Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Five Best Nights

Man, I could've done this for a Friday Five... Lisa Andel tagged my booty for this blog meme so into that dark night we shall go with this 5 Best Nights meme:

List the 5 best nights that you can recall and then tag four other people and see if the meme can continue.

1. Some Halloween night in the '80s. This was the last time I trick-or-treated, whereupon a young man (BJC) lured me to his backyard and told me to be careful or he just might kiss me. I was twelve and I can't remember how I even got in his backyard. I do remember that I was dressed in an old evening gown of my mom's, which had an empire waist and, being addicted to Barbara Cartland novels at the time, I found it all very thrilling and romantic. I felt that little flutter or spark or whatever you want to call it--and it hit me hard. I think my cheeks (and other places) stayed warm for a whole week...until he finally did kiss me. Me and BJC got into lots of trouble after that.

2. The drunken threesome that wasn't. Me and some friends from VA Tech hiked up to Dragon's Tooth and drank like fish. We sang for hours and wondered who'd end up sleeping with whom. Good wholesome fun, that. I spent the night in a tent with two guys, both good friends, and in the end did not a damn thing. If I could go back in time, I swear I'd revisit that whole scenario and make a couple of changes ;) Anywho, that was the best college night ever.

3. My honeymoon, of course. We were beat as all get out, but I'd never had room service before. Slow, romantic lovin' until we fell asleep in each other's arms. I think I finally felt like an adult that night--a real hotel with valet service, free continental breakfast the next morning...a ring of gold around my finger, a new apartment to live in afterwards.

4. The night we decided to try for a baby. It was a little strange to do the deed knowing the purpose wasn't solely for pleasure. I remember thinking, "What I do tonight could affect me--us--for the rest of our lives." It's a terrifying thing, but in a small, subversive way it was an act of defiance in a world so frought with chaos. To choose to bring a life into this world, to say upfront I was going to be responsible for it, is tough for us pessimist types to do. I consider it my bravest moment.

5. Until I actually went into labor. Oh boy (or rather, oh girl), was that one long, agonizing night. I thought this had to be some kind of cruel joke--the Lamaze teacher said natural childbirth could be done, right? Had she been high on something? Anyway, the next day the kiddo came out--and she was amazing. And mine. Truly a magical night filled with worries and excitement and lots of love from my husband.

Okay, now to tag someone else's booty. Are you reading this? Consider yourself tagged :) Feel free to share your link so we can see yours.


Lisa Andel said...

Oh, that was good Laura. You move from carefree "love" to the real deal, to the ultimate responsibility!

And no, I'm not doing this one again, thank you.

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks! How about the 5 worse nights then? I will if you will.

Lisa Andel said...

Let me think about it. I'd rather have them funny bad instead of sad bad.