Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just Released: Any Ordinary Day!

Today was no ordinary day for me... It's out! It's out! I'm so excited :)

Abandoned places have always fascinated me, so I used old subway tunnels as the setting for fight scenes in Any Ordinary Day. Since this novella, my first with Loose Id, released today, I thought I'd share some links that helped me get a feel for writing this MM dragon-shifter novella.

- Forgotten NY - Subways & Trains

- A site featuring Brooklyn Bridge platforms

- Although this is Rochester, this place had a gritty feel.

- And for architectural decay with an artsy flair, check out Ars Subterranea's photo gallery.

There are some places I'd love to visit in person when writing a story but, even though some of these images are beautiful in their own way, I'm glad someone else did the legwork for me!

There's a big excerpt from Any Ordinary Day up at the Loose Id website. Please take a peek when you get a chance, and if you like what you see, you can buy it here.


Babe King said...

Yay, Laura. Congrats on your new release. BTW I directed a few Aussies who were looking for bdsm to you and Eden so I hope it ends in sales for you. :-)

Anonymous said...

"...Abandoned places have always fascinated me,..."

Would, could, this apply to my groinal area?
I've been an abandoned subway car without a tunnel for near on 7 years now.

I am so ashamed.

Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks, Babe, for both the congrats and the pitch! I owe ya :)

Rhet, you are soooo bad. Hopefully one of those urban archaeology groups will explore your, um, abandonment soon.

Robin said...

I loved An Ordinary Day! It was romantic, edgy and I wanted more. I hope there is a sequel!


Laura Bacchi said...

Thanks, Robin! You made my day :) I've heard from a few folks who want more so... I'm thinking Torin needs to find somebody, plus we need to see how Paul adjusts to life under the Earth's surface. Right now I'm plotting out how Shaum and Zhang Wei met. Ack! I'd better get to work!