softly. “How was he?”

I ignored him and found the plastic bag nestled deeper in my pocket. We stuffed our clothes inside the bag, then did what we do best -- became dragons. The shifting was fast, probably due to the fear and battle-lust pumping through our bodies, but I held back for a moment and studied my changing form in the darkness. How much of the real me could Paul handle? Right now, I was half man, half dragon and it would be the most humanlike I could be while I turned him. Would he be frightened? Would he hate me? The fact that he’d decorated his body with one of my kind meant he could deal with what I truly was… Right?

“Come on, man.” Torin nudged me in the ribs. “What are you waiting for?”

I pushed myself into final form, and we trudged onward, the talons of my feet puncturing plastic bottles and who knew what else down below. Dragon skin was supposed to be impenetrable, and I prayed this was true given all the syringes littering the path. Our wings stayed furled -- flying would keep our feet clean but make too much noise. We’d save the airborne acrobatics for the fight up ahead.

The foul odor of the Jorgenis overpowered me -- they were near. Torin grabbed my arm as three pairs of glittery green eyes flickered open in the darkness. We all began to breathe, fast and heavy, stoking up our lungs to burn each other whenever possible during battle. When the heat inside me warmed my throat, I stepped forward.

“On behalf of the elders of Palia, I offer you this one chance to come back peacefully.”

“Fuck the elders,” one of them hissed.

“I’ll take it that’s a no.”

A line of flame went straight for my head. I ducked. Young dragons these days had no sense of humor.

They lunged for us, and Torin and I gave as good as we got. Soon the passageway was thick with gray smoke and the unmistakable smell of burning scales and whiskers. Even numbering three, the Jorgenis were no match for two older dragons. We brawled for what seemed like hours amid the ruins of the old tunnel, scorching walls and each other.

It wasn’t until near the end that I realized their advantage over us: they wanted this. We were just doing our jobs, but they wanted to be on their own, and their craving for human flesh was apparently out of control. I could smell the half-dozen fresh carcasses dotting the ground as we fought.

A green lashed out with his tail, catching Torin off-guard and slamming him into the wall. I heard the crack of bones and the soft moan that signaled the start of our retreat. Pulling in every bit of air I could, I shot it all back out and shook my head back and forth, spraying the greens with the best defense I had -- a wall of flame. They scrambled back. Lost their footing. I advanced with careful steps in case more waited in the darkness beyond.

Torin roused and joined me, but his breathing was labored. His tail, however, still worked fine. He gave them his ass, then an ass-whipping they wouldn’t forget in the few brief moments of life they had left. When we got close enough, I grabbed one around the neck. The snap of bone and the ping of scales flying into the walls reverberated through the tunnel. I dropped the lifeless green and ran for the next one, and the next.

Then Torin hugged me from behind as best he could considering the spiked tail there. “Three more down,” he panted.

I wasn’t a particularly religious being, but I said a silent burial prayer for the trio.

“Why do they risk it all?” Torin asked. “Jorgenis only have one life. It’s just not worth it.”

I clasped him on the shoulder. “I have no clue.” I scanned the dead humans around us. “Maybe these Top Landers are tasty critters.”

A naughty gleam shone in Torin’s eyes. “Well, I ate one today, and I must say he was delicious.”

* * *

I think Torin needs his own story. What do you think? :)

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