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Six with Lisa Andel

In the past, I enjoyed doing interviews so I thought I'd revive that bit of fun. I love learning more about erotic romance authors, what makes them tick, what we can expect from them in the future and of course any smidge of naughtiness they're willing to share with me. So, in light of the Friday Five gig, I'm calling the interviews Six with... whomever my victim, um, interviewee may be. They get a bunch of questions and pick six to answer. My first brain to pick?

Lisa Andel

LB: You write some of the best first-person around. Why first? Ever tried third?

Lisa:I've written in third person. In fact I have several WIPs that are written that way. I started with first person though, because I really need to get into my heroine’s head, feel what she feels, think her thoughts. It’s easier for me to "become" the character, visualize the scenes writing first person.

Once I can get that same connection with my heroines in third person I'll complete some of those WIPs. But until then, I'm happier with the work I'm producing this way.

LB: Tell us about your first sale. Was there screaming? Naked happy dancing? All-night orgies with hot men?

Lisa: First sale. That would be Dead Again. I’d been waiting ages to hear from a publisher on another submission. I decided to submit Dead Again to someone else. Figured I’d have another long wait coming, so why not get it started? That was so not the case. I came home from work one day, read my email, and when I got to Liquid Silver's offer I just stared at it. I couldn’t believe it. And yeah, there was screaming after that. Maybe even a little jumping up and down. Was I supposed to get hot men? Was that part of the contract? I’ll have to talk to my publisher about this oversight. The, uh, naked happy dancing came later. ;)

LB: What writers do you enjoy reading for fun? Which have influenced you and how?

Lisa: My favorite author is Janet Evanovich (her Stephanie Plum series). After that? I read a lot. A whole lot. It's funny, but I don't read much romance, or erotic romance. (Relatively speaking). I have read you. I think everyone should read your books. [LB: Thanks, Lisa!]

Other authors I enjoy: James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, Robin Cook, Jack Du Brul, Kathy Reichs, Tom Corcoran. I've read some of Sherrylin Kenyon's work as well as Katie MacAlister's. Mary Daheim, Tami Hoag's later stuff, Linda Barnes. Hell, I've read thousands of books by thousands of different authors.

My favorite genres are action/adventure, medical thrillers or science fiction. I used to read a ton of science fiction. I didn't even list any of those authors. There were a lot of them.

Which have influenced me? All of them? I've got a brain full of information and ideas from all those book I've read. It just had to get out. I figured it was a lot less messy to write than to allow my head to explode.

As for the sex? Let's just say I've spent my life personally researching that topic. that I absolutely adore. :D

LB: Tell us about your recent and upcoming releases, and your current works-in-progress.

Lisa: Out in June was "Tia's Leash," which is part of the Three anthology with Bonnie Dee and T.A. Chase at Liquid Silver Books. Here's the blurb:

Tia West is the problem. Part human, she can't even shift, but she's loaded with enough sexual chemistry to drive the males of her pack crazy with lust. They can't keep their hands off her even as they fear accidentally mating someone so... human. The females of her pack just want her dead.

Unfortunately, whatever it is about Tia that's driving men wild is only getting stronger. When she starts taking lovers not only outside of the pack but outside of her species, Mason, her alpha, insists that she belongs to the pack. And they don't share.

But Tia is discovering that there's much more to sex than pure animal lust. Now she must risk the wrath of her pack if she wants to take a chance on two very different men who not only want to protect her... but are willing to share.

Contains M/F/M, anal sex, double penetration, shapeshifter sex... and more orgasms than you can, uh, poke a stick at.

Flame Angel released at the end of July at Ellora's Cave, and Demon Hunting from Liquid Silver is ready and waiting for a release date. It's the second book in the Orion Authority series, the first in the Ashley, IL subseries. Confused? I've got the Orion Authority set in three different cities in the U.S. Each city has its own series that progressively interact with the other cities' characters.

Here's the blurb for Demon Hunting:

The only good demon is a dead demon. True or False?

In Ashley, Illinois the answer is false. Only demons intent on harming humans deserve to die. That's a good thing, too, since their most powerful hunter, Dylan Vaughan, is full of the dark magic of the netherworld.

Savage heads the local hunters in this town, and a new one has just appeared that is determined to hunt on Vaughan's turf. Terri Peterson. The leader sees her potential though, and is willing to do anything to convince Vaughan to form an ... alliance with her.

Terri doesn't have a clue. Raised by a human family, kidnapped and taken to the netherrealm by her biological father at the age of fourteen, it's taken her nine years to make it back to the surface. Now her only goal is to stop her fathers demons from doing harm.

