Monday, August 20, 2007

Tattoo You

My eight-year-old informed me the other day that she won't be getting any tattoos. I said, "That's good to know. At least until you're eighteen, right?"

"Yep," she said. "I'll be using Sharpies til then."

Ack! We have a ton of Sharpies at home, so they're under lock-and-key now. Just kidding... I know their inks come off skin (eventually). So on Friday, I think I'll blog about the five tats I'd like but am too chicken to get, especially since tomorrow's release at Loose Id involves a half-finished tattoo on Paul.

Got ink? Care to share?


Sasha White said...

e a couple of tattoos. They're old and need to be recolored since I got them 20 years ago, before it was the stylish thing to do and I was rebellious. LOL

Sasha White said...

oops. That did say "I Have a couple..... " lol

Laura Bacchi said...

But you didn't say where LOL

I'm such a big chicken. I think my biggest fear is getting a crappy tattoo artist.

Emma said...

I have three. All butterflies. I'm thinking of getting a couple more. I think I love getting the tattoo more than I do the actually tattoo.

Hehe and you're lil'un is adorable. Hehe. I'll just use sharpies until then. Hehe.

Laura Bacchi said...

I think there's a story there, Emma ;)

Oh, the kiddo decided to give most of her Bratz dolls tats the other day. With Sharpies. Ugh!