Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh Sweet Mother of Gaaaaa.....

So I have this baby tooth that my crappy childhood dentist never saw fit to remove many, many moons ago. My dad still has a baby tooth. I figured it was a hereditary thing. Mine seemed to be doing fine through the years--a little ache here and there as the dormant adult tooth above shifted about just a tad. No big.

Well, not so anymore. At the moment I feel like some evil bastard has rammed a giant frozen ice pick up into my gums and is moving it around. My entire jaw is throbbing. My temples hurt. How am I supposed to write with this going on? Every time I type the word "smile" I whimper.

Ack. Sorry to whine.

1 comment:

Lisa Andel said...

Oh man, I hate tooth/mouth pain. Get some good drugs. Only way to deal with it.