Find out what happens when dark and light magics, werewolves, and other supernaturals join forces to keep humans safe. And what the demons are doing in your town, when the sun goes down.

Here's the blurb for Flame Angel, a stand alone paranormal, though I’ve gotten several requests for sequels, so I’m considering this.

Little did Angie know she was about to attract the most dangerous man in town; Kraid Devon, the Dragon. Or that the attraction would be wildly mutual.

Angie has an affinity to fire. Especially the kind of fire she creates with a certain Dragon, despite the fact he's the scariest man she's ever met.

Devon intends to capture the fiery witch, and keep her as his own, no matter what it takes. It's been foretold.

See just how hot things really get... when fire meets fire.

Explicit sex, shapeshifter sex, multiple partners M/F/M.

As for what's in store, there are several. I'm a terror when it comes to starting new ideas. I've got over 100 WIP folders going right now. [LB: Eek!!!] The one's I'm trying to focus on though are; the sequel to Her Werewolf (EC), one called Assassin (WT) for EC, The V.W. Hunt Club, which is the third book in the Orion Authority series and the first book in the Dover Station, SC subseries (LSB), a sidequel to Dead Again (LSB), and the short story for the fairy tale anthology that I'm doing with Lila Dubois and T.A. Chase (also LSB).

Then there's the story that just spewed out of me a week or so ago. I just started writing and somehow ended up with 20K in two days. The other one that's also closer to completion than any of the ones I should be working on is a shifter book that I'll be submitting to EC, sometime in the hopefully near future.

LB: I'd ask what you do in your spare time, but it appears you have very little! So let's say you've just won the lottery. Do you still write? What would you do with all the dough?

Lisa: Of course I'd still write. (Remember, my head will explode if I don't). I wouldn't be able to enjoy all that dough if that happened. And with all that dough I could keep myself equipped with the latest laptops. Buy myself a great home somewhere warm with all kinds of cool conveniences to make my "office" area extra comfy. Hey, if I won enough I could even hire my own cover models. Yeah, I like that idea.

Not philanthropic enough for you? I'd like to say that I'd donate the majority of the money to a worthy cause, but I know good and well I'd never do it. I'd want to live for once, see something, do something, without having to worry about paying the bills.

LB: Do you think you'll ever step outside of the paranormal genre?

Lisa:I have several WIPs that are not paranormal. I even have a couple completed books that aren't. I've written both sci-fi and contemporary. Right now though, I'm just establishing my name as an author, so I thought it best if I stuck to the one genre. After I've been around for a while, I'll go ahead with the others.

LB: Well, whatever you decide to write, I'm sure it'll knock people's socks off... and other articles of clothing. ;) First-person is tougher to write, well, tougher than most people think. Lisa, you know how to do it right. Folks, if you like paranormal, Dead Again is a must-read. Check out the prologue and first chapter of this bestseller from Liquid Silver Books. Thank you, Lisa, for letting me interview you. For more about this talented author, visit her website, Liquid Silver Books, and Ellora's Cave. You won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I taught Lisa everything she knows about writing.
She learned good from me

Lisa Andel said...

Oh good lord, you're like a virus Rhet.

Just wanted to thank you Laura for the interview. Can't wait to see who you have lined up next.

Laura Bacchi said...

Rhet, you taught her well! LOL

You're certainly welcome, Lisa! I'm on the hunt for my next victim--stay tuned :)

T.A.Chase said...

Great interview, Lisa and Laura. :)

God, you make me tired just thinking about all those WiP folders you have. I enjoyed doing the Three anthology with you.

Yikes. I better get rolling on my story for our antho. ;)

Anonymous said...

I am a virus.
I invade your very being.
I do.

Lisa was a good student. A tad naughty at times but that was dealt with to her great satisfaction and delicious after-glow.

Red Garnier said...

Fabulous interview, ladies!! Lisa your books totally rock. And OMG on all those WIP's - and I thought I had it bad! Better get to work on that, Andel, don't keep us waiting too long for your next! =)

Sparky Duck said...

I can't go anywhere without seeing rhetts goofy head.

otherwise, this was a great interview, since it is very hard to totally figure out how the andel one ticks.

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks for dropping by, everyone. The Andel afterglow, eh? LOL

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

heyya Laura and Lisa - wonderful interview and great overall look at a very talented writer!

Anonymous said...

I had five with Lisa ANDEL once, damn near killed me it did

Apologies Mr. Duck, but I have nothing else to do until I venture into the wilds of Cambodia in November.
My avatar is that of a 'dicephalic twin', two heads. Like the Hensel girl(s)

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks for stopping by, Rhian. Lisa truly is :)