Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Linky Winky

Feeling lazy today, so here are some links to share...

Over at Jasmine's Grotto, my amazing crit partner is talking about sexual tension.

Speaking of critiquing, the talented Shanna Germain shares tips for getting feedback to your work.

And the lovely Lisa Andel posted a twisted quiz: Sex Toy or Baby Toy? It's just plain wrong, folks.

Finally (and NWS) is Sasha White's picture of the new towel racks she's considering for her bathroom. I could use a few new towel racks like that.

Go look. You know you want to ;)


Rhian / Crowwoman said...

okay - i got all excited that you had a new post up that i could lurk over and you CHEATED by posting links to other blogs. sigh.

Laura Bacchi said...

Mwahahaha! I'll have a real post tomorrow... stay tuned! (And get your latex gloves on).