Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Cat and a Tat

Here's a picture of my Birman, Andre. Ain't he pretty? Congratulations to Danette who won the Loose-Id tat contest! I've been poking around the web and think a butterfly will be at the top of my list should I ever go through with it.

And the best man for the job (okay, maybe just the hottest man for the job) is a cutie named Nunez from Miami Ink.

The only problem is that I'd probably be squirming too much under his talented hands for him to ink me ;)

As for a design, I like this butterfly. Maybe have more red and incorporate my child's name in the wings. Like Paul in Any Ordinary Day, I have a scar and would like to camouflage it by letting it be one of the eyespots on the wings.

Have a good week, everyone!


danetteb said...

Thank you Laura, the email is on its way.*g*
Sweet tattoo, you can even put the name into the outline of the butterfly.
Hugs, Danette

Lisa Andel said...

Hey Laura!!!!!
You going to join the Poetry Train today?????

Kate Willoughby said...

Pretty tattoo! I dropped by to say that I added you to my sidebar blog roll. Realized you weren't there! It's hard to keep up with stuff like that.

Julie said...

Wow, that's a really neat tat! It'd make a great lower back piece!

Laura Bacchi said...

You're welcome, Danette :)

Hey there, Lisa! No poetry, alas. Well, maybe:

Back to work.
It sucks
Working for the man.

Not quite haiku but my feelings all the same. *sigh*

No problem, Kate :) Thanks for adding me!

Thanks, Julie! Now if I can just drink enough tequila...

Anonymous said...

Cosmetic sugeons make 10 times as much removing a tattoo as the tattoo artists make putting one on!

Karen Erickson said...

Love the tattoo! It's gorgeous. :)

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

hey sweets - i'm pimping Ordinary tomorrow on my TT but can't get on Loose to pull excerpt - can you email me a blurb to include by sometime tonight?

i've had a wolfie tattoo since i was 21 - rite of passage sort of thing for me. 25 years later and i still love my tat. Considering getting a stylized Crow on my ankle.

Laura Bacchi said...

Then I'd best get it right the first time, right, Rhet? LOL

Thanks, Karen!

Oh, wow, Rhian - yes, I'll get that to you. Thank you so much! Are you planning to design the crow yourself?

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

yes! i designed a dragon for Stak not too long ago - haven't seen the tattoo on him yet but now his wife wants one too. wish i had more free time to play with designs like that. it's kinda neat to think of someone wearing my art on their skin, you know?

Anonymous said...

Do not get the tattoo on your lower back. In Ontario, epidurals can not be given for pain management if the needle would pass through a tattoo - risk of infection.