Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Five: Wine, Whine

Is it Friday already? Sheesh.

Since my tooth aches and I've had a crappy week, how 'bout some reds that are really good?

1. Big Red Monster.

Retails around $10

It's, um, big. And red. Fun label. Well-made mid-sized wine of indeterminant varietal. We don't know what's in it. We just drink it. You should too :) It makes a nice gift, fun for the conversation and hearty in the mouth.

2. Big House Red

Retails under $10

In between a Rhone Ranger and a California field blend. A fun little red to drink with just about anything. Randall Graham (Bonny Doon Vineyard) originally made this then sold it a few months ago to The Wine Group. Randall is a freak. Check out his website. Hubby says this is what happens when you give a philosophy major too much money. The site is gorgeous but hell to navigate.

3. Plungerhead Dry Creek Zin

Retails $15 to $20

A big old Zin from one of the best places in Sonoma that grows Zinfandel. Be careful because you may have a plunger on your head after tasting it... You can't stop with one bottle, um, glass. The makers, Don Sebastiani & Sons, have a twisted sense of humor. Check out their lovely Smoking Loon label or their $50 Cab, Used Automobile Parts.

4. PoiZin

Retails, well, it depends.

Wanna impress your guests at your upcoming Halloween party? Have this stuff on hand. The bottle comes in "glitter pink" for you girly types and the larger sizes of the special juice is in the hundreds. The cheap bottles are $25 without coffin, or $60 with one. Come on, you know you want the coffin :) Armida, the maker, calls it wine to die for. Tee hee. Get it?

5. Mollydooker's Carnival of Love

Retail $50ish, if you can find it

Aussie winemakers like to have fun with naming their wines and making cool labels. A lot of Aussie wines are great. This one is exceptional. It gets high ratings so it tends to sell out fast.

Okay, you can stop reading now. Go get your drink on. I'll be doing the same, trying to kill the misery in my mouth. Oh, I finally got my dentist on the phone. They set me up for an "emergency" appointment on October 1. WTF?? And that's just to get the freakin' referral for the oral surgeon. Grrrrrr.....

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